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Superheroes with well-endowed hearts are at core of Ryder O’Malley’s origin story. Refusing to read as a child, everything changed with his first stack of comics. He has always been a fan of forbidden romances within the pages of comics. It should be expected that he’d turn around and start writing his own stories filled with sexy, super, man-on-man action. Ryder’s novels draw on his own experiences as a gay man in search of love. He can’t help but write about gay burly bears saving the day.

Ryder continues his adventures in Charlotte, North Carolina living his happily-ever-after. When he’s not writing, he can be found roaming around comic conventions or binging the latest science fiction series on Netflix.

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Hero in the Streets.
Villain in the Sheets.

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Gay Romance
by a Gay Author

They say, “Write what you know.” It just so happens Ryder O’Malley has plenty of insight into the unique world of gay relationships, dating and sex. The experiences in these novels are often based in reality. Having been an out and proud gay man for the last twenty-five years, Ryder has accumulated plenty of saucy tales and more than a few humorous follies that he likes to include in his science fiction novels. From the mind blowing sex to the hardships of being gay and dating, he lays it out on the page without shame. Ryder takes pride in delving into the bear community and revealing the lives of burly men who love other burly men.


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That. Was. Flipping. Adorable. – Sainth

There is lots of action and loving and you never knew what would happen next. With excellent world building and amazing heroes, add this one to your list. You’ll be glad you did. – Debra Guyette

The story is fast and fun, the villain suitably nasty with horrible powers and intentions, Griffin and Sebastian a lovely couple who captured my heart. There were steamy scenes and times that I laughed out loud or broke into a fit of the giggles, and I loved the last few lines. – Yellow Bookworm

There is plenty of snark to be had…I love how the superheroes just lived amongst the general population, like it’s no big deal. It is filled with action and fun which makes for a fast paced read. K.P.

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