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Infamous Heart - Brooding Science Fiction Superhero Romance Novel


Glorifying superheroes is my job, being seduced by one is a perk.

One day, I was a mild-mannered designer for a premiere superhero magazine. Turned down for a promotion yet again, I let loose years of repressed anger. That’s how I got fired. Lesson learned. Now my career is as successful as my love life. But it’s hard being upset when I storm out of the office and into the huskular man of my dreams.

Sebastian is successful, confident, and the way he fills out those pants, it’s basically a crime. Working as the art director for a rival magazine, I beg for him to look at my… ahem, portfolio. But in this city, you can’t throw a rock without hitting a supervillain and, for reasons I can’t fathom, this one wants me dead. They were about to ruin my date. Thankfully, Sebastian has gifts of his own.

Now, I’m trying to get the job of my dreams, while I figure out how to be a sidekick to a superhero. Oh yeah, and not get myself killed.

Must be Tuesday…

Infernal Justice - Paramedic Science Fiction Superhero Romance Novel


I save superheroes for a living, even if I hate those egotistical bastards.

My inability to control my temper got me transferred to Heroes Emergency Medical Services. These supposed heroes destroy the city trying to stop villains. When they fall in battle, it’s my job to keep them alive. Work is my life, which explains why I can’t maintain more than meaningless one-night-stands. My life is about to change when a dying superhero chooses me to inherit their cosmic powers. Trust me, I find it ironic, too.

A new supervillain has found a way to depower every super in Vanguard City, all except one. Aiden is an up-and-coming reporter fixated on discovering the truth behind the supernatural phenomena. His persistence would be a turn on, except his obsession is with the Vanguard’s only remaining hero: me. Hard to date a man capable of detecting my lies.

I’m no hero, but I’m Vanguard City’s last defense. This is going to end badly.

Iridescent Lust - Brooding Science Fiction Superhero Romance Novel


By night, I bartend for the superhero elite. By morning, I’m kicking them out of bed.
Hero Chaser isn’t just the name of my signature cocktail, it’s my not so secret identity. While Vanguard City’s supers celebrate victories with a few drinks, I’m plotting conquests like a supervillain. Gotta love a man in nothing but a cape and utility belt.

But my carefree life comes to a grinding halt when a huskular teleporter saves my life and has me reconsidering my policy about no second dates. Can one man really be my everything? Especially when I have to share him? I may not get the chance to find out. My boss decides to sell the bar to an arrogant super and there’s a new team of villains terrorizing the Ward.

I’m gonna need a stiff drink if I’m gonna survive this. And maybe a stiff…

Iridescent Lust - Brooding Science Fiction Superhero Romance Novel


Call me Sentinel. I lead the world’s foremost superhero team. But shhh, nobody knows.

I do a pretty good job balancing my social and work life, even if that job is saving the planet. Of course that blows up in my face when a villain outs my secret identity on national television. Vanguard’s bad guys will not waste this opportunity to exact his revenge. Fixing this damage will require more coffee.

Being a hero is dangerous. That’s why I broke off the relationship with my ex. Now he’s back demanding answers. I might be damn near invincible, but a thick hide won’t protect me from the hurt in his eyes. Does this mean he still cares? I should focus on saving Vanguard, but this daddy bear can’t shake the idea that we have unfinished business. Bernard, you should have stayed in bed.

This is bad, even for a Monday.