Alejandro Martinez


Dream Casting: Guillermo Diaz


Alejandro Martinez grew up in Vanguard City after his mother immigrated from Mexico. Growing up in the Ward, he was enamored with superheroes. His love for them only grew after he was rescued from a burning building… and then an alien invasion… and then kidnapper… Alejandro spent and continues to be the perpetual victim to supervillains.

As a young man, he had a way of charming the pants off men, sometimes both figuratively and literally. Loving people, he sought a job that allowed him to mingle with crowds while putting his smile to good use. Unable to land a job as an exotic dancer, Alejandro ultimately became a bar back for a seedy dive bar. It was here that he met Benard Castle.

The two quickly formed a friendship despite Alejandro’s insistence on calling him ‘Papi,’ a pet name that eventually stuck. Eventually, Bernard invited to breakfast where he met Xander. The trio dubbed themselves the “Breakfast Crew.” Despite his determination to see Bernard naked, the man resisted Alejandro’s charms. It has since become a playful joke between them.

Bernard used his connections to introduce Alejandro to former hero and owner of Midnight Alley, Scarlet Drozdov. She hired him without question, claiming, “He’s too dangerous to not work for me.” When one of the regular bartenders vanished (due to alien invasion) Alejandro proved himself a capable mixologist. Seeing the uncanny speed at which patrons flocked to him, Scarlet promoted him to bartender and eventually bar manager.

His reputation as a “Hero Chaser” has proven both useful and a detriment to Midnight Alley. He knows how to schmooze with the most well-known superheroes, and just as quickly, how to bed them. While never catching him in the act, Scarlet is convinced that there isn’t a surface in her nightclub that Alejandro hasn’t desecrated.


Alejandro has no superpowers. However, patrons of Midnight Alley are convinced that his skill as a bartender borders on super human. He has a knack for getting even the most stoic of heroes intoxicated. Other claim his charisma might also be a secret power.

Physical Traits

At 32, Alejandro rides the line between cub and bear. He’s a beefy man standing at just over six feet. When wearing his dress shirt for work, he often keeps the top two buttons open to show off his dark chest hair. His beard and hair are always immaculately groomed. But the first thing people notice about Alejandro is his slightly crooked smile that reads as a mischievous grin that get him in trouble. 

Alejandro is referred to as a “try-sexual,” as he’ll try anything once, especially when it involves a superhero. While he’s content with sex in the bedroom, he much prefers his sex in usual spaces with a hint of danger. He is a strong believer that if a person has powers, they better be using them during sex which has lead him to start writing the “Alejandrasutra: A Powered Sex Guide.” 


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Invincible Nemesis – One Year Later

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