Robert Ferris wanted to be left alone. While walking home from a deadend job, he was abducted by aliens and used for scientific research. The byproduct was the ability to turn invisible, and when they returned him to Southland, he fell into a life of petty crime. After a botched robbery, he served a five-year stint in Cold Iron. When he got out, he wanted to build a haven for Vanguardians.

A hole in the wall, Asylum is located in the heart of Southland, an area overrun with crime and avoided by citizens. But despite the rough neighborhood, the bar continues to thrive. During the mutant rebellion, Hank made sure that King Lion guarantee that Asylum would be excluded from the riots. When the Vanguard law enforcement threatened to storm the bar because of criminal activity, he “convinced” the mayor of Vanguard to pull all police presence. Now it’s become known as a neutral zone within Vanguard.

It hosts a wide variety of vigilantes, heroes, and villains. In the dark corners of the bar, criminals can be found planning heists. Seated at the bar, it’s not uncommon for team-ups to form between heroes and villains. While Hank continues to keep his nose clean, he takes a hands-off policy with his patrons. As long as they’re willing to buy drinks, Hank welcomes them with open arms.


When Hank left prison, he wanted to create an establishment that didn’t ask questions about its patrons or their sordid histories. Because of this Asylum is a meeting place for those with less scrupulous morals. His mantra is, “All money is good money.” It continues to serve as neutral territory and is frequented both by villains and vigilantes.


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