Bernard Castle


Dream Casting: David Harbour



Bernard grew up in a small family north of Vanguard. He led a typical childhood and excelled in school. When he discovered a friend was being bullied at school, he stepped in. Suspended for breaking a kid’s arm, his mother and father congratulated him on standing up to the bullies. This began Bernard’s love of charity work and supporting his community.

Bernard met Jason at a small bar and claims it was love at first sight. Before long, the two moved in together and even discussed the possibility of marriage. But when Bernard’s powers activated, he found himself with a new skill set capable of helping people. He took to the streets, determined to use his powers for good. Without a mentor, his early attempts ended in failure and he discovers heroing while unmasked would have consequences. When he stops a drug ring, henchmen target Jason.

Without a word, he leaves Jason and moves to Vanguard, hoping distance will keep him safe. Director LaToya recruits him to join Vanguard’s premiere superhero team. He reluctantly agrees. Miserable from his decision to leave Jason, he spends most of his time at the bar where he meets Xander. They begin a relationship which ends in a friendly disaster. He eventually meets Chad, the owner of the HideOut, one of Vanguard’s best coffee shops. With a knack for listening, his friends rely on him for sagely advice regarding everything from business to relationships.

Once he meets Alejandro, he jokingly suggests they begin the Breakfast Crew. He treats it as a way to connect before heading off to his job as Public Relations Director for the Centurions (a cover for his role on the team.) 


As Sentinel, Bernard can generate lightning from his body. He also has the ability to manipulate weather to create lightning storms. His powers also allows him to fly and grants him superhuman strength almost making him a brute. While part of the Centurions, to help improve his overall image, he carried a large axe capable of harnessing electricity.

Physical Traits

At 41, Bernard has assumed the mantle of daddy bear. Thanks to his work as a superhero, he’s maintained a huskular physique with a broad chest and a few extra pounds around the waist. He tends to wear clothing that hides his muscles. Whle he used to dye his beard to hide the gray, he’s embraced the growing patches of white and keeps it manicured but neck length. This also goes for the copious chest hair and treasure trail leading to his navel.

Bernard is known as a lovable and gruff man with a sweet spot for thick men. In the bedroom, he is known to be a dominant top and likes his sex to border on animalistic. Calling him sir is the fastest way to get him hard. Bernard savors the moment his partner surrenders control. He also likes denying his partner, requiring them to beg before fulfilling their needs. 


Full-Length Novels

Infamous Heart

Infernal Justice

Iridescent Lust

Invincible Nemesis

Shorts & Novellas

Irresistable Power

Infamous Heart – One Year Later

Invincible Nemesis – One Year Later

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