Bruno Zimmerman


Dream Casting: David Paisley


Born in Sunderland, the roughest area of Vanguard, Bruno always dreamed of getting out. Studying hard in school, he was eventually awarded a scholarship to attend Vanguard University. Curious about guys as a teenager, he didn’t dare act on his impulses until he reached college. After a workout at the gym, one of his classmates propositioned him. Bruno realized he was gay and never looked back. He never officially came out of the closet, instead preferring to just let it be part of who he is.

With a degree in business, he quickly applied for any position that’d let him avoid returning to Sunderland. He quickly found between his age and being a brute, potential employers wouldn’t take him seriously. He quickly took a job as a mailroom clerk, more than willing to work his way from the bottom. Overhearing his supervisor say he’d never be promoted, he quit. He spent the next several years taking any job he could to make ends meet.

While having a drink in a hole-in-the-wall bar, a nearby Scarlet Drozdov struck up an intoxicating conversation. When a fight broke out, he sprung into action, hoping to deescalate the situation. When that didn’t work, he knocked them both on their asses. Seeing him in action, the bartender offered him a position behind the bar to help keep the riffraff in line. Not long after the incident, Scarlet returned, announcing that she bought the bar. Her first act as the bar’s owner, promote Bruno to head of security.

As the handsome bouncer for Midnight Alley, Bruno Zimmerman is well known in superhero society. As the club grew in fame, the heroes of the city treated him like one of their own. When his strength is outmatched, he’s more than capable of using his charm to control a difficult situation. As the doorman, he’s a notorious flirt and gets more than his share of numbers. Until recently, he’s been content being a bachelor. Now, he’s wondering if there’s somebody to permanently fill that void in his bed.


Despite being surrounded by heroes with amazing powers, Bruno is an average human. As a bouncer for Midnight Alley, he understands the importance of looking the part. In his free time he powerlifts to help keep his muscles bulging. While he can’t compete with superhuman strength, he’s more than capable of throwing a drunk hero out the doors of the bar.

Physical Traits

Bruno started lifting weights in college and considered being a professional bodybuilder. While he still frequents the gym, his affinity for chocolate cake has removed some of his definition. His biceps and chest are still large enough to stretch his shirt (as does his squishy belly.) He perpetually has a five o’clock shadow and tightly crops his hair. Even though he’s a large man at almost six-and-a-half feet, his smile is the first thing people notice and gets him in trouble with the bears.

He has never been a fan of one-night stands, and prefers having a repeat playmate. But when his clothes do come off, he’s down for a sweaty good time. He’s extremely verbal when it comes to sex and considers it his favorite part of foreplay. Being a big guy, he’s spent most of his life being large and in charge in the bedroom. Even though he’s happy to be on top, Bruno has recently taken an interest in exploring his bottom side. He’ll never admit it out loud, but he’d gladly spend his nights being the little spoon.


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