Calum McGregor


Dream Casting: David Paisley


Calum never expected to be one of Vanguard’s finest. During his youth, he spent his free time watching music videos and practicing dance moves he saw on television. While attending college, he worked as an exotic dancer to pay the bills. Being a bigger guy, he developed a cult following and filled the crowd. Thanks to his thirsty patrons, he left college with almost no debt.

Born to Scottish immigrants, his father pushed him toward a career in public service. Ultimately, he took the police entrance exam and scored in the top percentile. He joined and quickly rose through the ranks. Earning recognition for his efforts on the force, he was promoted to Detective First Class. His first big case involved residents from Southland being kidnapped. He discovered a mad scientist used citizens for his experiments, hoping to create a machine that granted superpowers. While rescuing his latest captive, the machine blast Calum with a wave of energy that gave him the ability to manipulate magnetic fields.

Unable to put a dent in the supervillain menace as a police officer, Calum took to the skies, adopting the name Gallant. New to the heroing business, he started putting away small-time criminals and b-rate supers. But when a case lands on his desk involving a mysterious king pin rising to power, he finds his day job and his alter ego intertwining. But as he works the case, he realizes the same system that supplies his shield is failing at keeping villains off the streets.

When he gets his first lead to uncovering the identity of the elusive Warlord, he finds himself at odds with a super capable of wielding fire. Determined to stop him from slaughtering the only witness, he loses the fight. When he bumps into him a second time, he realizes that this unknown super is working the same case. He might not like the man’s methods, but there’s a heroic team up in Calum’s future.


While on a case involving missing Southland residents, Calum discovers an evil genius is to blame. When he goes to save an innocent victim from the genius’s lair, he’s bombarded by an unknown burst of energy. Shortly after, Calum discovered he could manipulate magnetic fields and move metal objects. His super suit, woven with metal fibers, allows him him to fly and provides additional strength and speed.

Physical Traits

At 33, Calum is the epitome of thick. Shortly after joining the force, he started working to turn his 300 pounds of bulk into muscle. Now he has a broad chest and bulging biceps, but thanks to his love of hamburgers, he never lost his belly. His chest is covered in a thick hair that continues all the way to his waistline. To keep in compliance with Vanguard Police Department guidelines, he maintains a short goatee and a stubble-length beard.

Calum is always ready to have a good time in the bedroom. He considers himself versatile and is happy to take up whichever role leads to everybody cumming. Whether top or bottom, he prefers his partner to take control when it comes to sex. He always gets stiff when he’s told what to do during sex. From restraints to being pinned down, he’s a fan and wants to continue experimenting. Afters years of working as a stripper, he’s always open to putting on a striptease in the bedroom, if he’s ever wearing anything more than briefs.


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