Carmen LaToya


Dream Casting: Zoë Saldaña-Perego


Carmen LaToya grew up in Southland, one of the rougher areas of Vanguard. The daughter of a street cop, LaToya, believed her father a hero. As a young girl, she had every intention of joining the police academy and following in her father’s footsteps. She believed that one person could make a difference and wanted to make her home a safer place for all Vanguardians. By high school, she had received her black belt in karate and expert marksmanship certification. While her father supported her aspirations, he demanded she attend college before enrolling in the police force.

During her first year at Vanguard University, her father was killed during a gang war. Because of corruption in City Hall, the incident never received media attention. Seeing the power of media, or in this case, the lack of, LaToya switched majors from psychology to communications with a concentration in public relations. Determined to bring attention to the crime in she takes part in an expose, revealing the Deputy Mayor and the Chief of Police profited from turning a blind eye to gang activity. When footage was leaked online, the citizens of Vanguard called for their resignation. LaToya is given special recognition as an outstanding citizen by the Mayor.

Her media attention lands her an internship at Centurion Inc. a security firm brought in to help assist the safety of Vanguard. Over the next decade, crime continued to rise and more incidents involved “powered” criminals. Centurion Inc. develops its powered division and LaToya is fast-tracked to the role of assistant director. Seeing the company’s ineffective tactics and the city becoming overrun, she pitches a new initiative recruiting the best and the brightest individual heroes and forming a team. It takes years to recruit and properly train the heroes. Being hands on with each recruit, she becomes the Director of the Centurion Initiative.

Carmen LaToya becomes known as “The Hero of Humans” and serves as the face of the Centurions. The program helps foster new heroes in Vanguard, allowing the Centurions to take on a global role. She helps oversee mission selection, ensuring that the Centurions are best used for protecting the globe from external threats. Nay-sayers claim that one person doesn’t have the right to dictate the goals of heroes or that she should keep the team local for the sake of Vanguard. Conspiracy theorists post often about LaToya being involved with an underground organization that helps release powered criminals to give her Centurions a chance to show off their skills. However, these theories remain unfounded.


Carmen LaToya has no extraordinary powers. She is extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat and an expert marksman with both pistols and rifles. However, her most noteworthy trait is her presence. After spending years in the company of superheroes, she has established herself as somebody who doesn’t fear those with abilities. In fact, those closest to her say she is stoic and unwavering and excellent at maintaining a poker face. Because of this, many fear the woman and her inability to be intimidated.

Physical Traits

As a 5’6″ Latina, Carmen is often the smallest person in the room. At the office, she is known for wearing bold colored suits to stand out. She is rarely seen without her shoulder holster, but has become more subtle using advanced technology to hide her weapon. Often wearing heels, she claims it’s for comfort and not being able to see heroes eye-to-eye. She rarely wears any visible makeup, preferring to show her natural beauty and honor her age. Carmen frequently changes her hair from puffy curls to a single braid down her back. While she often tries to hide the fact, she is covered in lean muscle from training in martial arts.


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