Centurion Tower





With the growing presence of supervillains, Centurion Inc. sought to use their technology to patrol the streets. While the corporation helps stifle the common crook, their automated officers are no match for villains with super powers. The company endorses a small group of local heroes and supplies them with the tools necessary to do their job. 

Located in the middle of the city, citizens expressed concern, worried that it’d attract the same bad guys it swore to put behind bars. There is a movement to shut the doors of the corporation saying a privatized protection force doesn’t belong in Vanguard. Their concerns are silenced when the city is invaded by the Night Legion, a collaboration of otherworldly creatures. Alongside the police, and local heroes, the automated security push back the Legion to save Vanguard. Eventually, with the support of the Mayor of Vanguard, they decide to form their own superhero team.

Carmen LaToya is promoted to Director of the Centurion initiative. She hand selects the heroes from across the globe to put together a team capable of defending not only Vanguard, but the world. With the corporation supporting their efforts, they quickly rise in fame. To help improve their public image, the team hires a public relations coordinator. This helps improve their image and offset the criticism that they leave a wake of collateral damage.

The documentary “The 98th Floor” shows a behind the scenes look at the Centurions and their impact on Vanguard. It is the first time that media is let inside the inner sanctum of the Centurions. But a year later, the tower is infiltrated by villains and shut down. However, it’s restored with a new iteration of the Centurions. Now, the tower stands as a beacon of hope for superheroes across the globe.


Centurion Tower is well known for being the headquarters of the globally renowned Centurions and the corporation that supports their planet saving efforts. While not an officially sanctioned team, it also houses a college-aged junior team of Centurions in training. The ground floor also serves as the superhero museum and boasts artifacts since the dawning of heroes. 


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