Chad Dalton


Dream Casting: Michael Cyril Creighton


Chad Dalton didn’t have a direction in life. What he had was a growing pile of bills that needed to be paid. By chance, he crossed a help wanted sign looking for a barista. With no experience, his boss threw him behind the counter. He quickly discovered if he couldn’t make a killer cup of Joe, he’d need to dazzle patrons with his personality. He learned to master the perfect pour of foam as he dished out relationship advice, like it was his actual job. Over the years, he rose to the general manager of the coffee shop and found his calling in life: helping people.

While he played matchmaker with every person who walked in the door, his love life was another story. Unable to take his own advice, he rarely scored a second date. 

When his boss announced his retirement, Chad feared he’d lose the thing that mattered most to him. Securing a loan from the bank, he bought the coffee shop at a steal. It was then he realized it took more than an expertly crafted espresso and killer smile to run a business. Other than his most loyal customers, business all but dried up. The only faces he saw with any regularity were Bernard and the Ward’s resident hero, Zipper. When he finally confessed his desperation, Bernard used his marketing expertise to rebrand the coffeeshop into the Hideout.

With a grand opening to end all grand openings, Chad found the community rallying behind him. Because of this, he has been active in supporting businesses and superheroes in the Ward. It’s common to see capes and cowls picking up their coffee order before flying off to save the day. Listed as the “Best Coffee in Vanguard” by the Beacon, business reached a point where he finally had to hire baristas of his own. Meanwhile, by request or not, he still offers dating advice free of charge.


Chad’s ability to predict a customer’s coffee order borders on a superpower. While brewing the perfect cup of coffee isn’t an actual power, his patrons would argue otherwise. He also possesses a near superhuman level ability to appear wherever the juiciest gossip is being dished. 

Physical Traits

After becoming the owner of the Hideout, most wouldn’t recognize Chad if it weren’t for his signature apron. Having to sample the pastries every morning, he quickly developed a belly, only adding to his jolly disposition. But as soon as he rolls up his sleeves, it’s obvious that he’s a bear of a man. The dark hair coating his arms continues along his chest and widens along his stomach, giving clear direction to what he calls “the gold at the end of the rainbow.” But even then, his patrons would be quick to describe his smile, both inviting and mischievous and the perfect smokescreen for his incessant dirty thoughts.

Chad likes to say that he’s a “hoot” in the bedroom. He’s quick to slide into whatever position is necessary to leave a guy in a sweaty mess. While he’s more than happy to get on all fours for a stud, he has a secret of his own. When the opportunity presents itself, Chad has a dominate streak that rises to the surface. He gets a rush out of a greedy submissive servicing him and he’s especially fond of not letting his partner orgasm until he gives the command. 


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