Clint Styles


Dream Casting: Daniel Stewart Sherman


Clint never excelled in school. Barely able to maintain his grades, he fell in with a dangerous crowd. Skipping classes, he and his buddies broke into the house of a wealthy inventor. While investigating the study, he discovered a secret room leading into a laboratory. After stumbling into a tray of chemicals, he ran away empty-handed. Later that night in the shower, he panicked as his skin melted. But he quickly discovered his flesh to be malleable. Clint had discovered a way to excel.

By his mid-twenties, he was using his abilities for a spree of low-level crimes. When he ran out of money, he’d impersonate the manager of Vanguard First National Bank to sneak into the vault and bypass the security. He grew tired of committing crimes that went unnoticed. To give himself notoriety, he picked a fight with Paladin, a low-level local superhero. Even after killing him on camera, news reports referred to him as a “Lucky Grunt.”

Trying to develop a reputation, he attempted to join the League of Evil and the Coven of Chaos, but neither would have him. They found his reckless behavior to be counterproductive to their mission. Even when he attempted to slum it with the gang, Bad Bastards, they rejected him, calling him dumb and not worth their efforts. Clint swore off teams and promised to make a name for himself alone.

Clint decided he wanted the world to know his name. After infiltrating Centurion Headquarters as a computer technician, he spent his days observing the duo, Lightyear and Valiant. He patiently watched and learned their habits. One night while out on a mission, he impersonated Valiant, luring Lightyear away from Centurion Headquarters. He got a jump on the man, but his partner intervened. Though he put up a good fight, they ultimately defeated him and locked him up in Cold Iron.


Clint is known as a humanoid metamorph. His abilities allow him to alter his physiology but limited to human-like shapes that can double in mass. This allows Clint to take on double as any person, copying them to an almost precise level. Coupled with his uncanny powers of observation, he can become a perfect replication of a person. He is also known for growing in size, adding limbs, or shapeshifting into common beats such as a werewolf. However, for accuracy, his abilities require him to have seen the form he’s mimicking. Some of his favorite forms are a four-arm man, a rock creature, or werewolf.

Physical Traits

Being a shapeshifter, Clint has modified his body to reach his definition of “perfection.” His body resembles a casual gym-goer. With thick biceps, muscular legs, and well-defined abs, Clint has created a persona that exudes confidence. He typically has a thick but manicured beard and short brown hair, but has been known to go bald when the mood strikes him. It’s currently unclear how much of this body modification represents Clint’s actual form.

Clint brings his shapeshifting to the bedroom as often as possible. In the past, he’s used his abilities to transform into well-known celebrities. He also uses the ability to create additional limbs to his advantage, pleasing both himself and his partners. Frequently, he uses size play with his partners or taken on alien shapes for unique penis shapes. His favorite is double penetration, by forming an extra cock to use on his partner. Clint craves the unique sexual experiences. He prefers his partners to have a freaky side so he can have fun with his abilities in the bedroom.


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