Cold Iron Penitentiary





As criminals developed superhuman abilities, police stations were being destroyed as powered detainees escapes. Within hours, captured villains were loose on the street, wreaking havoc. Vanguard needed a new solution to keep its citizens safe. The Mayor elicited help from the Machinist, asking him to develop technological solutions to protect the city.

The original concept for Cold Iron used artificial intelligence alongside robotic guards. These stronger than human corrections officers secured lesser criminals, but weren’t suitable for more powerful villains. When the machines gained sentience and rebelled, the project was rebooted with the help of the newly formed Centurions. Throwing resources at the problem along with their most gifted scientists, they and the Machinist created Cold Iron.

Unlike its predecessor, this version relied heavily on nullifying the powers of supervillains. Inhibitor collars are tailored to each inmate, effectively cutting them off from their superhuman abilities, including strength and flight. Corrections Officers are trained specifically to detain and manage the supervillain community. Once collared, Cold Iron boasts a mere 1% of inmates escaping. The project is declared a success and used as the model for incarceration in other super heavy cities.


Cold Iron Penitentiary has an ongoing relationship with the Centurions and shares several Board of Directors. The technology used is patented by the Machinist and has direct ties to his company. Meanwhile, the manpower necessary is provided by Vanguard residents and has created an ongoing relationship with the Mayor of Vanguard. 


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