Damien Vex


Dream Casting: Ben Affleck


Damien Vex never knew his parents. Turned over to the state as an infant, he spent most of his youth bouncing from one foster home to another. Returned because of his violent outbursts, he finally landed with the Wallaces. Despite his defiant behavior, the family formerly adopted him. His foster mother’s calm and patient demeanor won him over. At seventeen, they died in a tragic accident that resulted from a superpowered battle in downtown Vanguard.

Left to his own devices, Damien learned that his tenacity and willingness to get his hands dirty made him a leader. Starting with petty crime, he became a local legend amongst the disenfranchised. He found himself with a growing network of young adults willing to do anything to get ahead. With money in the bank, he turned his criminal enterprise into a company, investing heavily in technologies. His leadership skills allowed him to secure government defense contracts, and when he couldn’t get ahead as a businessman, he relied on force.

While his empire grew, Damien turned his attention to the growing threat of supers. In one of his takeovers, he acquired a small independent magazine, Revelations, known for their superhero conspiracy theories. Vex Industries continue to expand into agriculture and renewable energies, but he found himself with growing the magazine, a media outlet for tearing does so-called heroes and exposing them as a plight to humanity.

His animosity grew as the Centurions became gods amongst men. Damien found himself fixated on their leader, Sentinel. The closer he got to achieving his goal, the more he found himself infatuated with Sentinel and knocking the pedestal out from under him. When he gained powers of his own, he believed he could finally achieve his goal and avenge all those killed because of their recklessness. Gathering the most loyal from his underworld enterprises, he hatched a scheme to not only destroy the Centurions, but rid Vanguard of his superhero vermin.


Damien Vex’s powers stem from an ancient Babylonian gem that called to him while on display in Vanguard’s Museum of Natural History. While studying the gem, the glass enclosure shattered. The gem bonded to his chest, giving him control over darkness in all its forms. Originally, he believed himself only able to control shadows as smokey tendrils. Eventually, he found he could create rifts between dimensions, allowing him to teleport. Later, he learned to control the darkness in a person’s heart, bringing their fears to life. For a while, he shared his power, bestowing specific abilities to minions. Upon their deaths, he reclaimed the gem’s power.

Physical Traits

Vanity fuels Damien’s appearance. Convinced he needs to intimidate members of the board, he frequently lifts weights to maintain his physique. His suits are designed to showcase his broad chest and bulging biceps. Once the world knew about his superpowered extracurriculars, he ensured they could see the emerald through his dress shirts. His beard has a perpetual three-day stubble, sculpted to reinforce an already chiseled jaw. Damien has perfected a grin that reads as both charming and devious. Given the opportunity, Damien gladly shows off his body.

Damien avoids attachments, even with his playmates. He actively seeks alpha men, intending to turn them into submissive toys. The bigger they are, the more excited he gets, especially when they proclaim they are strictly tops. With fucking, he likes to make sure they understand they serve him and his cock. Asserting dominance is an aphrodisiac, and he savors when they concede. He enjoys pushing their limits and has indulged in spanking, choking, and orgasm denial. While all activities remain consensual, he walks the line between pleasure and pain.


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