Diesel Adams


Dream Casting: Konstantin Kamynin


Diesel has always had a knack for getting himself in trouble. From schoolyard scuffles to hot-wiring his first car at thirteen, he quickly became familiar with law enforcement. After a six-month stint in juvenile detention, Diesel scraped by to graduate high school. Unable to get into Vanguard University, he returned to petty crimes to get by.

Selling stolen televisions, he found himself in the middle of a shootout between the buy and the cops. While fleeing, an officer shot a barrel containing an unknown substance. Caught in the explosion, Diesel escaped, but days later, he discovered he could create fire in the palms of his hands. Now with powers, Diesel started working as an enforcer for one of the crime bosses. 

When he meets Richard, he attempts to back off his criminal activity. Wanting to be free and not involve his boyfriend, he agrees to one last job killing a second-rate hero. The hit goes sideways and ultimately he kills the hero to prevent going to prison. But when the crime boss is captured, he strikes a plead deal that leaves Diesel the fall guy for the crime. His lawyers assured him he’d be found innocent until the prosecution summoned Richard to testify. This leads to his incarceration in a powered detention center.

While in lockup, Diesel swore he’d turn his life around. Letting go of the anger that landed him in lockup, he works toward his associate’s degree in business. Seeing his efforts, the Warden offers him a detail working as a cook in the mess hall. There he discovers his passion for food and begins an obsessive love affair with the Cooking channel. Ten years into a twenty-year sentence, LaToya offers his freedom, and he takes it without a second thought.


Exposed to an unknown chemical, Diesel has the ability to wield and generate fire. Most often, he uses his abilities to create streams of fire or fireballs. But he can also generate extreme amounts of heat that allow him to turn into a human bomb. This also grants him the ability to fly and superhuman strength and durability.

Physical Traits

Diesel had always been a big kid. While in prison he began lifting weights to keep himself occupied. When released at age 35, he had developed a muscular physique. Despite wielding fire, the hair on his chest and stomach never burns. His maintains a short haircut, but likes to let his beard grow out. Despite his muscles, he remains modest and rarely shows them off unless he’s getting naked.

Diesel considers himself a power top and is always ready to fuck. For sex, he likes to be in control and prefers it rough. Whether it be biting, intense nipple play, or simply bending over a chubby partner over to rail them until he cums. When it comes to kink, Diesel follows the “no time like the present” motto, and when the mood strikes him, no matter where it is, he’ll find a way to cum. He also prefers his men full-figured and heavy set. The fast way to get him off is begging for his cock or pulling at his nipple rings. With boyfriends, he likes to cuddle playtime and has been known to play the role of the little spoon.


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