Griffin Smith


Dream Casting: Robert Kirkman


Loving art as a child, Griffin attended RISD and received his BFA in Graphic Design and finished top in his class. Shortly after graduation, he moved to Vanguard. In a new city and without friends, Griffin frequented WTF! Comics, where he met the owner, Lydia. They quickly bond over their love of superheroes and eventually started plotting out their own comic book.

One day, after his weekly comic book run, he stopped by the HideOut Coffee Shop where he not-so-gracefully bumped into Bernard Castle. Apologizing profusely, Bernard started a conversation that ended with them having coffee. The next day he returned, hoping to spot the big burly bear again. When he sees the daddy bear seated with two friends, he sheepishly says hi. Alejandro quickly invites Griffin to join them for coffee. Despite Xander’s protests, they voted him into the Breakfast Club.

Griffin’s love life remained in shambles since moving to Vanguard. Despite the many gay men, most found his obsession with superheroes to be immature. The handful of hookups left him feeling less than satisfied. Being geeky and shy meant very few second dates. But he continued to have hope that he’d find his big spoon.

Working at The Beacon combined his two loves graphic design and superheroes. He works tirelessly without appreciation for six years. He questioned his skills after his boss repeatedly overlooks him for a promotion. When his boss takes credit for Griffin’s work and lands the coveted role of Art Director, Griffin decides it’s time to take his future into his own hands.


Much to Griffin’s dismay, he has no superpowers. However, he classifies his ability to identify every hero in Vanguard as a power. He currently ranks #2 of Vanguardians on the HeroApp™, only surpassed by Lydia Sinclair.

Physical Traits

Being 31, Griffin is often called a cub. Standing at 5’11″ he is described as thick all around. He’s given up on ever flattening out his stomach and has grown to love the way his belly peaks out under his t-shirts. He sports a good amount of chest hair and, after an incident with the razor, stopped shaving it. His stomach also has a light dusting of hair. Griffin always sports a well-groomed beard.

In the bedroom, Griffin is versatile and considers himself vanilla with room to grow. Out of the bedroom, his favorite place to have sex is the shower. When asked about his kinks, he’ll blush and deny having any. However, he has a closet full of spandex costumes to act out his sexy superhero fantasies.


Full-Length Novels

Infamous Heart

Infernal Justice

Iridescent Lust

Invincible Nemesis

Shorts & Novellas

Infamous Heart – One Year Later

Invincible Nemesis – One Year Later

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