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Infamous Heart - Brooding Science Fiction Superhero Romance Novel


Vanguard’s third strongest hero, and I still sleep with a night light.

To blend in with the earthlings, my alter-ego, Wyatt Supreme, works at Secret Identities Incorporated. Nobody suspects that I’m the infamous hero Mr. Supreme… except for my boss… and my coworkers. I love my office, but I can’t let them know that behind these perfect dimples and bulging biceps is the heart of a coward.

Then there’s Dustin, the hunky and fearless security guard. Nothing scares him, and when he heroically saves me from a villain, I’m smitten. It’ll never amount to anything more than flirting in the office, but I can’t stop thinking about his massive… nightstick. Maybe if I ask him out, some of that courage will rub off?

I’m trying to be brave. What if I get hurt? Or worse, an innocent bystander gets killed? I’ll admit it, I’m scared. Where’s a real hero when you need one?

Time to put on my big boy pants and save the day.