Henry “Hank” Piedmont


Dream Casting: Tyler Labine


Like all good stories, Hank’s starts with corporate espionage. Having worked for a corporation bent on abusing the earth and underpaying its employees, he couldn’t sit back and be another cog in the wheel. Having sworn off hacking since he got caught tampering with his grades to graduate high school, he decided it was time to get his hands dirty. Collecting incriminating files, he released them to competitors who quickly destroyed his company. Hank was promptly fired and threatened with a long list of lawsuits.

Without a job and worried about losing all his possessions, Hank tried focusing on the areas of his life he had neglected. Never one to socialize, he pushed himself to go out to gay pubs and try to meet new people. He quickly discovered that he didn’t like crowded spaces, loud music, or cheap beer. He also learned that he wasn’t a fan of the one-night stands that came from a night of too much drinking.

Turning to the dating apps, he found himself much more sociable with texting. While he navigated the uncanny number of headless torsos, dick pics, and raging gym bunnies, he still had success finding dates. He found it easier to meet people and even had a year-long relationship. Unfortunately, it ended when Hank found himself unemployable thanks to his somewhat criminal activity.  

Seeing his potential, Director LaToya offered him a job in the analytics division of Centurion headquarters, along with access to their numerous lawyers. Thanks to their tenacity, the lawsuits were dropped. He quickly grew bored going through strategic reports and analyzing collateral damage for expense reports. On his lunch breaks, he would spend his time hacking into corporations and spilling their secrets on the dark web. He accidentally gained access to the security cameras in the off-limits sections of Centurion Headquarters. He started digging into the computers, hoping to find the secret identities of the Centurions. LaToya discovered his actions and threatened termination.

Once again, Director LaToya saw an opportunity to use his questionable morals. She offered to let him keep his job, but only if he’d move to the handler division and oversee what of her covert projects. With no choice, he agreed.


While not a superpower, Hank is well known for his analytical and strategic planning. Along with his tech savvy talents, this has made him the perfect ‘man in the chair.’ His hacking abilities often have him accessing surveillance cameras or breaking through security as if child’s play. 

Physical Traits

Hank has always referred to himself as a chubby athlete. In high school, the football coach pushed him into becoming a defensive lineman. Now, he refuses to go to the gym, instead wearing his belly with pride. He jokes that he’s hairy everywhere but the top of his head. He keeps his hair buzzed, but lets the beard grow out to maintain his pride in being a ginger. If he could, he’d live in a flannel shirt and jeans.

Being reserved, Hank has discovered a lot of fantasies that remain unfulfilled. No stranger to getting it on with a man, he can go from top to bottom and everywhere in between. He’s always found himself in vanilla situations, but he’s been itching to explore his wilder side, but always chickens out when the opportunity presents itself. Based on his porn search history, threesomes, bondage, and spanking come up as frequently searched topics. But the image that always gets his motor going is getting sweaty with a guy and ending with spooning… with or without a cock still buried in somebody.


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