L’île des Méchants





The island once served as a trading port for pirates and smugglers. They used it as a neutral territory to trade wares and scheme against colonists. As time passed, the island fell off the radar and can’t be found on most maps. For all intents and purposes, it vanished.

Years later, the island is discovered by Mal Foster, who claims it as his own. Even with an official name on record, little is known about the island. Those close to Foster say he treats the island as his personal get-away. Using his fortune, he develops the island, relying on the dormant volcano for geothermal power. Satellite photos show several large buildings integrated into the mountainside with several pools, all indicative of an island resort . Despite the development, he continues to maintain the natural beauty of the island.

Whispers spread about the island, transforming into a luxury resort with an invitation only policy. However, there is no rhyme or reason to the individuals he brings to the island. It’s only made more curious when a suspicious ad is placed in the newspaper searching for a hostess with front desk experience and a “ask no questions” attitude. 


The island itself has no known affiliations. However, conspiracy theorist have made connections between the island and several criminal organizations. This has led them to believe it is being used as a staging ground for the most noteworthy villains.


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