Lisanette Perez


Dream Casting: Judy Reyes


Born to Puerto Rican parents, Lisanette Perez has always called Vanguard home. From an early age, she worked alongside her parents at their restaurant. Determined to not struggle like her parents, she rebelled and swore that she would never take over Lou’s Diner, the family business. By her senior year, she had fallen in with the wrong crowd and ran with a small Southland Gang. Without her parents knowing, she dropped out of school her senior year.

While at a house party, her friends ditched her to score some beer from a local convenience store. When the party got busted, she was thrown into holding for the night. When her father bailed her out, she admitted things were getting out of control. To monitor his daughter, he hired her full time to work in the restaurant, secretly hoping it would ignite her passion. While she had a newfound appreciation for her parents’ hard work, she decided to go back to school and pursue her GED.

 When her parents passed away, she begrudgingly returned to continue their legacy. One night, while closing up Lou’s, she met a charming man. Before she knew it, they had a short, torrid romance that resulted in the birth of Luther. Reluctantly, she married Luther’s father, but after several years; she grew suspicious of her husband’s late nights out and mysterious phone calls. Thinking he had a mistress, she followed him and found out he was involved with a local drug cartel.

Watching him ascend the ranks until he became known as a kingpin, Lisanette, unafraid of her husband, demanded a divorce. Threatening to go to the authorities with footage of his illegal activities, he grants her divorce but demands joint custody of Luther. Now she spits in his coffee whenever he visits the diner.


Lisanette boasts no true superhuman abilities. However, it’s common knowledge that she has an almost supernatural ability to wield words like a weapon. Within moments of meeting, she can see into a person’s soul and tear into them, but with a smile. This unique talent on any other person would be deemed offensive. But her charisma and sly smile make it a tongue lashing that people seek. It’s considered a badge of honor if a person walks away without crying.

Physical Traits

At 5″3’, Lisanette is a small package that packs a punch. Most wouldn’t recognize her without her apron and brown curls hidden under a bandana. After years of waiting tables, she’s got a physique she hides away in a t-shirt in jeans. On the rare occasion she goes out on the town, she can be found in a slinky dress and heels almost too tall for salsa dancing. 


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