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Lisanette Perez is notorious for her ability to cut down even the burliest man with her razor sharp tongue. But Lou’s Diner is an establishment cloaked in mystery that to this day, nobody has quite unraveled. There has never been a Lou, and locals speculate perhaps Louise was the secret mistress of the original owners. Others have suggested that he may have had an alter-ego similar to Vanguard’s superheroes. It remains unknown and the locals find half the charm of the retro diner is in the guessing at its origin.

The diner has been a staple in the Southland community for decades. Since its original opening in the late fifties, it has maintained its charm as a retro greasy dive. Originally, Javier Perez worked behind the counter for the original owner. Because of his work ethic, the quality of the food improved. When a local food critic named Lou’s the best burger in all of Vanguard, business exploded. Never wanting attention, Javier remained behind the counter slinging burgers for years. When the owner announced his retirement, Javier saw an opportunity to turn the joint into a family business.

Lisanette hated working at Lou’s. Bussing tables and being promoted to a server, she wanted nothing to do with the diner. Much to her father’s dismay, she established herself as his worst employee. However, he noticed that despite her constant badgering and berating of the customers; they considered it part of the atmosphere. Despite her hope of being fired, he kept her working, hoping she’d understand the importance of the diner’s legacy.

When Javier took ill, Lisanette stepped up to run the diner. While pregnant, she kept the doors open, determined to maintain her father’s dream. Shortly after the birth of her son Luther, Javier passed away. Wanting to honor her father, she took over Lou’s. While balancing being a single mother and an ex-husband dragging her over the coals, the diner all but sizzled out. On the verge of selling, a handsome man answered her ad for a line cook. Between his magical abilities in the kitchen and her reputation for scolding customers, word got out and business picked up.

Nevertheless, to this day, the identity of Lou remains a mystery. 


Lou’s Diner is well known in Southland for being a late night destination to sober up. The diner’s reputation has shifted as a growing number of law enforcement use it as their hang out spot during lunch and after work. The increased police presence has caused a recent surge of customers seeking safety in the rough neighborhood of Southland. Though not endorsed by Southland’s finest, it has become a horribly kept secret that all hours, there’s a cop satisfying his urge for Vanguard’s best burger.


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