Margaret Tinsley


Dream Casting: Kat Dennings


Pronounced Mar-gah-reet, and don’t forget it. Margaret’s great-grandfather, Marshall Kingsley, was one of the original founders of Vanguard and used his international connections to turn the shipyard into a major source of trade. However, his legacy turned sour when Margaret’s father clashed with the Machinist and swore vengeance. Constructing his own armor, he donned the name Blacksmith and trying to assassinate the competition, thus tarnishing the Kingsley name.

By the time she reached middle school, she discovered an aptitude for science, but hid it to try and fit in with the popular girls. After graduation and going by her middle name, Margaret bought her way into the upper echelons of Vanguard society. But she quickly found the people to be boring. While debuting clubs and going to party for the richest of the rich, she went to night school with a double major mechanical engineering and hospitality. She’d eventually return for degrees in applied physics and chemistry. She now holds several patents ranging from beauty products to sentient robotic pet companions.

While out at a party, she met Brock Stanning, a dashing gentleman with as much charisma as money. After months of being chased, Margaret agreed to go on a date. It turned into a whirlwind romance, and eventually he proposed. It wasn’t the infidelities that ended their relationship, but him attempting to steal the formula for her digitally interfaced color changing nail polish. Wanting revenge but feeling death too swift of an option, Margaret paid a local coven of witches to put a curse on Brock. Transforming him into a harmless dog, Margaret now treats him like her yapping accessory.

Growing tired of the social scene, she sought a new challenge. She’s started brainstorming how to mix her knowledge of science and hospitality into the perfect experience. In the meantime, to build up her resume, she’s taken a job at an off-the-grid, luxury resort as a guest specialist.


With no superpowers of her own, she’s had to rely on her more mundane talents to get what she wants in life. Margaret has the uncanny ability to switch between an innocent, sweet damsel to a scathing foul-mouthed vixen. She has made grown men cry with only a narrow-eyed look, a talent she wields often. When her personality doesn’t work, she uses her wealth to make the problems go away… by whatever means necessary.

Physical Traits

Margaret works tirelessly at being a picture perfect Vanguardian socialite. She hides her brunette hair with copious bleaching and toning until it’s a shimmering gold. Nobody has ever seen her without a full face of makeup, polished nails, and her signature Passion Pink lipstick. Reaching 5’10” she’s been scouted by modeling agents, but says if anybody is going to make money off her looks, it’ll be her. She has yet to launch her OnlyFans.


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