Mickey McCarthy


Dream Casting: Jeffrey Dean Morgan


Having grown up in the Ward, Mickey is the very definition of a Vanguardian. He can trace his lineage to the founders of the city. As a teenager, he’d often be required to help in his father’s bar. While the city continued to expand, the bar had all but been forgotten by the locals. Seeing his father struggle, he became determined to educate himself and get out.

His freshmen year at Vanguard University, he met Lucas, a sophomore in his political science class. Mickey had known he was different from a young age, but it wasn’t until their romance started that he discovered if he was gay. Much to Mickey’s aggravation, their relationship moved at a glacial pace. When he finally asked about sex, Lucas admitted to having contracted HIV. Mickey considers his fearful reaction his greatest regret. 

Relying on his father for advice, Mickey outed himself and revealed his romance with Lucas. To his surprise, his father hugged him and sat him on a bar stool for a dose of reality. The conversation ended with, “Would you rather live a life of love or fear? It’s up to you to help love win.” Taking his father’s words to heart, he returned to college and in the middle of of a lecture on Political Theory, he admitted to being a child and asked to Lucas to take him back. Fearing the worst, he cried when Lucas gave him another chance. That would be the same classroom where Mickey later proposed.

After seventeen magical years together, Lucas passed away. Though heartbroken, Lucas taught Mickey to focus on the joy. In his honor, Mickey donates his time at a local clinic for gay men and set up a charity in his name. Now years later, he wonders if his happily ever after has run its course and his best years are long since past? To combat the nagging feeling of loneliness, he throws himself into his work where he can bask in the joy of others.


Despite having no powers, Mickey’s customers would claim otherwise. With a rag over one shoulder, he leans into the stereotypes about bartenders. The most important trait, the ability to draw out a woeful tale from his patrons. Mickey has an almost supernatural ability to get people to open up. Skillfully, he listens, offering advice, and by the time the exchange ends, the speaker walks away with a new sense of confidence. Even though he’s attempted to add himself to the HeroApp™, he continues to be rejected.

Physical Traits

Hank has been a part of the bear community for as long as he can remember. Unlike his burly brethren, he’s always been on the thinner side. First described as an otter, now that he’s gotten older and the salt outnumbers the pepper in his beard, he declared himself a silver fox. While working at the bar has maintained muscles in his arms and chest, he’s grown softer and quickly says he’s mastered the “dad bod.” When it comes to style, Mickey is lost and defaults to a pair of jeans and t-shirt. His bear is always a few days overgrown and in need of grooming. Though he tries to pass it off as “rugged,” nobody is buying it.

He considers himself a simple man in a complex world. Mickey finds it difficult to follow trends in gay culture. Trying to fit in, he once took trimmers to his package. After it turned into a disaster, he went au natural. This pertains to his relationships as well. While the world of kink grows and fluid relationships have become the norm, he considers himself bland. He tried the apps and one-night stands, but it always left him feeling empty. He’s given up looking for a meaningful relationship. Yet, he still imagines what it would be like to fuck until he ran out of breath and then order a pizza. 


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