Midnight Alley





Originally known as “Backstreet Bar,” it had a reputation as a rough-and-tumble dive bar. Located in an undesired part of town, its only patrons were people who wanted to escape the crowd. While the building should have been condemned, it had a steady flow of regulars. Vanguard’s heroes frequented the bar, hiding away from cameras and hero chasers. Scarlet Drozdov discovered the bar by accident, but made it a regular hang out during her off hours. Seeing that the heroes of Vanguard needed an outlet to unwind, she imagined what the bar could be if it catered specifically to the caped crusaders. 

After stopping Flock from liberating penguins from the zoo, Scarlet confessed to the owner she had enough with the alter-ego lifestyle. Overhearing her conversation, the owner mentioned he wanted out as well. He confessed to only keeping the doors open until he found a buyer for the bar. Seeing an opportunity, Scarlet withdrew her retirement and bought the “Backstreet Bar.” Rolling up her sleeves, she started renovations. Scarlet enlisted help from the hero community, and three months later she was ready to reopen the bar. 

 Transformed from a dive bar into an upscale piano bar, she expected it to be an uphill battle to bring in the hero community. To her surprise, opening night, there was hardly an empty seat. Taking to the stage, she thanked Vanguard’s finest and announced she’d be hanging up her cape and overseeing the bar full-time. It quickly became known for its atmosphere and Scarlet often took to the stage using her talents as a singer and her powers as a siren to enchant the crowd. The only criticisms revolved around the bar staff and less than stellar cocktails.

Scarlet hired Alejandro, stealing him from another bar. His mix of charm and ferocity with a tumbler completed the club’s transformation. Knowing his love of superheroes (in and out of bed) she quickly promoted him to bar manager. She’d later meet the man of her dreams and offer Alejandro the opportunity to take over as the owner.


Midnight Alley has no association with any singular group of heroes. However, it is well known that the Centurions frequently the bar after saving the world. As it grew in popularity, more teams, such as Shadow Corp, Tech Syndicate, and Revolutionaries, can be found enjoying Alejandro’s infamous “Hero Chasers.” Since transitioning owners, patrons have noticed an increase in the number of burly chested superheroes. Alejandro claims to have no knowledge of this phenomenon. 


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