Peter Colver


Dream Casting: Brad William Henke


Peter Colver was born on May 2, 1922, the same day Vanguard became a city. Crime was on the rise, and heroes were hard to find. Peter always felt like he was standing still. That all changed when he took a shortcut through a construction to get to his job on time. Stumbling into a hole, he discovered a door leading to nowhere. When it opened and pulled him through, he found himself face-to-face with an Eternal of Time. Sensing the heart of a hero, the Eternal granted him the power to speed up and slow down time.

For the first time, Peter moved with haste. Wanting to be more than a custodian, he used his powers for the betterment of mankind. After stopping an attempted bombing at city hall, people started calling him “Chronos,” after the Greek god of time. Throughout the 30s and 40s, he served as the Mayor of Vanguard’s go-to superhero.

Peter believed he had it all. At first, he was thrilled with his lack of aging, but quickly, he realized his powers had a downside. As his wife aged and eventually passed, he realized he’d watch all those he loved die of old age. Trying to live in the moment, he eventually married again, and this time, he watched helplessly as his husband passed away. Shunning the idea of falling in love again, he thrust himself into his superhero identity. For two decades, his only association was with other heroes. The name Peter became a distant memory.

When the media revealed Sentinel’s identity, he found himself in awe. The world saw a superhero trying to stop a criminal from destroying the city. But Peter knew better. It wasn’t Sentinel fighting a bad guy, but Bernard Castle trying to save the man he loved. For the first time in decades, he acknowledged the emptiness in his heart. But scared to watch another loved one died, he continues to struggle with letting anybody in, friends or lovers.


Being granted abilities by the Eternals of Time, Chronos can manipulate time in a variety ways. Most commonly, he uses it for time dialation. Within his sphere of influence, he can speed up and slow down time. It gives the appearance that he can teleport or move at lightning speeds. A side effect of his abilities is incredibly slow aging.

Physical Traits

Being a superhero means constant training. Peter has worked hard to maintain a muscular physique and on his 6’4″ frame, he carries it well. To hide his baby face, he keeps a beard that often gets longer than he’d want, but it matches his hairy chest. He’s never had a problem mingling in crowds and has had nearly a century to perfect his game.

As a master of manipulating time, he has found the bedroom the perfect opportunity to practice. He can draw out sessions with his partner, keeping them from cumming for hours. But when it happens, he can slow down the moment, causing an orgasm to last for minutes or hours. While he doesn’t openly admit it, one of his favorite sexual adventures is taking dominant partners and turning them into greedy submissives. He discovered that the fastest way to get hard is to get a partner to admit to their desires and then push their boundaries. 


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