Infernal Justice


I save superheroes for a living, even if I hate those egotistical bastards.

My inability to control my temper got me transferred to Heroes Emergency Medical Services. These supposed heroes destroy the city trying to stop villains. When they fall in battle, it’s my job to keep them alive. Work is my life, which explains why I can’t maintain more than meaningless one-night-stands. My life is about to change when a dying superhero chooses me to inherit their cosmic powers. Trust me, I find it ironic, too.

A new supervillain has found a way to depower every super in Vanguard City, all except one. Aiden is an up-and-coming reporter fixated on discovering the truth behind the supernatural phenomena. His persistence would be a turn on, except his obsession is with the Vanguard’s only remaining hero: me. Hard to date a man capable of detecting my lies.

I’m no hero, but I’m Vanguard City’s last defense. This is going to end badly.

Infernal Justice is a M/M, heart-felt adventure with an HEA and no cliffhangers. It features snark and sex, but not always in that order. This is book two in the Men of Vanguard series.

:. Hardbound or Paperback
:. 302 Pages