Iridescent Lust


By night, I bartend for the superhero elite. By morning, I’m kicking them out of bed.

Hero Chaser isn’t just the name of my signature cocktail, it’s my not so secret identity. While Vanguard City’s supers celebrate victories with a few drinks, I’m plotting conquests like a supervillain. Gotta love a man in nothing but a cape and utility belt.

But my carefree life comes to a grinding halt when a huskular teleporter saves my life and has me reconsidering my policy about no second dates. Can one man really be my everything? Especially when I have to share him? I may not get the chance to find out. My boss decides to sell the bar to an arrogant super and there’s a new team of villains terrorizing the Ward.

I’m gonna need a stiff drink if I’m gonna survive this. And maybe a stiff…

Iridescent Lust is a M/M, heart-felt adventure with an HEA and no cliffhangers. It features snark and sex, but not always in that order. This is book three in the Men of Vanguard series.

:. Hardbound or Paperback
:. 308 Pages