Revelations took Vanguard by storm. Until its first issue launched, nobody in Vanguard knew it existed. But when it hits shelves, it sells out. With its mix of superheroes, gossip, and scathing op-ed pieces, it reaches voyeuristic readers who want the truth behind superheroes.

Much like the Beacon, it targets the Centurions for its first issue. However, it focuses on the property damage, lawlessness, and their clandestine method of operations. The magazine stirs enough trouble that Bernard Castle has to hold a press conference to rebut their statements. This only furthers sales and forces the magazine to release a second run of the first issue.

Its owner, Damien Vex, an unknown billionaire, stepped forward as the brains behind Revelations. While a new face amongst Vanguard’s social elite, he makes a name for himself as the “Advocate of Vanguard.” He vows to reveal the truth behind so-called-heroes and how they are endangering normal citizens. While controversial, a small but loud minority holds him up as an idol. This stance makes him a pariah in the superhero community. Once targeted, heroes have to lie low until the public forgets the publication.

While frequently sued for libel, Damien Vex and Revelations continue to evade any consequences for damaging reputations of superheroes. 


Having published hundreds of slanderous articles about Vanguard’s powered community, superheroes refuse to associate with the magazine. While not officially black-listed, it is common knowledge that heroes should avoid Revelations and its staff all costs.


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