Sebastian Taylor


Dream Casting: Gerard Butler


Sebastian visited the MET as a kid and fell in love with the emotional impact of art. His parents fostered a love of design but couldn’t afford to send him to art school. He applied to Revelations for a junior designer position, but after his boss mysteriously vanished, they promoted him to the art director position. He quickly became the right-hand man of Damien Vex. Having also come from poverty, Damien promised to help advance his career by using his ruthless approach to business. Sebastian isn’t thrilled with Vex’s tenacity, but he turns a blind eye to establish himself as a world class art director.

After a late-night session finishing the first issue of Revelations, Sebastian is struck by lightning on his way home. By morning, he discovered the lightning had given him the ability to generate light. Even with the ability to fly and superhuman strength, he refused to get involved in the world of heroing. He sticks with his direction in life, trying to make a name for himself.

Sebastian has avoided love at all costs and prefers one-night stands where he doesn’t have to reveal anything about himself. He’s been ashamed of his past and growing up with no advantages. His ex left him because he didn’t have any financial security. He swore he wouldn’t date again until he considered himself a success. He wants to be the protector, the breadwinner, but there is always one more success he needs before calling it “good enough.”

But while working at Revelations, he sees the negative spin Vex puts on the heroes they feature. He suspects the man had a grudge and is using the magazine to get revenge. He wonders if financial success is the most important part of his life, or if he could do more, both as an artist and as a would-be hero.


As Hyperion, Sebastian can produce photons from his body. This allows him to produce a perpetual glow about his body. With concentration, he can also focus the beams from any part of his body and create a narrow blast similar to a laser. He can also harness it in orbs that produce their own light and, with a thought, explode in a shower of light. The light can also generate low levels of warmth. Along with his light show, Hyperion can fly and wields moderate superhuman strength.

Physical Traits

Sebastian has never considered himself a gym bunny, but he tries to keep himself fit, even if his belly refuses to cooperate. His legs and arms maintain definition, and he often flexes for the mirror to see his hard work on display. He’ll deny it, but he uses the same guard on his razor for his beard and his chest. He likes the light dusting of dark hair that covers his chest and the way it tapers toward his belly button. But the first thing everybody notices about him is the crooked toothy smile that gives away his mischief nature.  

In the bedroom, Sebastian considers himself “all top.” He prefers being in a position of control, but it’s always for the benefit of his partner. He’s been known to spend copious amounts of time on foreplay and takes an intense amount of satisfaction from making his partner orgasm. For himself, he enjoys demonstrating restraint. Then he’s been known to go several times in a night. The longer he can drag out his partner’s pleasure, the more excited he gets. The night isn’t done until everybody is a sweaty and sticky mess.


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Infamous Heart – One Year Later

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