Infamous Heart




Chapter 1

“We’re here!”

It was hard to match Sebastian’s enthusiasm as I got out of the car. We had turned off the main road an hour ago as the gravel trail continued climbing the mountain. Our reward? A log cabin nestled away in the middle of the wilderness. It looked as if it was being reclaimed by Mother Nature, moss covering half the roof and trees creating a canopy overhead. I half expected a mysterious groundskeeper to warn us about the dangers ahead. I regretted watching late-night horror movies.

It had been nine hours of driving for what Sebastian called ‘the vacation of a lifetime.’ I imagined champagne, exquisite food, and maybe a day having strangers rub my shoulders as they flirtatiously asked how many hours I spent at the gym. But in the middle of nowhere, the rustic cabin didn’t appear to have an attached spa, and didn’t scream ‘vacation of a lifetime’ to me. Sad Griffin, sad.

In a competition of what ached more, I couldn’t tell if it was my legs or my back. No matter how comfortable the car, they were not designed for big guys and long trips. When I asked if Sebastian could fly us here, he playfully said the car ride was part of the experience, and by the time we reached Vermont, I had prayed for a quaint bed-and-breakfast. God had a twisted sense of humor.

“It’s perfect, isn’t it?”

This was why I loved him. His upbeat attitude rubbed off on me. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad? At least it wasn’t camping. If that were the case, I’d already be in the car, peeling out with him in the rear-view mirror. I jest. Sort of.

“Who are you? What’s happened to Sebastian? Body snatcher? Alien parasite? Is Lady Bewitching controlling you?”

How had a year passed and I didn’t know he was a rugged mountain man? Who knew Sebastian, the man with more tailored suits than I had underwear, was a closet lumberjack? It was more surprising than him moonlighting as a superhero in Vanguard. Yup, the flannel was more surprising than his leather.

I might not be thrilled with the location, but seeing him in the red checkered pattern had its upside. Okay, it was time to put away my protests. The man of my dreams wanted to hide away in the woods and chop firewood, and he wanted to share the experience. The real question was, could I convince him to do it naked?

“You hate it.” Despite being a superhero and a bigwig at a magazine, he still worried about impressing me. This loyal, loving, sexy, kind-hearted bear of a man wanted to make me happy. All protests went right out the window.

“I love you. You love this. I’m going to love it too.” That’s the type of sappy thing you’d hear at the end of a Hallmark movie. But I was in love with this man and meant every word.

“Are you just saying that to get in my pants?”

I raised an eyebrow at the prospect. “Is it working?”

He grabbed the bags out of the backseat, tossing them over his shoulder like they weighed nothing. Did I mention my boyfriend is a stud with super strength? As he walked to the front door, he looked over his shoulder, gesturing for me to follow.

He shot me his signature sly wink. “There isn’t a television to watch if we get bored.”

Dammit. I was already liking this trip.

Chapter 2

“You’re cheating.”

“I can’t help it!”

I wrapped my fingers around the shaft of the axe. The thin log taunted me atop the stump. It had become my mortal enemy. I’m pretty certain I heard it laughing.

“You will not win today,” I mumbled.

“Did you just talk to the log?”

“Leave me and my wood alone.”

Sebastian snorted. “Words I never expected—”

I’m not physically gifted. There’s muscle hidden beneath the soft padding, I think. After being called a bear my entire adult life, I didn’t imagine I’d feel so out of place in nature. But that was about to change, and all I had to do was chop this log in half. First, I’d conquer chopping firewood, and then I’d begin my rein as a woodsman. By dinner, I’d be living off the land.

A crack came from my right as Sebastian sliced through another log. I didn’t bother counting victims of his strength. If this were a contest, he’d already won. But I didn’t need a huge pile. All I needed was this one damned log.

I set down the axe, pulling my shirt off. Sebastian smiled as I flexed, letting out a primal growl. I picked up the axe, tightened my grip, and visualized the overhead swing. I drew it back, ready to fall my arch nemesis.

“Damn, you’re sexy.”

I swung. Closed eyes probably didn’t help my accuracy. I missed the log, striking the stump for the seventh time in a row. I growled, debating if I should hurl the wood back into the forest.

“Here,” Sebastian slammed his axe into his stump far enough that only he could pull it free. He stood behind me, pressing himself close enough that all I could focus on was my… wood. I chuckled at myself.

He pulled the axe free, holding it out for me.

“I think we need to admit that this is not going on my resume.”

“I’m sure you were just as bad when you started painting.”

“That’s not the compliment you think it is.”

I took the axe. Sebastian slid his hands down my arms, slow enough that he got my attention. He changed the position of my hands while grinding against my backside. He rested his chin on my shoulder, giving my neck a kiss. Public displays of affection were typically chaste, but miles from prying eyes, I wanted to turn around and tear off his shirt.

“You’ve got this.” He stepped to the side, leaving my back cold.

I ran through the motions, giving my muscles a chance to practice. If this was a comic, I’d summon the might of the forest to imbue me with its strength, or at least that’s what happened in Ranger No More. I should finish the series.

I swung with a growl. The axe struck the log, sinking halfway down. It wasn’t a clean cut like Sebastian’s, but for a mere mortal, I’d accept the victory.

“Who’s your daddy?” I turned to Sebastian, flexing my arms, holding a pose.

He held out a hand, generating a burst of light. The thin laser finished cutting the log, sending the scorched parts falling to the ground. I should have been mad at how easily it came to him. If I could shoot lasers from my hands, I’d have sliced my way through all the firewood in seconds.

“I loosened it.” He couldn’t taint my win. I started a victory dance. In the middle of the wilderness, I broke out the big boy shuffle.

“Thank God you’re pretty,” Sebastian laughed.

“And don’t you forget it!”

He wrapped his arms around me. But I wasn’t done dancing. My epic defeat of the dastardly log required more celebrating. Holding his hips, I pulled him along. Sebastian never danced. The few times we visited Alejandro at Midnight Alley, I was lucky if he bobbed his head to the music.

“We should get the fire started.” He resisted. I persisted.

“It’s not going anywhere.”

I slid a hand up his torso and down the length of his arm until I held his hand. He had let the stubble grow, so he had a beard. I loved him not shaving the dark hair. It made the blue of his eyes shine brighter.

I kissed him, sliding a hand to his back, pulling him close. In the city, there were always people. Even in the privacy of our apartment, we shared walls. Our quiet moments were few, and that’s when he wasn’t stopping villains from terrorizing the city. But here, Sebastian had my attention, all of my attention.

“I love you,” I whispered.

His hips swayed as if the forest came with a soundtrack. For him, I was sure it had a melodic, almost jazzy feel. In the last year, he expanded my tastes in music. But try as I might, I could never — this was our first dance.

“Griffin Smith.” He pushed me away, holding my hand as he guided me into a spin. With a slight tug, he pulled me tight against his chest. “You’re my—” He choked on the words. I could feel myself getting teary. “My someone. I…”

Sebastian could stand in a board room and deliver a speech without hesitation. To work at a magazine, we were expected to be articulate and use cleverly crafted words. I never imagined him stuttering. He could wield light like a weapon, and just last week, he saved the city from a sentient dinosaur. But with emotions, he seized up. It meant as much as the words themselves.

“I know,” I whispered.

Chapter 3

I held a towel in one hand with my ditty bag of shampoo and soap in the other. When I asked about cleaning up before dinner, I expected Sebastian to point me through the bedroom to a bathroom with a spa tub. If not that, at least pull on the deer antler hanging over the fireplace to reveal a secret passage to an underground hot tub.

While prepping steaks, he had casually said, “Out back.”

I guess I should be thankful the cabin had an interior bathroom. But an outdoor shower?

“We’re going to need to talk about the bathroom situation.”

Walking along the back porch, a spigot hung off the corner of the cabin. There was no privacy wall. Instead, the shower looked over a mature forest, the massive boulders littering the landscape promising a vigorous hike to the peak. The sun set on the other side of the mountain, sending narrow beams of light through the trees as if it were a fairy tale. It made me think I should have brought more than my sketchbook. This would have made for the perfect oil painting.

Okay, a quick shower of cold water and then steaks would be waiting for me. Hanging my towel and soap to the side, I turned the handle, surprised by how quickly the water turned hot. The idea of being exposed outside might be odd, but I’d gladly put it aside for scalding water.

I kicked off my shoes and tore off my shirt. With a quick inspection to make sure there were no hermits hiding in the foliage, I dropped my pants and slid out of my underwear. Getting naked outside might be nerve-racking, but my cock apparently thought it was time to greet Mother Nature.

I stepped into the spray. I splashed my face before turning. The water pelted against that magical spot between my shoulders. The light poking through the trees hit my body, and watching as the water snaked its way down my torso made me a convert.

How did somebody apply to be a mountain man?

I grabbed the soap and ran the bar over my body, getting rid of the grime from chopping wood and starting fire pits. With a quick scrub of my hair and face, I stood under the showerhead. It washed away the dirt, but along with it went the stress. Everything felt as if it were a world away. First, a naked shower outside; next, Griffin the nudist. I’d need a lot of sunblock to keep the fun bits from burning.


I wiped the water from my eyes. Sebastian had slipped outside naked. I loved everything about him, the confidence as he stood there, the way he eyed me up and down. There was no point in trying to hide the warmth in my face.

“Excited to see me?”

My cock jumped, answering his question. He stepped up and gave my cock a playful tug.

“What if somebody sees?” I asked, gesturing to the wilderness.

“Let them watch,” he said. “I’m used to an audience.” Being a superhero meant hundreds of people watched and documented every act of heroism. I hadn’t thought about it before, but the idea of a hiker seeing the two of us naked didn’t lessen my erection.

He stepped into the water, taking the soap out of my hand. Turning me around, he started at my shoulders, dragging the bar across my skin, followed by a gentle swipe of his hand. This continued down the length of my back. I shuddered at the amazing feeling.

I couldn’t be any more vulnerable. Naked outside, showering, being bathed by a stud. But that was the beauty of Sebastian. No matter how much I exposed myself, he remained a hero. I don’t mean the type with a cape, though it didn’t hurt. When I couldn’t stand for myself, he supported me. All the times I thought I had been in love must have been something else. I liked the men before, but I loved Sebastian.

I groaned as a soapy hand slid down the crack of my ass, reaching between my legs until he cupped my balls. He’d claim he was being thorough, but he lingered long enough that I knew what thoughts ran loose in his head. He confirmed my suspicions as he pulled back, fingers hovering over his goal.

I pushed back, making it clear I didn’t want him to stop. With a little pressure, his finger slid in, enough to elicit a soft moan, but it wasn’t his finger I wanted in me. When the second worked its way in, I leaned against the side of the cabin, and the moans turned primal. It was closer to the width of Sebastian’s cock. Almost.

“Fuck me,” I whispered.

“C’mon, you can be louder. How much do you want it?”

I groaned as he removed his fingers. I wanted him in me. His fingers were a good start, but I wanted his cock. With a steady hand, they slid in again, this time running along that spot that made me growl and push back at the same time.

“Louder.” He was enjoying this.

As he held still, I no longer cared who knew. “Fuck me,” I growled it loud enough that it echoed along the mountainside.

He removed his fingers, replaced by the stubble of his beard. Reaching under, he gripped my cock, urging me back. I bent over, braced against the cabin as his tongue slowly licked the length of my crack. He’d spend an hour licking me if I allowed him, lulling me to sleep as I leaked on the sheets. Sebastian’s fingers were talented, but they couldn’t compare.

He stroked my cock, each time, pulling me back on his tongue. I wouldn’t make it to the main event if he kept it up. No matter which way I moved, I wanted to scream for more.

“Don’t stop.” It was loud, louder than necessary. He milked my cock while brushing his beard along my skin, and I wanted everybody to know I was at the mercy of this sexy bear. I leaned further, giving him easier access as his tongue worked its magic.

 Watching his hand squeeze my cock, using the skin to cover the head before sliding down again, I was in heaven. It takes skill to jerk off another man. He’d hold it just long enough, pulling back before I could buck my hips. Sebastian had ruined me. I never wanted to touch my cock again. As he thrust his tongue, smashing his beard against my ass, he tightened his grip. One stroke. Two. He got what he worked so hard for.

“I’m coming,” I howled.

He mumbled something, the vibrations lost in the tensing of muscles. My legs shook, and if not for his superhuman strength holding me up, I’d have toppled. Like a gentleman, he eased his grip but didn’t stop milking me. He slowed before stopping, and with one last lick, he stood up.

We’d need to wash off the side of the cabin.

“All clean,” he said.

Wait, what? Sebastian never missed an opportunity to climb on top of me. He claimed topping after I came made me tighter. I wasn’t going to argue. Every once in a while, he’d hit the rights spots, and I’d climax a second time. For him to hold off, something was amiss.

“Just going to leave that waving in the wind?” I gave his cock a firm grip. He was hard, not just firm, but rigid. My cock attempted to jump. Even tired, he liked the thrill of Sebastian buried in me.

“Saving it,” he said as he picked up the soap and started rubbing it along my chest. When I raised an eyebrow, he grabbed my cock; squeezing hard enough I threw my arms over his shoulders to keep upright. He couldn’t hide with that devilish smile.

“What are you up to?”

“Shhh, it’s a secret.”

Chapter 4

“Fine, I was wrong.”

Despite Sebastian being inside while I smothered the fire pit, I whispered the words. I didn’t want him to hear and turn this into a regular thing. But with a belly full of fire-cooked steaks and s’mores, I converted.

The fire hissed as I emptied another jug of water over the embers. Poking at it with a stick, the dull red colors faded until it turned into a pit of soot. It surprised Sebastian when I suggested the idea. While the food had been delicious, I had ulterior motives. On a nearby rock, there were three slender pieces of burnt wood. I had never made my own charcoal, but I was excited to test them out.

Convinced the fire had died, I grabbed the charcoal and headed back to the house. The lights in the windows vanished. Without the fire, it was almost entirely dark. The moon barely penetrated the towering trees, leaving the world in a veil of darkness.

“Wi-Fi I can live without, but if my cell dies, we’re going to have a problem.” I turned on my phone’s flashlight and noticed a message from Xander.

X: Don’t get eaten by bears.

I snickered at the number of eggplant emojis that followed. If I was lucky, I’d be dining on man-bear before the evening ended. With that thought in mind, I sped up my walk to the cabin.

I opened the door, expecting to see my human nightlight glowing as he checked the circuit breaker. But inside the cabin, the darkness was absolute. This is where the horror movie started. Cue the chainsaws.

“Sebastian?” Who would play me in the docuseries detailing my demise?

Orbs sprung to life against the vaulted ceiling. They provided just enough light to make out the furniture. Sebastian could illuminate the entire cabin with ease. He was up to something. Maybe he was the killer? Plot twist!

“What are you up to?”

“I was putting away our stuff, and I saw you packed your sketchbook.”

“That explains the lights?”

It got brighter, and a burst of light erupted on the other side of the living room. The fireplace roared to life. He stood in front of the flames, his silhouette revealing his lack of clothing.

“You were excited about the charcoal,” he started. “I thought I’d give you something to draw.”

As I got closer, he dropped to the floor, sprawling across the bearskin rug in the most cliche image possible. But damn, seeing him naked in the fire’s light, I had to adjust my pants.

“Don’t say—”

“Draw me like one of your French girls.”

“You’re lucky you’re so damned sexy.”

He had pushed the coffee table to the side, setting the stage. I had to wonder how long he had been planning this moment. My favorite model had propped my sketchbook on the couch. There were at least a dozen drawings of him in there, both as Sebastian, the sexy bear, and Hyperion, Vanguard’s protector. But none of them ever captured my feelings for the man. Nobody else held still when they caught me drawing them. He, on the other hand, would sit for hours reading, letting me hone my craft.

“Sebastian Taylor.” I picked up the pad of paper. “I love you.”

He inhaled, puffing out his chest and flattening his stomach. “Can you hide the gut?”

“No.” I plopped onto the couch, looking for a good vantage point. “I’m not messing with perfection.”

“You’re going to make me blush.”


“I looked through your sketches. As your model, I’m going to start charging.”

“The pay is horrible.”

“But the benefits are good,” he laughed. “Not just good, they’re amazing. I know you’re working on the comic with Lydia, but I think you should talk to Kamaria about doing a show.”

“An art show? Like a solo show? I haven’t done that since college.”

“Well, as an objective opinion, I think people would love your work.”

“Ready for the world to see my favorite model in the buff?”

“I’d be honored.”

Now it was me who blushed.

I awkwardly balanced the sketchpad on my lap, finding a spot where I could see the length of his body. He had put my tin of pencils on the couch, but if I was going to embrace the wilderness, I wanted to use the charcoal.

I would never find the words to describe my feelings for Sebastian. Like him, I got choked up. Instead, I had a sketchbook filled with images of him sleeping on the couch, working tirelessly on magazine layouts, and even one or two of him soaking in the tub.

The feelings of security, warmth, and lust worked through my hand as I dragged the charcoal across the white paper. He moved an orb over my shoulder so I could see my work. His jawline held determination, his biceps a sense of power. But as the line extended to the hand on his hip, it reminded me of his delicate touch.

Love. We used the word to summarize complex feelings. But four letters didn’t do him justice. I eyed my handiwork, falling for him again. Every version of Sebastian left me breathless. I risked a face full of charcoal as I wiped away the tears. Love didn’t describe the fullness in my chest and the goosebumps on my arm.

He held still for an hour, a feat for the best of models. I finished. I set the sketchbook to the side with a yawn. Without a clock nearby, my body decided it was time to call it a night.

“Bedtime?” I asked.

“I don’t want to waste a fire.” He fought off a yawn of his own. He climbed onto the couch, resting the back of his head on a throw pillow. The deep breathing of sleep was almost instant, another superpower I envied. But if he wasn’t going to waste the fire, I wouldn’t waste a naked man. I crawled between his legs until my head rested on his stomach.

His orbs evaporated, and all that remained was a cackling fire. I had been wrong. A cabin isolated in the middle of the woods would be a perfect addition to the story of us.

His hand slid down his body, resting on the back of my neck, giving me a light squeeze. “Sweet dreams,” he mumbled.

Perhaps, but they’d never compare to this moment.

Chapter 5

“Remember when I said I could get used to this?”

In the dark of night, Sebastian convinced me to go for a hike. The air cooled off, but the breeze had been a deception. Chubby men should only traipse around in the woods if zombies are chasing them. Hell, if a supervillain appeared and threatened to take me back to their secret lair, I’d throw myself at them. Well, as long as they had air conditioning.

“It was so long ago. Refresh my memory.”

“Sitting next to the fireplace? Sure. Roasting s’mores while listening to the radio? Yup. Getting jerked off while the deer watched? Sign me up. But nowhere in the travel brochure did it say anything about hiking up the side of a mountain.”

“Do I hear a three-star review coming?”

“You remember you can fly, right?”

“Where’s the fun in that?”

“If you wanted me sweaty, I could be riding you reverse cowboy. This is just cruel.”

Despite it being well after sundown, the stump I claimed as my throne shone brightly. Not only did Sebastian radiate like a human glow-stick, but orbs of light traveled along the ground as we walked. If it had been on flat terrain, I’d have said it was romantic. But as I wiped the sweat from my brow, I was convinced he had joined the dark side.

“It’s not much further.”

“That’s a lie, and we all know it.” Sue me. I get cranky when I’m overheating. Thankfully, my partner in crime thought my tantrums were ‘precious.’

“Do you want me to carry you?”

He could. It wouldn’t be the first time he lifted me up. Usually, it was moving me from the couch to the bed. I liked how careful he was not to wake me. I wouldn’t spoil those moments and tell him I wasn’t out cold.

“No,” I groaned. “I can do it.”

He had been acting off since the shower. There were plenty of times only one of us got off, but he had been more coy than usual. Then posing in front of the fireplace? He had already won the trophy for Best Boyfriend. Was he attempting to level up?

He reached out, pulling me to my feet. He stole a kiss, despite me being a sweaty mess. How had he not broken a sweat? I needed to find a vat of chemicals to throw myself into. I wanted powers.

Sebastian’s fingers locked with mine, and his bioluminescence spread up my arm. We both looked like fireflies. It was a new trick he added to his arsenal. It did little stopping villains, but it made for a cute trick in the safety of our apartment.

He averted his eyes like it was our first date. Sebastian was many things, but bashful wasn’t one of them. This was a new side of him. I set aside my complaints. If I died on the side of this hill, it’d mean I spent the rest of my life with him.

My heart demanded I see where this took us. “Let’s do this.”

He let me set the pace as we continued upward. After a half hour, it seemed as if the ground leveled off. I earned myself another s’more after this workout, maybe all the marshmallows.

“Did you hear that?” Sebastian froze.

Other than the rustle of pine trees, I couldn’t hear anything. His skin flared, lighting up the forest in a twenty-foot circle. He let go, feet hovering off the ground.  Had trouble found us? I prepared to be kidnapped now.

“I’ll be right back.”

Before I could protest, he flew upward into the trees, his light dimming until I couldn’t see which direction he went. It was all good until his orbs vanished, leaving me in the dark. Even if a bad guy didn’t sweep me up like a helpless damsel, I don’t think I could find my way back to the cabin until the sun came up.

“So, I’ll just stay right here. In the dark. In the wilderness. Not being food for bears.”

It’d almost be peaceful if Sebastian hadn’t abandoned me. If it turned out to be a bad guy, I’d be waiting for hours as he took them to the local police station. Maybe this was my chance to live off the land? I could fashion a spear and hunt for my food. What lived in Vermont? Could I fashion a loin cloth and go native?

“Hmm. Somehow I don’t think pizza stalks these woods.”

A sphere at my feet glowed a soft yellow. It meant that Sebastian was nearby. Another sprang to life, then a dozen more. They created a narrow path leading further up the mountain.

It had been an act. Did he get that tired of my griping? “What are you up to?”

I followed, thankful there was no more mountain to climb. The spheres led me through a series of bushes as the forest seemed to close ranks, creating a barrier. I knew I should have brought a machete. First rule of being a mountain man—never leave home without a large knife.

I pushed through, averting my eyes from the springy branches. Reaching out, I found an opening, blinded by the brilliant light.

“You can turn down the—” I froze. The light wasn’t radiating from Sebastian. The moon hung in the air, so close that I reached up, expecting to touch it. With the canopy of trees over the cabin, I hadn’t realized it was a full moon. But not just a full moon. Without the light pollution of Vanguard City, it shone almost as bright as the stadium.

Sebastian stood outlined by the light. There was no way it was an accident, not even a man with his luck. I couldn’t tell if the halo came from the moon or from him. Either way, he almost appeared angelic.

“Is this why you—”

He turned, arms crossed over his chest. I couldn’t make out his face as he spoke. “Do you know what tonight is?”

“Full moon?”

“It’s our one-year anniversary.”

“You’re off. I have it on my calendar. You still have a few shopping days left.”

“That’s the day we started dating.”

“Yes,” I said, confused. “That’s what an anniversary is.”

“Tonight is one year since our first date.” I had almost forgotten. Our courtship had been turbulent.

“I remember thinking I wanted to see your Lego collection,” I admitted.

He laughed.

“It’s hard to remember what we talked about. I’ll be honest, I remember thinking it was a date with a cute guy. He thought it was a job interview.” He took a step closer but kept some distance between us.

“Yeah. Who knew what would happen after that?”

“I did.” The words were soft, almost swallowed by the vastness of the forest behind me. “If I think of all the things I love about you, they lead me to our first date. Tonight isn’t our anniversary. It’s the anniversary of the night I fell in love with you.”

There was no witty reply, no quip. My heart heaved, and before I knew it, I was wiping away the tears. My boyfriend, a man who led his life with logic, bared his heart. I loved him, and I’d climb another mountain to prove it. I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better sidekick. You’ve been my partner in crime for three-hundred-and-sixty-five days, and I have to admit, I want more.”

“Uh, me too?”

Something in the middle of his chest glowed, faint at first, and then brilliant enough that it rivaled the moon. As he held it out, he dropped to one—

“Oh, shit.” I covered my mouth. The breakfast crew would laugh hysterically as I confessed to being oblivious.

“Griffin Smith,” he said. Do I howl a yes at the moon or wait for him to finish? “You’ve shown me what it means to be a hero. You’ve given me something to fight for. Will—”

Screw it. “Yes!” It came out like a slobbering squeal, and I didn’t care. I should have known running to him was a bad idea. As my shoe caught on a rock, I tumbled. Most would have landed with a thud. But most didn’t have their own superhero to catch them.

“This might be a bit cliche, even for us.”

Sebastian’s hand was in the middle of my back while the moon framed us. I threw my arms around his neck. “I don’t give a damn.” He pulled me close before stealing a kiss. My fiancé stole a kiss. Yeah, the guys were going to hate how often I dropped that.

“The ring,” he said.

He propped me upright, taking my hand. Pulling it from the box, he slid it down the length of my finger. His powers made the silver band shine and the inlaid gold strip sparkle.

“You have no idea how much I love you,” I said.

He lifted my chin, his face basked in a soft yellow hue. The tears on his cheeks shimmered. “I do.”

“Is this why you’ve been acting weird?” Leave it to me to ruin a magical moment.

“Weird? No. Performance anxiety. Absolutely. Even after a year, Griffin Smith, you make me nervous.” He took my hands, and if he thought he was being subtle as his thumb brushed over the ring, he was sorely mistaken. “Should we head back?”

“No, not yet.”

“I promise I’ll fly us back.”

“Well, yes, you will. But I thought it might be nice to stay up here and enjoy the view with my fiancé.”

“I’m not going to hear the end of that, am I?”

“If you want me to stop, there’s always husband.”

“Yes, there is,” he whispered before leaning in for another kiss. There were kisses that expressed love, and then there were those that expressed lust. But this was new, and I could only describe it as an action that said, “I need you.” Dammit, if I cried again, I was going to be pissed.

“I agree, Mr. Smith,” I laughed.

“Mr. & Mr. Smith? We’re going to need to talk about that.”

“We’ve got time.”

Chapter 6

B: You said yes?

X: That puppy dog? Do you need to ask?

A: Who wins the bet?

The texts continued to scroll. I took the obligatory photo of the two of us together, showing off the ring. They’d have killed me if I didn’t tell them immediately. Thankfully, Sebastian understood my borderline unhealthy friendships.

A: I call best man.

X: He knows a lot of strippers.

B: I’m not wearing a boa to another bachelor party.

S: Boa and nothing else? Count me in.

I looked up from the phone to see Sebastian waving his cell in the air with a smile. The breakfast crew had become a sacred brotherhood, and for the other three to invite Sebastian into our group text meant they approved.

X: He still can’t come to breakfast.

“You asked them, didn’t you?”

He cozied up to me on the blanket. “I was not popping the question without Bernard’s permission. Think I was nervous with you?”

It should have taken an apocalypse to shock me after his proposal. But all it took was a hidden picnic basket he had stashed to celebrate the event. Wicker, I swear, it couldn’t get any more wholesome if he produced a knitted sweater.

“And what if I said no?”

“It’d have been a difficult trek back to the cabin for you.” He laughed. Sebastian might have been nervous, but he knew my answer. It wasn’t the first time I mentioned our long-term plans. I wonder how many times I’d have to refer to him as my fiancé before he picked a date?

I rested my head on his shoulder as he took another sip of beer from his champagne flute.

“Performance anxiety, huh?”

He laughed. “Not going to let me live that down, are you?”

“I mean, no, never.” I slid my hand down the front of his jeans. “But I was thinking about somebody saving it for later. Still anxious?”

“Mr. Taylor,” he gasped. “Here?”

“Yes. Loudly,” I said. He didn’t need to reply; his cock stiffened against the seam in his jeans answering for him.

I pushed him back, climbing on top of him. I pulled my t-shirt over my head, tossing it on the blanket. He reached for the button on my jeans, but I slapped his hand away. “I’m calling the shots, big guy.”

“Strip.” It wasn’t a request.

Never in the history of sex had a man disrobed as quickly as Sebastian. I stood up to watch him shed his clothing. Flannel tossed to the side, he raised his hips, dropping his jeans until he was in nothing but socks. Then it was my turn, slow enough to be considered torture. By the time I slid off my pants, his erection pointed straight up. When I hooked my fingers in the waistband of my briefs, I could only describe the look on his face as hunger. I wanted him in me, and I didn’t care how that played out.

As much as I wanted to climb on his lap, I knew he wouldn’t last more than a few seconds. Thankfully, Sebastian had another super power—speedy reload. By the time he mounted me, he was typically on his second or third round. I’d be jealous if I wasn’t the one receiving them. And after the shower, it’d be a question of volume. I licked my lips at the thought.

I got on the blanket, positioned between his legs, and admired the length of his shaft. Gently, I dragged the tip of my finger along his cock. It only required stripping, and already, the head glistened with precum. I’d take that as a compliment. There was no point in torturing him. I wanted to swallow every drop.

Gripping the base, I ran my tongue along the vein leading to the tip. Then it was every inch, pushing at the bend in my throat. He didn’t suppress the howl. I swore coyotes in the distance responded. I marveled at the thickness, and I wanted nothing more than to feel it slide inside my ass. But first, I need to help my fiancé relieve some pressure.

I spun about, straddling his head. It didn’t require prompting as he licked the spot just behind my testicles. Everybody wants to believe their lover is a rockstar in the sack, but as he held the base of my cock, wetting my balls, I had all the confirmation I needed. But it wasn’t about me. Pumping Sebastian’s mouth with my cock while I serviced him guaranteed an explosion.

I dropped over his body, and he positioned his mouth so I could fuck his mouth. To encourage me, his hands gripped my ass, pulling me deep. With every withdraw, he sucked in air before bracing for a slow, deliberate insertion. He shook his hips, making it clear he was ready to come. I dove onto his cock, and only a few seconds later, he screamed around my shaft. I withdrew far enough to feel him flood my mouth. Salty with a hint of sweetness, enough that I had to gulp twice.

I was left licking the head as he nursed on my cock. For a second, I thought his cock might deflate, but then his powers activated. I didn’t want to move from that spot, content with him slurping the length of my cock, but I had a mission.

“Nope, you’re not getting it that easy,” I said.

I sat upright. “Sobothy,” he mumbled from between my legs. He dragged his tongue along the length of my ass, finding the spot. I let him get me nice and wet. Good thing too. I wasn’t in the mood to take things slowly.

I was about to spin around when Sebastian lifted my hips and slid out from underneath me. Perks of having a superhero fiancé. It didn’t matter how big I was; he could position me without effort. He held my hips, refusing to let me move. I could feel his cock slide between my cheeks as he ground against me. Apparently, he wanted to return the teasing.

“Fuck me,” I whispered.

“You know what I’m going to—”

“Fuck me!” I shouted. And with precision, he pushed inside, stretching me in all the right ways. Groaning. Loud, probably too loud, but I didn’t care. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted my fiancé to ride my ass and come inside me.

“Who knew my fiancé’s ass would feel better than my boyfriend’s?”

With encouragement like that, I needed to raise the bar. I tightened. Now it was Sebastian’s turn to moan. It turned into a competition as he pushed the last inch in, ensuring I knew he was buried. I wanted to reach down and touch my cock, but it wouldn’t take more than a few strokes before I came, and unlike him, I tapped out fast. I wanted to come, but not enough to end the capstone of our engagement.

It started with quick jabs. I moaned as if I were interviewing for porn. If there were campers anywhere in Vermont, I hope I inspired them. When he pulled all the way out, the head resting against my ass, I leaned back, refusing to let him escape. He’d call me greedy. He’d be right.

As he sped up his thrusts, he moved so he was on one knee, and then stepped up to mount me. I bit my lip with anticipation. I knew what came next. He held my waist as he rocked his hips back and forth, slamming into me before withdrawing the length of his cock. I swore I could feel every inch, every little vein. At this angle, he hit the sweet spot over and over. I didn’t need to touch my cock to know I leaked profusely.

“Want it?” He growled. At the speed and intensity he bucked against my ass, he wouldn’t be able to prolong the ride for long. I wanted Sebastian—my fiancé.

“Come in me,” I yelled. Leaving no doubt for the residents of Vermont.

His balls slapped against mine. His shaft thickened, twitching as he came. He held still as I savored the feeling, finishing what we had started in the shower.

I reached down for my cock as he dismounted, his body lying across my back. He batted away my hand, and I thought he might suggest another round of topping. He kissed my back as he wrapped his fingers around my cock, slowly milking me.

“That’s a job for your fiancé,” he whispered as he slid behind me, inspecting his handiwork.

Fuck. The orgasm started in my toes and, before I knew it, was rushing through the length of my body. Before I shot, he wrapped his lips around the head of my cock. I buried my face in the blanket. I had never come so hard in my life, and like a good boy—fiancé—he swallowed every drop.

“You’re going to say that every chance you get, huh?” My body continued shaking as he let go of my cock.

“Damn straight.” He slid along the blanket, lying next to me. He waited until I collapsed before wiggling against me, his back pressed against my chest. For all the power the man wielded, he insisted on being my little spoon.

“The world needs to know I’m the luckiest man.”

Dammit. When he said things like that, my heart melted. But I understood the sentiment. There was no point in arguing that I was the luckiest man. We’d have to call it a tie.

“So about the wedding…” I laughed.

“Don’t even start planning. Alejandro will kill you.”

He had a point. It could wait. For now, I wanted to lie on the side of a mountain with my fiancé and bask in the afterglow of sex under the moon.

“I love you, Mr. Smith,” I said.

“I love you too, Mr. Taylor.”

Yeah, we’ll need to figure that one out. Tomorrow.

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