Chapter 1

“Without further ado, we grant Lionheart the key to Vanguard City. May your bravery be a beacon to every citizen.”

Stand tall, look heroic, keep the speech short, and no eye-rolling. Aiden had coached me on how to be a public figure. If I confessed how awkward I felt in a skin-tight suit strutting about the stage, they wouldn’t call me a hero. Hell, I hated the term. Sure, I saved people from giant robots and stopped a race of ancient gods from obliterating Earth, but hero? That seemed egotistical.

Standing at the top of the stairs leading to the courthouse, several hundred people gathered on this chilly February afternoon to celebrate the occasion. Part of me hoped a villain would come and end the event. The day before Valentine’s Day a disgruntled Cupid could fly in shooting arrows. I asked Aiden to dress in spandex and pretend to be a bad guy, but he nixed that idea. Was it too much to ask of your boyfriend?

The crowd surrounding the courthouse roared with cheers.

      Mayor Ovdacitay placed the key to the city in my hand. A real key? What exactly did this thing unlock? I had half a mind to take photos of myself all over the city, attempting to unlock doors. The mayor put an arm around my shoulder and the cameras flashed. He had waited for an election year, but I couldn’t blame him. The city needed good press.

I had one issue with this event. I didn’t want to be a hero. In fact, I hadn’t cared for them for years. My beef had to do with their unchecked egos. I tried to make sure my head didn’t get too big. But as the mayor turned around, pulling a rope attached to a large sheet, I fought to keep the grimace off my face.

Smile, Xander. Smile.

The cloth fell away to reveal a statue of Lion—me. It was a classic superhero pose, hands on the hips while looking stoically over the city. Nearly twenty feet tall with the courthouse as a backdrop, I considered it overkill. At least they did me justice by filling out my briefs. I’d have to remember to thank the sculptor for immortalizing my package.

“Do you want to say a few words?” asked the mayor.

Nope. I didn’t. But as I looked into the crowd, past the flashing cameras, there was one sexy journalist I promised a few quotes. There were a few perks to dating a superhero, and if I could help Aiden keep his gig as a field journalist, I’d continue the song and dance.

The corduroy jacket made me think of a college professor, but the black t-shirt he’d tucked into his pants, he’d done that to get my attention. The way it hugged his thick torso… If it wasn’t for an alien suit, this crowd would get more hero than they bargained for. I swear he smirked. He knew exactly what he was doing when he got dressed this morning.

“Thank you, Mayor.”

Walking to the podium, I leaned into the microphone, and my tapping caused feedback. Yup, if they didn’t know I cowered at being a public figure, they did now.

“I want to say thank you to the mayor for this honor. Having just returned from Valpinor, I am excited to be assigned as a protector of Earth. But I can’t accept it, not without honoring the many people who accompanied me along the way. They proved powers do not make a hero. In the heart of every citizen of Vanguard, there is the potential to rise and change the world. Let this be a symbol for us to strive for our very best.”

The reporters around Aiden surged forward, climbing several steps and firing a volley of questions. They were like rabid dogs. I had met supervillains that didn’t have this level of tenacity. But, of course, as they shoved past the sexiest man in the crowd, he knew he didn’t have to fight for my attention.

“You.” I pointed to the crowd. “You look like you have a burning question.” Yes, fire puns. This is what I do now. I blamed Griffin.

“Hi, Aiden Scott with Revelations,” he said. The other reporters quieted as he spoke. At least they maintained professional courtesy. “Lionheart, I have a single question for you.”

Aiden had refused to tell me the question before we went our separate ways this morning. He had coached me on my speech, ignoring my usual grumbly self. He never attempted to change me. It just happened as a by-product of being in the presence of this amazing man.

“Does this superhero have a special somebody waiting for him at home?”

Jerk. I couldn’t help but smile. He teased me about Lionheart’s inability to discuss his mundane life. Xander wasn’t much better. When we moved in together, I let the guys know in a text. Apparently, my romantic alter-ego needed more help than my superhero persona.

I’d give him grief tomorrow when he arrived at our new lair for an exclusive interview on the life of Lionheart. After having just spent the last few weeks on the other side of the galaxy learning about my suit’s origins, I had enough Lionheart for a while. But when Aiden batted those beautiful eyes at me, I caved. It wasn’t how I wanted to spend Valentine’s Day, but at least I’d spend it with him. Just because we were on the job tomorrow didn’t mean we couldn’t celebrate the holiday, right?

A plan was forming. He wasn’t the only one who could be sneaky.

“Yes,” I said, puffing out my chest. “In fact, if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be the hero I am today. I might wield these amazing abilities…” I summoned the fire, my body bursting into flame, accentuating my point. Hovering above the stairs, I froze long enough for the photographers to get their shots. “But he’s the heart behind this hero.”

I shot him a wink before soaring into the sky. High above Vanguard City, I tucked into a ball and let the fire build in the pit of my stomach. Fire exploded in a series of fireworks as I stretched my limb mid-flight, a final show for the viewers below.

Now, I needed to save Valentine’s Day.


Chapter 2

B: Romantic? Who are you?

A: Go get ‘em, sir.

G: Take photos.

A: Video. Don’t forget the lighting.

I did the unthinkable. I shut off my phone.

The Madison was the nicest hotel in Vanguard. Its entrance had a massive lobby with spiral marble staircases that were anything but practical. Even though the brass fixture was straight out of the 80s, it still maintained a level of fancy. I had almost turned around when I saw the giant crystal chandelier. Even in a suit, I felt out of place and had it not been for Aiden, I’d have packed my bags and ran.

I sat at the bar, holding my martini like I belonged. The clientele had enough money that they weren’t actively throwing it about. I might not know fashion, but even I could tell when a man wore a Rolex worth more than all my possessions. Had I not been a hero, this would have been the first place I’d rob.

I took a sip and cringed at the acrid taste of the gin and vermouth. “How does Aiden do this?”

From behind, I recognized the snort. “If you’re not man enough for a dirty martini, let me help you.”

Dammit, caught red-handed. I turned to see Aiden wearing the suit I had laid out on the bed. I nearly dropped the drink before he pulled it away. As he sipped the concoction, I didn’t know where to look first. The slacks hugging his beefy thighs? The buttons on the jacket barely holding his belly at bay? Or did I focus on the V-neck of the shirt and how it showed a tuft of chest hair while framing his devilishly handsome face?

He downed the entire drink. I hardly blinked before his face turned a slight shade of pink. “If you stare any harder, I’m going to develop a complex.”

Old Xander would have given him a playful fist bump. Yes, I know, not the most romantic thing on the planet. But thanks to Aiden, I was learning to embrace those weird squishy feelings I usually locked away.

“Good.” I stood and wrapped an arm around his waist, pulling him in close. It wasn’t graceful as I pressed my lips against his, but when they made a movie of our love affair, I’d make sure they included a good one-liner and a dashing man with smooth moves.

Aiden tasted like gin. As I bit his lower lip, I thought about how I said I hated the taste only a mere thirty seconds ago, but on his lips, I’d learned to love it.

He finally pulled away. “What has gotten into you? Where is Xander? Did you get brain blasted by the Thinker?”

I laughed as I returned to my seat. Waving to the bartender, I ordered another martini for my sexy ass boyfriend and a dark beer for myself. I held up my finger and made him wait for a reply until the man returned with our drinks.

“Things have been so busy with work, not to mention the other job. I feel like I haven’t had time to adore the handsome man I share a bed with.”

“Now that you mention it, the bed has been cold lately. And there’s only so much porn a guy can watch.”

“That’s a lie, and we both know it.” I laughed.

“But it’s more fun to watch it with you.”

I held up my drink in a toast. “Here’s to making up for lost time.” Our glasses clanked, and he watched as I drank. The raised eyebrow and narrow eyes were part of his signature reporter expression. He had questions he was dying to ask.

“Go ahead. I know it’s killing you.”

“About time,” he said. His excitement got away from him, garnering the attention of a couple at the other end of the bar. “Sorry,” he said, shrinking a bit.

He pulled his chair closer, his knee dangerously close to my groin. Leaning in, he whispered the first of what I expected to be many questions. “How was Valpinor?”

“They’re an interesting species. They have this whole heroic vibe about them. But good news, they’ve permanently assigned me to Earth. But after being sworn in and meeting all the other protectors, I only had a week to train. They want me back in a few days to finish—”

Aiden’s expression soured. “You have to leave again?”

Never had he asked me to choose between saving the world or cuddling with him. He supported me in keeping my job as a paramedic. Aiden served as my biggest cheerleader, but with a single down-turned lip, I realized I had done him a disservice.

I ran my hands up his legs, giving his thighs a squeeze. “I’ll tell them I can’t come.”

He leaned forward until our foreheads touched. “No. I’m proud of the man you’ve become. Don’t change that for anybody, including me.”

Selfless. I didn’t deserve such a wonderful man. Thankfully, for reasons I couldn’t explain, he put up with my antics. I’d make this right. If I could save the planet from lizard people, I could be the man he needed.

“For now…” I reached into my breast pocket and pulled out a hotel room keycard. With a smirk, I slid it along the bar. His eyebrow raised as he slid a hand along my inner thigh. He stopped just shy of grazing my package. Aiden’s superpower was the ability to tease and tempt, and damn, he was good at it.

“Mr. Bennet, are you propositioning me?”

I kissed him on the nose. “Is that what we call getting railed in the presidential suite?”

I slid forward in my chair, his hand now touching the lengthening bulge against my thigh. He didn’t break eye contact as he gave it a squeeze. He moved his hand back and forth, giving it a slight jerk, and I had to bite my lip for fear of moaning. Okay, it was time to go before somebody called the cops.

He stopped and snatched the card off the bar. “Looks like we’ll find out soon enough.”

Chapter 3

Like everything else in the suite, the tub was larger than necessary. Big enough to fit two more people, Aiden had rested his back against my chest as we reclined. The bubbles had long since vanished and the wine bottle had been drained. The hotel had lit the candles and even put chocolate within reach. If this is how rich people relaxed, I needed to charge to save the city.

“We need a bigger tub,” Aiden said. “I demand more baths with you.”

I kissed the back of his head. He thought I brought him here for a high-class romp. Sure, we’d eventually rut like animals, but right now, I wanted to be close. Yes, people would claim I was a clone or escaped an alternate reality, but I genuinely loved the feel of Aiden using me as his pillow.

I placed my palms on top of the water and summoned the fire. It hissed, and slowly the water warmed until it was steaming. He waited until the flames died away before taking my arms and draping them over his chest.

“Have I told you how much I love you?” It was rhetorical—the answer would always be not enough.

He cocked his head back, looking at me upside-down. “You mentioned it twenty minutes ago? But go ahead, I’ll let you know when I tire of hearing it.”

“Aiden Scott, every day, I think about the asshole who dragged me to safety.”

He laughed. “You say the sweetest things.”

“Seriously. No powers and you still put your life on the line for a jerk. Every day I get out of bed wanting to be that kind of man. You’ll always be my hero.”

He squeezed my hand, kissing my knuckles. “I haven’t regretted saving you. Yet.”

I laughed. Before him, I don’t remember smiling until my cheeks ached or laughing until my stomach hurt. But a year later, I barely make it through breakfast before he robs me of my anger. He made me a better man.

“And don’t think I don’t notice how you stare at my ass whenever I walk away.”

“It’s such a great ass.”

“Isn’t it?”

In those early days, every time Aiden had talked to me, I’d watch him walk away as if I were studying for a test. He could fill out a pair of pants, and the way his belly hung over his belt made me think dirty thoughts.

“Somebody’s getting excited.” He laughed.

“Time to get out,” I said. He probably expected me to toss him on the bed and bury my face between his cheeks. I’d get there eventually, but right now, I wanted to worship this beautiful man.

“Shower first. Baths are great, but bear soup…”

He snorted. “And just like that, my boyfriend ruins the moment.”

He wanted a moment? Challenge accepted, Mister Scott. I hopped out of the tub and stepped into the shower. Spinning the handle to both shower heads, I let the fire creep along my skin. The room warmed and seconds later, I filled it with steam. There had to be more to being a superhero than stopping bad guys. If you couldn’t use your powers to create a little romance, what was the point?

The far end of the bathroom served as a wet room. When Aiden joined me, he had his usual suspicious expression. He knew I was up to no good, and I didn’t want to disappoint.

I took a bar of soap and made a gesture for him to spin around. Damn, his ass looked good. It’d get plenty of attention before the night was over, but right now, little Xander had to wait. My mind wasn’t focused on getting off.

Aiden buried his face in the spray. With one hand, I dragged the bar of soap across his shoulders, and the other followed behind, massaging until it lathered. I ran my fingers along his neck, causing him to shudder. He remained silent as I worked the soap over his back, stopping at his waist.

“You’re going to spoil me,” he mumbled.

“Good,” I said as I coated his left arm, then his right. I wanted to touch every part of him, to admire every inch of the man who didn’t ask questions when I wanted to be the little spoon. I wanted to remember the way his forearms bulged and the little scar on his hand from when he learned to cook.

Dropping to my knees, I continued down his legs. His waist widened and gave way to beautifully thick thighs. He’d call them chubby, and I’d always correct him by saying, “Muscle with padding.” As I ran my hands up his legs, he spread them. My cock jumped at the gesture, and I ran my hand up his ass, soaping every inch of this Adonis.


His cock nearly smacked me in the face, and I gave the head a kiss before repeating the process on his front. As I soaped along his testicles, he moaned softly. When I gripped his cock, his legs wobbled, and I thought he’d fall. Much to his dismay, I let go and moved up his body.

When he placed his hands behind his head, I nearly swooned out loud. I had spent many nights servicing him while he held that pose. Aiden Scott held a certificate in studliness. I got to my feet, moving from his armpits to his neck one more time. This time, however, as I worked my hands behind his head, I stepped in closer, my lips inches away from his face.

“You’re the whole package,” I whispered.

“Speaking of packages…” He wrapped his fingers around my throbbing cock. “Somebody’s excited.”

“Have you looked in a mirror? He’s always ready to play when you’re around.”

Aiden stepped out of the spray and the water splashed against my face. “Finish washing up,” he said. “Then we can get dirty again.”

I watched as he walked into the suite. He glanced over his shoulder and gave me a wink. That bastard knew I couldn’t look away. This was going to be the fastest soaping in the history of mankind. I needed to do naughty things to that man.


Chapter 4

I walked into a dark bedroom. Holding my hand above my head, I let a flame wrap around my fist. In the faint firelight, Aiden had vanished. I was about to call out his name when a breeze caused the curtains to whip back and forth.

On the balcony, I could see the faint outline of Aiden leaning on the railing. With a quick flash of fire around my body, the water evaporated, and I joined him in the cool night air. Wrapping my arms around his chest, I rested my head on his shoulder while we watched the city thirty stories below.

“It’s beautiful,” he said.

“It has its moments.”

The lights of Vanguard twinkled, and I struggled to see more than streets where villains ran amok. Even in my day job, I saw the worst of mankind in the city. But Aiden, he had a knack for seeing the good in people… the good in me.

“What do you see?” I leaned into his neck, nuzzling and enjoying the smell of fresh soap.

“Hope.” He didn’t hesitate with the answer, as if he had been studying the city like a scholar. “There are a million people going through life, doing whatever it is they do. Those who had a great day hope they’ll have another. Others hope tomorrow will be better. People are hoping the night ends and tomorrow begins, and then there are those hoping it’ll never end.

Sirens sounded off in the distance. I tensed out of habit, and Aiden let go of my hand. Under normal circumstances, I’d suit up, burst into fire and follow the cops. But I kissed his neck and returned to nuzzling. “Not tonight,” I whispered.

“And what are you hoping for?” he asked.

Aiden understood the difficulty I had putting my feelings into words. Not that I didn’t experience them, but expressing them coherently had never been my strength. Growling and hitting things, that I was good at. Explaining how my chest ached every time I stopped holding him at night to save the city—not so much. While I tried to bare my soul, I was afraid I would make an idiot of myself.

“I… I hope…” Come on, Xander. If anybody has learned to speak your language, it’s Aiden. “I hope tomorrow I am closer to the man I want to be.”

He held my arms, pulling them tighter around his naked chest. “And who is that, Mr. Superhero?”

“A man who makes you proud.” The words were barely a whisper. I could lift a bus over my head, and I saved children from burning buildings and kittens from trees. Sure, I did it because it was the right thing, but more than that, I did it to see the admiration in his eyes when I recounted my daily victories.

“I hope,” he started, “a night doesn’t end without showing you how proud I am.”

Aiden turned around, and I pulled him close, holding him about the waist. He held my cheeks, his thumbs running along the stubble. When he leaned in, his lips pressed against mine. Soft. Tender. As he cocked his head to the side, I could feel the tip of his tongue against mine. Now, I hoped the night never ended.

Our toes left the balcony, and we turned slowly in the air as the cool breeze wrapped about us. He’d tease me for losing control, but it’d serve as a reminder of what a kiss from him did to my concentration.

“I hope you know how much I love you,” I whispered.

“You return to Earth to help my career. Then you went and got dressed up for a date? You ignored my snoring in the bathtub. There are few absolutes in the world, and you loving me, that’s one of them.”

We touched down, and he turned back to the balcony, leaning on the railing. I’d never tire of the curves of his ass and the way his hips were slightly wider than his shoulders.

“If I go put my underwear back on, you’re going to miss an opportunity.” He gave his ass a slight wiggle to emphasize the point. Dammit, my cock jumped at the offer. How did I get this lucky?

Running my hands along his back, I let my fingers dance along the crack of his ass. My cock wanted to be buried in him while I held this amazing man. Unfortunately, after spending an hour in the tub with him and worshipping his body, I’d be lucky if I got in a stroke or two before exploding. Not wanting the event to end quickly, I could think of a few ways to satisfy him.

I found the tender spot between his legs, grazing it with the tip of my finger. His long sighs were exactly what I wanted. Anything to make up for lost time. Pulling away, I lingered for a moment, my finger stroking that magic spot. It only took a moment before he rocked back, trying to get my finger inside of him.

With his legs spread, I sat on the ground and moved between him and the wall. It was too dark from this angle to see his cock, but as it brushed against my stubble, leaving a trail of precum, his excitement was obvious. My lips wrapped around the head of his cock, and I returned to playing with his hole. Now he didn’t know if he should push forward or back.

I decided for him.

Gently, I slid my middle finger inside him, causing him to slide along my tongue until he reached the back of my throat. He drifted back and forth, fucking my mouth in a steady rhythm. Each time, he pulled back until his head rested on my lips. I did the same, pulling my finger until I touched the outside of his hole and then sliding it in further each time.

This continued for the next few minutes, and truth be told, knowing Aiden was enjoying himself, I’d go until he was ready to be done. But when I applied pressure with a second finger, he froze. Patient, I let him relax until I heard a moan loud enough to alert the hotel staff. With a bend of my fingers, I massaged his prostate and, to my surprise, there was no rapid fucking or even a warning grunt. Aiden flooded my mouth with the salty taste of cum.

I gave my head a quick bob. He yelped, pulling away. “That’s cruel, mister.”

“Who me?” I got up, giving him a kiss so he could taste his handiwork. When he returned to his position, leaning on the railing with his legs spread, I couldn’t resist the invitation. Normally I’d spend plenty of time with my stubble scratching his cheeks, but I had put my cock on hold long enough.

I slid up and down his ass, trying to drag it out. By the time I lined up my erection to his ass, he gasped.

“I’d say take it easy…” He leaned over until his chest rested on the rail. “But somehow, I don’t think—”

“Don’t wound my pride,” I quickly interjected.

Instead of finishing, he pushed back, taking the length of my cock. The benefit of being uncut was less friction. Downside of being uncut—I gasped at the sensation of being inside my boyfriend. There were plenty of nights we’d fall asleep, me holding him while I stayed buried. I didn’t have a better definition of perfection.

I forced him to stand upright so I could wrap my arms around his chest. It was an awkward position for two big guys to fuck, but this wasn’t going to be a hard, fast railing. Sliding a hand down to his belly, I thrust just enough to feel his hole squeeze around my cock. I was impressed I lasted this long. Perhaps he would get railed, as long as he didn’t—

“Come in me.”

Fuck. The breathy request came with him tightening his muscles as he pushed his ass back. There was no point in trying to resist as I squeezed him, using his body for support as my legs quivered. I growled in his ear and he moaned as my cock twitched, filling him with cum. Unlike Aiden, my cock didn’t go soft, and for a moment, I thought about returning to a gentle rocking motion.

“Don’t even think about it.” He laughed.


“I have to work in the morning, and I’m already going to be sore.”

Not sorry, not even a little. “Fine, I guess we can get ready for bed.”

In one smooth motion, I let my cock slide out and swung him up in my arms. Superhero perks, remember? Then I carried my dashing partner in crime to the bed before tossing him in and climbing on top of him for a pre-bedtime make-out session.


Chapter 5

It was the first time we had allowed cameras into the lair Hellcat and I had found. The others had cleared out, giving me space to do the interview with Revelations. More than that, it was the first time I had the chance to show it off to Aiden. The team had agreed that he had earned access to our secret home-away-from-home.

“What do you think?” I asked.

Griffin’s jaw would have dropped. He’d be running to the trophy case, looking at all the tech we kept locked away from the bad guys. I’m convinced he’d have orgasmed before he made it to our communications center. But Aiden already had notes jotted on his tablet.

It wasn’t one of the premiere superhero bases. There was no subterranean fortress or floating city. We could barely make rent on a loft in Vanguard’s downtown. But it gave us access to the busiest parts of the city, the subway, and a really great pizza joint across the street. What more could superheroes ask for?

“Let’s do the interview first, and then I’ll snap some photos of you doing… whatever it is you do here.” He’d never say it out loud, but I could tell he didn’t want me to leave again after just getting back.

“We need to talk first,” I said.

“About what?”

“Me leaving.” I took the tablet and set it on a nearby table before holding his hands. “I know you’re not thrilled about me jaunting off this fast.”

“You have to do what you have to do.”

I took his hand, kissing his knuckles. “Which is code for, I’ll suffer quietly. You know we’re in this together. If you told me to give up the superhero life, I’d tell the people of Valpinor to find another protector.”

“I couldn’t do that.”

“I know. That’s why I called Sebastian this morning and offered him the story of a lifetime.” Every muscle in my face fought to make a smile, but I forced them to stay neutral.

“I don’t under—”

“Lionheart: The Making of Earth’s Protector. No point in writing the article if you can’t meet the people of Valpinor.”

“Wait, what? You mean…”

“I waited until you fell asleep to speak with the emissary. I told him I couldn’t come back unless my lifemate joined me. He respected my commitments. So what do you say, a month on an alien planet?”

“What do I pack? Not sure I have the right shoes for that.”

“Funny story.” I chuckled. “They don’t wear clothes on Valpinor. So…”

“You’re taking me on a working vacation to an alien nudist colony?” I couldn’t tell by his reaction if I had taken it too far. “Hells yes,” he added. “You might very well be the best boyfriend ever.”

He jumped on me, kissing my neck and cheek in a delightful fury. I was glad for the company, but more than that, I wanted to be the man that made Aiden jump for joy.

“And I thought a bubble bath and balcony sex were romantic. Xander Bennett, are you becoming a softie?”

“We’re going to put a pin in your excitement to be naked in public, ‘cause that’s hot, but we should do this interview first. Valpinor is waiting.”

“Right, the interview.” He gave me another round of kisses before letting go and snatching his tablet off the table.

The interview took the better part of two hours. He’d stop every once in a while to make me stand in yet another cliché hero pose. At any moment, I expected him to whip out a baby blanket from the Valpinor homeworld that he’d turned into a cape. After I regaled him with tales of heroic battles across the globe, he suggested I use the training room to get some action shots.

By the end of the session, I held a robot in the air as the metal turned red and molten hot. My fist pulled from its chest, leaving it in a heap on the floor. I’m not sure how the Machinist afforded so many training robots. He was going to lecture me about destroying another one, and even worse, that it was to show off for a camera. But if Aiden wanted to capture a typical workout in the lair, he’d get it.

“That’s a wrap,” he said, looking at the little screen on the camera. “I’m pretty sure that’ll be the cover of the magazine.”

“Let me take a quick shower and then we can head out.”

“Head out? Way to make it sound so casual.”

“Would you prefer I say we’ll head to the roof to hop aboard an invisible spaceship?” He blinked in disbelief. “That’s what I thought.”

I headed to the locker room at a light trot but still heard him shouting. “An invisible ship when you can fly is dumb.” True, but nobody wanted to fly across the galaxy without a good movie selection.


Chapter 6

I stood in a glass enclosure with four shower heads. It was big enough for there to be a dozen individual stalls. It must have been designed by a voyeur. Not that I minded showing off the goods to an onlooker. The rest of the team, however, they had complaints.

I got shampoo in my eye just before I heard tiny squeaks enter the shower. It’d be impossible for Aiden to be in here without getting drenched. There was silence as I washed the soap out of my eye. Through the steam, on the far side of the shower, Aiden’s clothes clung to his body.

“What’s wrong? Did the computer gain sentience again and threaten to kill you?”

“Do you remember the first time you came over?”

“Of course. If it hadn’t been for Hellcat—”

“Do you remember what happened?”

“We had sex in the shower.” It hadn’t been the last, but the first time had been special. You never forget your first time with somebody.

“You made me nervous,” he admitted. “Here was this jacked bear, and here I was with a few too many pounds… I didn’t want you to see—”

“How handsome you are?”

“I talked a good game up to that point, but my nerves tried to get in the way. Hell, I almost asked you to leave. Then this big lug dropped his pants and got in the shower in his underwear.”

His sneakers squeaked as he walked closer. I didn’t dare move and ruin the moment. Instead, I let the water pelt against my back until he was only a few feet away. His clothes had darkened as the water soaked through, and I couldn’t imagine there being a dry spot left on him.

“I always laughed when people talk about the moment they knew they were in love. But there you were, jeopardizing your pride. You couldn’t have been standing there for twenty seconds. But I saw my future. There were infinite versions, but in every one of them, you were there. All I had to do was be brave.”

If water wasn’t running down my face, the stoic Lionheart would have shed a tear.

“I’m glad you were brave.”

“But I wasn’t, not even a little. I was terrified. While I was fearing forever, you were brave enough for the two of us.”

He stood close enough that if it wasn’t for the hot water, I’d be able to feel his breath. Aiden had a better grasp on his emotions than me, but I had never heard him talk like this before. Forever. The thought of spending the rest of my life with this man didn’t give me anxiety like I’d have thought.

“That’s why you’re my hero,” he whispered. We had entered uncharted territory, and I didn’t know what to say. I love you didn’t seem sufficient.

“Wow. And I just came in here to stare at you naked,” he said. Leave it to Aiden to diffuse a situation. The next words, however… “I’m going to need to fuck you before we leave Earth.” Who knew I’d ever hear those words? First rule of the secret lair: don’t reveal its location. Second rule? No sex in the shower. Whoops.

He started fidgeting with the buttons of his shirt. Drenched, he fumbled at getting out of his wet clothes. It wasn’t often that Aiden demanded my ass. After that speech, he could have asked for anything and I’d have delivered it on a platter. I grabbed his shirt, tearing it open to reveal the matted chest hair that tapered as it vanished into his belt.

“I guess you hate my favorite shirt,” he said as I pulled it off his shoulders and threw it across the shower. Next, I’d treat those pants like a supervillain and rip them off his body. But I had to stop and admire the way they outlined his package. Just the sight of him excited made my cock point skyward.


Oh. It was going to be one of those sessions? Aiden went through life as a sarcastic, happy-go-lucky guy. But when he made demands in the bedroom, I would not argue. If he wanted to make a man capable of bending steel his personal toy in the bedroom, I’d let him.

I dropped to my knees, my eyes level with the growing bulge in his slacks. Running a hand along his pants, I couldn’t recall when he had ever been this hard. I reached for the buckle and pulled until the leather snapped. With another tug, the button from his pants flew off, and the zipper tore open. Pulling down the wet clothes, I greedily touched the outline in his white briefs.

He reached into his underwear and presented his dick without a word. With a hand on the back of my head, he guided me closer until my tongue slid down his shaft. He didn’t stop until I buried my nose in his stomach, and his cock pushed at the bend in my throat. The moan that escaped his lips would have alerted anybody in the lair, but I didn’t care.

I reached behind him, squeezing his ass, letting my fingers dig into the soft mounds. I loved the softness of the man and I spent hours touching him, but this time, I had ulterior motives. I pulled him deeper, craning my neck so he slipped past the bend.

He held the sides of my head as he withdrew. I continued kneading his ass as he nearly fell out of my mouth. At the last second, he shoved the length in before repeating the motion. I was more than happy to let this stud fuck my face. All I wanted was to make him feel good.

I inched my hands further, reaching the crack of his ass. Normally I’d massage his ass and start teasing him before flipping him on his stomach. Before I reached my mark, he pushed my arms away.

“Nope.” He put his hands on his hips and continued thrusting. The idea of him railing me was exciting, but right now, I wanted to feel him unload down the back of my throat There were few things sexier than the lingering taste of Aiden. For the rest of the day, I’d go hard at the smell of his cum.

Without warning, he stepped back. I nearly toppled forward, trying to keep him in sliding free. From my vantage on the shower floor, he towered over me, and as I followed the hair from his groin to the roundness of his belly, I decided it wasn’t my mouth where I wanted him to finish.

“Up,” he commanded.

“Yes, sir.” If a little role-play ended with Aiden climbing on top of me, I’d happily play my part.

Once I got to my feet, he gripped my cock. He held still, refusing to stroke. I attempted to buck my hips, and he let go. Dammit, I didn’t know Aiden had it in him, but he was going to make this all about him, and I couldn’t be more turned on.

He came in close as if he might kiss me and paused. “Against the wall.”

“You were hot before, but damn.” He couldn’t hide the smirk on his face. He’d joke about it, but he always got bashful when I tried to explain his sexiness. But after a year, he learned to see himself through my eyes. All stud.

The smirk vanished as he pointed to the wall with his chin. I didn’t argue as I pressed my palms flat against the tiles. Leaning forward, I spread my legs. I couldn’t make it any more inviting unless I hung an “Open for Business” sign above my ass.

His hands snaked along my waist to my hips. Stepping behind me, his cock rubbed against my taint. With a slight thrust, he brushed the back of my sack. If he continued the teasing, I might explode without touching myself.

Seconds later, his teeth bit into the meaty flesh of my left ass cheek. It started playfully and steadily grew to a bite that would break the skin. Aiden didn’t have to fear hurting me, so he made sure his teeth dug in hard. Even if it only lasted for a few seconds, he marked me. I almost wished I didn’t have powers, so it served as a reminder every time I sat down.

I moaned as his tongue swiped the length of my ass. He didn’t waste time as he buried his face between my cheeks. Aiden’s skill at rimming bordered on supernatural. How I went an entire day without getting on all fours and begging for his expertise was a demonstration of willpower.

It always ended before I was satiated. But as he aligned his cock with my ass, I pushed back. “Fuck me,” I begged. I was about to shout it when he slammed his cock into me. He might not be long, but the base of his cock was thick. When he lifted his belly, giving him the ability to slide in the last inch, I moaned loud enough that all of Vanguard knew what was happening.

The thought of this heavy-set man, his belly resting on my ass, full of his cock… I experienced heaven. He didn’t waste time. Short, fast jabs that made me feel his thickness repeatedly. He continued switching between that and pulling out and slamming back in. I didn’t dare touch my cock. It wouldn’t be more than a few strokes before the orgasm started. For now, I wanted to feel Aiden use my ass.

“I’m getting close.” I summoned the fire, but instead of flames coating my body, I let it raise my temperature. The friction from his vigorous fucking did a good job, but now it’d be like he used warming lube. I tightened my muscles and shoved back as he buried every inch in me.

I groaned as his cock thickened. It pulsed as he came, and he didn’t budge as he finished. He remained frozen as the sensitivity took hold of his manhood, but I couldn’t resist squeezing. He yelped, withdrawing.

“That’s just mean,” he gasped.

I turned around, and he put a hand on my chest, pushing my back to the wall. He held my neck, smashing his lips against mine. Biting my lower lip, he gripped my erection. It started with long, slow strokes, covering the head with my foreskin before sliding back to the base.

He moved his hand toward the head of my cock and sped up. The short jerking was my kryptonite. Between his expert manhandling and the memory of him plowing me, the orgasm wracked my body. With a grunt, the tingling intensified in my groin, and seconds later, I covered Aiden in cum.

He lifted a hand to his lips, licking me from his fingers. If he had demanded I turn around for a second round, I’d have cheered. But instead, he ended our shower time fun with a kiss.

“I love you,” I whispered. The words were inadequate, barely able to scratch the surface of the emotions I felt for him. Maybe I should try my hand at poetry to express these thoughts. Or at least a dirty limerick.

His hand caught the spray, causing it to splash against my face. “I know. Now, about this trip. When do we leave?”

“The invisible jet is on the roof.”

“Wait, you were serious?”

I turned off the water, laughing. “Did I mention they don’t wear clothes on their planet?”

He threw his hands in the air as he walked from the shower. “If I didn’t love you…”

But he did, and forever meant this would be the first of many adventures together.

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