Chapter 1

“It’s a fact that ice cream solves all problems.”

Julian held up his cone of mint chocolate chip with a raspberry swirl. It took a moment before I realized he meant it as a toast, and I bumped my chocolate soft serve against his.

“Perhaps we should suggest an ice cream buffet at the World Summit next week?”

We continued our walk through the park. It had become our tradition to indulge at the only 24/7 ice cream shop in Vanguard City. Eventually, Theo would jump out of a portal and complain that we didn’t wait for him. If he asked nicely, we’d make a second trip to the shop. It took effort to maintain this dad bod.

The Alley had been packed, and I had to put out a dozen fires, figuratively and literally. Asking fire starters to wait in the queue until we dropped below capacity was poor form. I’d comment about them being hot-headed, but I wouldn’t want to make a dad joke.

When Julian’s mouth was too full to object, I took the opportunity to throw business into the conversation. “I know business is off limits during ice cream. But I want to expand the club.”

It had been a year since I became the manager of Midnight Alley. Not only had we survived, but we’d thrived. Bringing in entertainment, and switching up the menu, revitalized the club. Hell, who knew superheroes wanted karaoke that badly? I’m sure its success had to do with Scarlet’s “surprise” visits, too. But I believed we were ready for the next evolution.

“Do it.”

Julian continued sauntering forward while I stopped dead in my tracks. He turned around, raising an eyebrow. For a man just over seven feet tall, his facial expression bordered on comical. He might be a brute on the battlefield, but in person, Julian couldn’t be any more gentle and down-to-earth.

“That’s it? Do it? No debate?”

For the first few weeks, Julian and Theo had carved time out of their superhero duties to help in the club. It shocked me they didn’t show up every night. After a conversation over dinner, they made it clear they wanted me to treat it as my own.

“I’ve seen the numbers.”—Yes, Julian still helped me with the books.—“The club is turning a modest profit. I think expanding makes sense. You know we support you.”

“I know. But I’m nervous. What if the risk is—”

“A year ago we had a conversation about you taking risks. I seem to remember a certain bartender nervous about calling a cute guy.”

Dammit. He had a point. If it hadn’t been for Julian’s nudging, I wouldn’t have called Theo. It was almost funny to think about it now. But I guess when his husband is a giant capable of punching through concrete, anybody would be a little nervous.

“I was thinking—”

“Rules! Ice cream rules!”

I didn’t hide my pouting. First rule of ice cream night was no business. I couldn’t say it out loud. But I made sure my expression said I had already looked at the adjacent building and spoken with the contractor about breaking through a wall and adding another bar. If he couldn’t translate twitching eyebrows, then there was no hope for this friendship.

“You got ice cream without me?”

We both turned as Theo sprung from a portal. His suit shimmered for a moment as it receded into his watch. While his superhero alter-ego made me weak in the knees, the sight of him in basketball shorts was even sexier. I appreciated garments that allowed for easy access. We’d find out how easy before the end of the night.

“We waited,” Julian said as he eyed his watch. “But somebody can’t tell time.”

“Let’s head back,” I said.

Theo gave Julian a quick kiss and repeated the gesture with me. I could taste the raspberry from Julian’s ice cream. While I licked my lips, Theo took a bite out of my cone. I could handle him being late, but there were rules about putting another man’s dessert in your mouth. We’d be adding that to the list of rules.

“Sorry, I was ready to show up, and you won’t believe what happened.”

“Alien spiders?” asked Julian.

“Greek God took you to Hades again?” I asked.

“Lost your wallet?”

“Mismatched socks?”

Theo hid his face in his hands. “Why? Why do I put up with the two of you? You’re horrible people!”

“I’m cute,” I said.

“I won’t agree to a divorce.”

Of all the things that formed a friendship between Julian and me, it started with our love for Theo. He’d act as if we were assaulting him, but he liked that we had fallen into a rhythm. I also think he craved the attention. He’d never admit it, but he was hiding a smile when he buried his face like that.

“I was at that flower shop on 2nd Street when I heard shouting next door.”

“You mean the sex shop with the superhero costumes?” I asked.

Both men stared, each with an eyebrow cocked high. I would have thought after a year, they’d know I was anything but a prude. Besides, Sam, the owner, was one of the nicest men in the world. Now that I think about it, I think I had a coupon for lube.

“Anyway,” Theo continued, “Domina was robbing the store. By the time I teleported over, she had escaped out the back.”

“She’s been on a rampage lately. Maybe her latex is too tight?” The woman had become the talk of the Alley, a master thief with no powers to speak of. Despite that, she always disappeared before the heroes could apprehend her. “Here’s hoping somebody locks her up.”

“A villain dominatrix? This might be a bit too on the nose, even for Vanguard City,” Julian said.

“Funny you should say that.” Theo held up a business card. “The owner said this fell out of her pocket. It seems there’s a party tonight and our villainess needed herself a new riding crop.”

I squinted at the card. It was too dark to read the letters, but I recognized the silver crown logo in the corner. “Oh, that’s an invitation to the Utility Belt.”

“Not shocked, not even a little.” Julian pointed to his eyes and then at me. “I see you, freaky man.” He held the stare as he licked his ice cream seductively, to the point of being comical.

“Hey, it’s a superhero sex club. Of course, I know about it! I’m on their mailing list.”

Theo shook his head, unsuccessful in stifling a chuckle. If nothing else, the three of us were experts at making the others laugh. If dating Theo wasn’t enough, he came with a plus one. Sure, this situation required copious amounts of open communication, but so far, it ranked as my healthiest relationship.

“The reason I bring it up…” His eyes narrowed and his voice dropped an octave, a classic superhero move. “I need your help to stop her crime spree.”

“If you wanted to go to a sex club, you could just ask,” I said.

Julian started walking away. “I’m too old for this. You two have fun. Take some videos of the two of you in action. I’ll watch it when I need some inspiration.” He blew Theo a kiss before returning to his ice cream, leaving the two of us alone in the park.

“What do you say? Up for some heroing?”

I patted him on the chest. “Ready for some kinky fun?”

His face turned red. Theo was anything but boring in the bedroom, but other than the handful of sex toys in the nightstand, we kept it mellow.

“Am I going to regret this?”

With a kiss on the cheek, I couldn’t wait to see how much he blushed on this adventure. I needed a little adventure, and it’d be interesting to see what made Theo’s pants tent.

“Depends. How comfortable are you in a sling?”


Chapter 2

“How have I never noticed the harnesses hanging in your closet?

“Wait until I show you what’s in the trunk.”

To anybody who didn’t know, the alley would just be another place to stash trashcans with backdoors leading into restaurant kitchens. It certainly smelled dank and reeked of trash. The massive metal door at the end would be looked over by anybody who didn’t know the Utility Belt awaited on the other side.

I gave Theo a once over. The neoprene harness did wonders to highlight the width of his chest and the dark red color made his hair stand out. He had passed on the chaps, saying he’d need to drop Domina off at the police station. But if he thought I didn’t notice him slip on the jockstrap, he was fooling himself.

With three well-placed knocks, a slit opened and two eyes appeared. I was about to whisper the secret phrase but creaking filled the vacant alley.

Inside, the bouncer gave a slight nod. Between the tattoos along his neck and face and the girth of his shoulders, he could wrestle any of Midnight Alley’s bouncers to the floor. Thankfully, Tiny Tim was a giant teddy bear.

“Alejandro, it’s been a while. There are a few gentlemen who’ve asked about you.”

“Tim, I’ve missed that smile.”

We fist bumped before he eyed Theo. He let out a laugh that made his belly bounce up and down. “Never mind. I see what you’ve been up to.” The wink at Theo lightened the mood. “Head in. You know the routine.”

With only a few dim lights overhead, the hallway might appear as if we were heading toward certain doom. If that was the case, doom smelled like sex. I reached back, taking Theo’s hand. I paused at the entrance to the club.


“Hero, remember? I’ve seen just about everything.”

If only that were true. “Remember the rules?” We had talked about adding some extra spice in the bedroom, but I never thought we’d be attending a sex club. After a year together, jealousy rarely crept into our relationship. But for our first time in an unfamiliar situation, I didn’t want to take our relationship for granted.

“Say no when necessary. Avoid the implied consent spaces. Enjoy the show, but no touching. See somebody you know, act normal.”

I kissed him on the nose. Theo’s confidence served as his second superpower, but he had been nervous about coming here. If it got him hot and bothered, it’d make me rock hard. The more turned-on he got, the more he took it out on me. Oh no, what a horrible situation.

Once we entered, there was a small lobby. I stopped at the coat check, dropping my pants, so I was in nothing more than a jock and harness. As I slipped my sneakers on, Theo ran his fingers along my ass. If he started this, we’d never make it into the club. The Utility Belt had a rule against sex in the lobby. Otherwise, I’d already be bent over the counter.

“We just need to check in with the hostess.”

“Hostess?” I’m sure he had a preconceived notion about sex clubs. The seedy places existed, but in Vanguard, especially with superhero clientele, there were standards. The rooms here were cleaner than any hotel I had ever slept in.

Now that I thought about it, I should stop by the owner’s office and see if we could talk business. Julian would give me grief about always being on the job. Apparently, ice cream rules and sex club rules weren’t so different.

We stepped up to a woman in a tight corset standing at a counter to the side of swinging double doors. She spun around a tablet attached to the counter and touched the screen.

“Welcome to the Utility Belt. Is this your first—” She leaned forward. “Alejandro, is that you?” If this kept happening, I feared it’d give Theo a complex. She whistled as she admired my boyfriend. “I wouldn’t be going out either if he were at home waiting for me.”

It was Theo who jumped in. “My first time.”

“Just sign this waiver. It says we won’t be held responsible for any injuries because of super activity. It also details our conduct requirements. Each section has its own rules. Please make sure you read the plaques before entering. Do remember that unless otherwise specified, consent is required.”

The color drained from his face. I’m sure Theo thought it was going to be a puppy pile free-for-all. Sure, that room existed in the back, but the classier sex clubs maintained a sense of decorum. It wasn’t much different from Midnight Alley, other than my ass feeling the breeze. Scratch that; it wasn’t different at all.

We signed the waivers and walked through the double doors. The first space served as the adjustment room. There was a mix of naked and clothed people lounging at the bar or observing from the couch along the wall. The sexual energy caused my cock to jump, but despite the buzz, the room remained tame. There might be the occasional flirting and even some touching, but it was bad form to engage in sex at the bar.

I caught him admiring a beefy man at the far end of the room. Bit more muscle than I cared for, but I saw the appeal. “Like what you see?”

“Sorry,” he said, “I just—”

“No sorry.” I took his hand, giving it a squeeze. “I enjoy seeing what gets you hot and bothered.”

“Maybe we should get a drink?”

The moment we reached the bar, I found myself envious. Their bartender used his telekinesis to mix three cocktails at the same time. Not only could he do three times the work, but he knew how to put on a show. In nothing more than a thong, he did a little dance as the shakers stirred before pouring them into martini glasses. While Theo might be here to stop crime, I was taking notes for the Alley’s expansion.

We ordered our drinks, and the bartender gave Theo a wink. It was cute watching him blush from the attention. How could I be jealous knowing that others appreciated this sexy man? Especially since at the end of the night, he’d be going home with me.

“Want to go to the lounge? The dungeon? There are private rooms in the back. There’s a great communal shower.”

He nearly choked on his drink. My confident boyfriend had met his match. I was going to enjoy the number of times his face turned red.

“Too much for you?”

“No, not at all.” His eyes darted to the right as he lied. He took a swig of his drink. “It’s like a candy store for your penis.”

I laughed. “Not nearly as raunchy as you expected?”

“I didn’t realize people were this open with their fantasies. It makes the idea of being between you and Julian seem tame.”

Wait, did Theo have a fantasy he hadn’t shared? Of course, I had imagined Julian’s hulking frame naked. I’d always wondered what he packed in those tighty-whiteys. We maintained pretty rigid boundaries between him and me. But if Theo was in the middle? I wouldn’t object to my boyfriend indulging in a threesome.

The more I thought about the image, the harder I got, and this jock left little to the imagination. Theo raised an eyebrow when he glanced at my sail at full mast.

“You’re up to no good, aren’t you?”

I nodded quickly. “Always.”

“Domina isn’t here. I guess we should…”

His words drifted off as the man at the end of the bar gave Theo a wink. It seemed my boyfriend garnered admirers. The man stepped from behind the bar, revealing he was naked from the waist down. I had to do a second take. That was an impressive package. And it seemed to grow, not erect, but in overall size. Shapeshifters, consider me jealous of their ability to be growers and showers.

I took him by the hand, debating which space would be good to get him warmed up before we ventured into the more extreme areas. Let’s be honest; an evil villainess named Domina was not waiting around at the bar. If we found her anywhere except in the dungeon, I’d scrub the dishes for a week.

“Let’s check out the TV lounge.”

“What could people possibly be watching?”

I laughed. “Say goodbye to your adorable innocence.”


Chapter 3

The lounge had four circular couches, all pointing toward big-screen televisions playing different genres of porn. Unlike the bar area, here there were a half-a-dozen couples pleasuring one another. One vocal woman got loud enough riding a well-endowed man that she drowned out the televisions.

“They’re just going for it,” he said.

“Some people like it when somebody is watching. I like to think of it as inspiration.”

I let my hand drift to his pants and found him hard as a rock. He didn’t stop me from giving it a firm squeeze. I watched as his eyes moved from one couple to another. For a neophyte, it could be overwhelming, like trying to watch different videos of porn at the same time.

Across the room, a burly man reclined on the couch while another man slowly rode him. His head leaned back, eyes closed as the bottom ground his ass in his lap. Every few strokes, he’d reach between his legs, giving the man’s testicles a gentle squeeze.

“I see what caught your attention,” I said.

“There’s something hot about a guy sitting back and getting serviced.” His cock jumped. We might be working, but there was always time to mix pleasure with business. Hooking a finger into his pants, I pulled him to a spot on a couch where he could watch the two men enjoy themselves.

We took a seat, and I continued rubbing the front of Theo’s pants. He let out a soft moan. “Is it rude to gawk?”

I reached over, unsnapping the button on his pants. “They’re here because they want to show off.” Pulling down his zipper, I slid my hand inside his pants. He looked back and forth and found nobody gave us any attention until the man bottoming gave us a thumbs up.

“And what if I wanted to put on a show?” I asked.

Theo’s eyes went wide, catching on to my meaning.

When we first started dating, I thought I had met my match in the bedroom. We became masters of the pre-work quickie or a lazy blowjob before falling asleep. But then I realized that while he took care of my needs, he was also playing with Julian. I hadn’t met my match… I had met my better. Theo’s sex drive had a hair trigger and with a quick kiss or a sexual innuendo, his pants hit the floor. There was something hot about knowing that at any time, he’d place me on all fours.

I started kissing up the side of his neck until I reached his cheek. I crawled on top of him, straddling his lap. While the sex was good, no, great, there was something even more important at play. While he had to split his attention between me and Julian, he always made me a priority. I didn’t need to be his everything. But he made sure I was his something.

I loved this man and our life together.

Theo pushed his lips against me, resting his hand in the middle of my back while the other gripped my ass. He used that superhero strength to pull me closer. There was no denying it. He knew how to get my engine running while providing a sense of security. Even in a room full of naked people doing dirty things, it felt as if the rest of the world didn’t matter.

I reached between us, feeling his cock straining against the fabric of his jockstrap. There were a hundred ways this could play out. I could pull the jock aside and ride him like the other couple. Or I could stand and present my cock for him to suck.

I nibbled his ear lobe, a surefire way to make him gasp. “Relax and enjoy. You’re on the job.” I squeezed his cock. “And I’m not.” Pushing him back on the couch, he folded his hands behind his head, and I damn near swooned. Theo was hairy from head to toe, and as he stretched his torso… I’d need to lick the rest of him before the night was over.

I kneeled between his legs, pulling his pants down past his ass. I’d have shucked them across the room if he wasn’t technically on the job. He might not agree, but from now on, this is what he’d be wearing when he rescued me from zombies. No more body suit. I demanded a jock and harness.

Kissing down his torso, I stopped just above his navel. It was the densest patch of hair on his stomach, and I never missed an opportunity to kiss it. How had I gotten this lucky? Somebody in the room shouted as an orgasm swept through their body. I caught Theo watching the festivities, his cock straining against the jock.

I ran my fingertips along the fabric, tracing the outline of his package. The jock kept his cock from pointing at the ceiling. Where his erection pulled it away from his body, I let my fingers touch his skin. His hips jerked, trying to push my hand against his testicles. With one smooth motion, I freed his cock.

I’ve seen penises of every shape and size. Some might even call me a connoisseur. But Theo’s cock had to be near the top of the list. It was just long enough to hit the sweet spot, but not so thick I had to tap out when he wanted to use my ass. It was almost as beautiful as the man it was attached to.

The head caught the light from the television, revealing a drop of precum. Dragging my tongue along the underside of his cock, I reached the top, licking at the clear fluid, delighted by the salty taste. If he was already leaking, no matter how much I tried to drag out the event, he’d cross the finish line in a matter of minutes.

I wrapped my lips around his cock and slid part way down his shaft. I bobbed up and down, making sure his cock received an ample amount of saliva. Once prepared, I dove, taking the length of his cock in my mouth. My nose pressed against his stomach as I savored the feel of him down the back of my throat. I held still as his shaft flexed. A moan escaping his lips.

My eyes watered as I swallowed him for as long as possible. Pulling away, I gasped for air, wiping the tears from my eyes. I reached under his hips, letting my fingers dig into his ass as I returned to sucking the length of his cock. There were few ways I’d rather spend an evening. In the last year, I could count on one hand the nights we went to bed without at least one of us coming.

I slowed long enough to see him staring down at me. It’d be challenging to find a winner between who enjoyed this more. It was fun teasing him, but my cock ached and when the lil’ fella got like this, I turned cum hungry.

Swallowing the length of his cock, I didn’t freeze. The bobbing up and down was me on a mission. Knowing how much he enjoyed putting on a show, I suspected we’d be coming back here again, and it wouldn’t be to find a villainous dominatrix.

Theo bucked his hips, making sure I took every inch of his cock. We found a rhythm, and his ass tightened each time I reached the base. The growl started, and I thought it might be coming from the television. As it grew, I realized it was coming from Theo as he attempted to ward off the impending orgasm.

His hand held the back of my head while he continued fucking my mouth. I had to focus on him, or I’d come in my jockstrap, and I wanted to save that for later.

“God damn,” he howled.

If people in the room weren’t watching before, they were now. He let go of my head as his cock thickened. He was always generous in the volume department, but after shooting, not one, not two, but three volleys of cum down my throat, I knew we’d be back. Greedily, I savored the taste, giving his sensitive cock a final slow suck before leaving him to bask in his post-orgasm bliss.

I climbed next to him on the couch. The couple across the room had gone from riding to stroking one another as they watched our performance. Resting my head on Theo’s shoulder, his breathing continued in short, fast pants. He reached over, letting the back of his hand graze my cock. It would only take a couple of strokes before I soaked my jock.

I was about to straddle him again when a woman dressed in black latex strutted into the room. The body suit hugged every inch, emphasizing her bust and the luscious curve of her hips. The height of her stiletto heels would have been impressive, but I couldn’t stop staring at the whip hanging at her side—Domina.

I threw a leg over Theo’s lap and straddled him. I growled at the feeling of his cock pressed against my ass. How badly I wanted to reach back and guide him inside me. But I’m a good sidekick. The job came before my cock. Well, mostly.

Kissing Theo, I obscured his face from the woman, leaning in close to his ear. “It looks like somebody has some heroing to do.”

“Maybe later,” he said, “I want to feel my boyfriend impaled—”

“Faster you save the city, the faster I’ll bend you over.”

He jumped to his feet, holding me to the side as if I weighed nothing. But by the time we stopped thinking with our dicks, she had vanished into the Utility Belt.

“Work,” I said, as Theo put me down, “then play.”

“This is not fair,” he laughed as he gave my cock another squeeze.

“Says the man who already came.”

Into the depths of the Utility Belt we went.


Chapter 4

“Are you ready for what you’re about to see?”

“How bad can it be?”

I froze with my hand on the red swinging door. I had never ventured into this part of the club, but I wasn’t naïve about what happened in the dungeon.

“Just remember, this isn’t your superhero world. The people in here don’t want to be rescued. If they’re tied up and screaming for help, that’s their choice.”

“Wait, what?”

I patted him on the chest. “Your innocence is adorable. But promise me, other than Domina, no heroing.”

He held up his fingers in Scout’s honor. “I promise I won’t save anybody from themselves.” He paused, head cocked to the side. “But what if—”

“Nope!” I pushed the door open and grabbed him by the harness, dragging him along. I was happy to feel his hand on my waist. I wasn’t sure what we’d find here. Maybe there’d be something to pique my interest? What if Theo found he enjoyed tying me up and giving me a firm spanking? I ignored the stiffness in my jock. Okay, the idea wasn’t terrible.

This part of the dungeon had a long hallway with rooms on either side separated by large arches. The first few were empty, but it didn’t take us long to find a man restrained to a table while his partner dragged a riding crop along his inner thigh, dangerously close to his package. It took me a moment to figure out that the whining was the submissive moaning through a ball gag.

“Harmless enough,” Theo whispered, his hand sliding to my ass.

As we continued, the next room had a man wearing a pup hood, while his leash holder scolded him. Regardless of what kinks got a person stiff, it was sexy to see adults partaking in their heart’s desire. I think I’d look rather fetching in a collar. Pun intended.

“Is that a dog mask?” Poor Theo, he’d be spending an obscene amount of time on the internet googling for answers. Before I could ask if he wanted a chain or leather collar, a crack sounded through the dungeon.

“Harder, Domina,” cried a voice.

Theo touched his watch, activating the nanobots. In seconds, the tiny robots washed across his skin like liquid. Theo transformed into his superhero alter-ego. I was sad to see less skin, but the suit didn’t lessen his sex appeal. I know I shouldn’t hope for it to be a false alarm, but I didn’t want our adventure to end yet.

“Let me take care of this.” Like most superheroes, the moment he suited up, his voice dropped an octave. It bordered on ridiculous, but I swear, they all did it. Was it in their handbook?

A portal opened, and he vanished. There was no point in following him. He’d do that weird thing where he jumped from a dozen different angles, and I’d be dizzy before reaching our destination. I’d rely on my own two feet, thank you very much.

“I have a warrant—”

His shouting ended with a series of grunts. Was Theo wrestling with Domina? Or was it from one of the side rooms? I never noticed how close fighting and fucking sounded. I ran to the end of the hall and found it was a mix of the two. A handful of onlookers gathered to watch Domina administer her specialty. In the middle of the room, a giant X-shaped cross had a naked man strapped in place with leather bonds. I counted three bright red licks from her whip along his back.

“You’re not taking me in,” she yelled.

Distracted by the naked man moaning in pleasure, I had missed Theo being strangled from behind by Domina and her whip. She was strong enough to lift him off his feet. At that point, I started looking at a rack of dungeon toys to find a weapon. What did the situation call for, a paddle or a riding crop?

Before I could sort out my dungeon accoutrement, Theo had braced his feet against the wall and pushed off. Domina might have held on, but the heel of her boot broke. Toppling backward, she held on, refusing to relent her stranglehold on Theo. But I had seen Theo’s tactic before.

“Good luck!” I said, waving as they fell into a portal. I couldn’t tell if he had taken them to prison or if he’d bounced around the universe for a bit to shake her off.

The man on the rack had turned half invisible. I had nearly forgotten the preferred clientele. I smiled at the other onlookers, taking a paddle off the wall. Tossing it to the man on the end, I gestured to the naked butt cheeks. “Your turn.” Smooth, I know.

I walked out of the room and was halfway up the stairs when a portal opened. Unlike the usual massive circles he opened to transport us around the world, this was just big enough to see his face.

“At the prison. She’s doing that whole ‘I’m innocent’ thing.”

“When will they learn?”

“I’m going to be a bit while I fill out the paperwork.”

“No worries. I’ll grab a taxi and head home.”

He gave a slight cough as his face turned so red I’d have thought he hung upside down. “I was thinking…” he paused. It took me a moment before I realized what had this hero blushing.

“Want me to wait for you here?”

He gave a slight nod. “I need to return a favor.”

“All right,” I said. “Are you okay with me taking in the sights?”

“Look all you want.” He leaned through the portal, giving me a kiss on the cheek. “But I want to be the one doing the touching.”

With that promise of a good time, he vanished.


Chapter 5

The Utility Belt had a little something for everybody. Wanted a locker room experience? There were several. How about those dark rooms where nobody knew who touched you? Yup. For now, I wanted to be the voyeur and get some inspiration.

The hallway had a series of doors, and next to each was a large window. There were several men stroking one another. It took me a moment before I realized it was a one-way mirror, and while we could see the events unfolding in the ‘private’ rooms, the occupants were unaware of our peering eyes.

“Perfect,” I mumbled.

I stopped next to the men to see what had caught their attention. I recognized the hero. Hydra had four arms and could easily lift a bus. What I hadn’t expected was to see him in the middle of an orgy, three hands stroking men on a bed while he made a woman writhe with his tongue. I had more respect for the brute. Would he be able to time it so they all came at once?

I continued down the hall until I stumbled upon a hero I knew. Replicant had the uncanny ability to reproduce carbon copies of himself. He was a one-man orgy without the scheduling hassle. My cock twitched at the memory. I had never taken so many guys at once, and by morning, every muscle in my body ached. If he hadn’t been a narcissist, I might have asked for a repeat performance before meeting Theo.

“Why am I not surprised?”

The original laid on his stomach blowing a copy while another clone railed him with vigor. With a building full of beautiful men, Replicant preferred his own company. He might have a nice cock, but his personality left something to be desired. But it was hot knowing that any time he wanted to be fucked, it only required a duplicate. I could see the allure, but I’d always prefer Theo on top of me.

The image of Replicant spit-roasted, taking cock from both ends, reminded me of what Theo had said earlier. I had never thought to ask Julian if he’d be interested in sharing Theo in the bedroom. I assumed we’d found the status quo, but maybe there was something to this fantasy? Julian wasn’t the usual type I played with, but if it got Theo hot and bothered, I supported the idea.

I reached into my jock and stroked my cock. The Replicant being blown arched his back, moaning loud enough to hear through the glass. It set off a chain reaction, and the hero topping gave a final thrust. I thought the event might be over, but another double pulled itself from the original, and without missing a beat, he climbed on. Replicant couldn’t get enough of his own ass.

And while I milked my cock, the hero had inspired me. I imagined climbing on top of Theo while he sucked Julian. I’d have to give this some consideration. After a year with Theo and being friends with his husband, I felt comfortable having this conversation. At worst, it’d be no, and everybody would go about their day. At best, Theo would get to be a greedy bottom in the bedroom while taking care of the two men he loved. Now, how does one casually bring it up?

There was only one way to find out.


Chapter 6

After an hour of waiting, I nearly fell asleep. There was no point in touching myself anymore, or I’d waste a perfectly wonderful orgasm. But true to his word, Theo found me tucked away in a private room with nothing more than a bed. The two-way mirror in the room would be spice enough… for now. It wasn’t the most scandalous part of the club, but it seemed more our speed.

“It’s never as easy as dropping them off anymore. Now you need to fill out heaps of paperwork. I miss the days where you put them away, and they stayed away.”

“They’ve never stayed away,” I said, barely opening my eyes.

“Okay, that’s true. Now when she breaks free, I’ll have to do it all over. I’m seeing the other side.”

I grinned at the idea of Theo becoming a villain. “You don’t even like jaywalking.”

“I mean—”

“Are you about to go into a monologue about villainy? Should I put some clothes on?”

With a slap to his watch, his suit evaporated off his body. Now in pants and a harness, I was reminded why I had been turned-on in the first place. With a fast flick of the wrist, the button on his jeans popped open, and he shimmied and shook until they fell around his ankles. There were few things in this world more beautiful than Theo in a jockstrap.

He crawled up the bed until his head rested on my thigh. The warmth of his breath teased my package. There had been many nights he fell asleep like that and left me wondering if it’d be rude to jerk off while he was in the splash zone. Most nights, I’d wake up with my cock in his mouth.

“See anything fun while I was gone?”

“A few orgies, nothing too crazy.”

He carelessly fondled my jockstrap, playing without regard for my hardening cock. When he pulled the fabric to the side, I gasped. After edging for the last hour, I was happy to be free of the underwear. And more than that, it thrilled me to be under Theo’s weight. The security had little to do with him being a superhero. It was more about knowing that this wonderful man accepted my baggage without question. In fact, I believe we might have matching suitcases.

He held my cock against my stomach while he lapped at my balls. The slow, deliberate sensation against the stubble left me writhing. Theo specialized in teasing, and this could become an all-night affair until I shoved my cock in his mouth.

A knock at the door left him frozen.

“What’s the protocol? Do we answer? Tell them to go away?” The spiraling questions were cute, and had my cock not wanted more attention, I’d have left him guessing.

“Up for an audience?” After the show earlier, I didn’t think he’d mind, but it was good boyfriend etiquette to ask. Instead of responding, he swallowed my cock. I closed my eyes, savoring the roughness of his tongue along the underside of my dick. He stopped moving, and I opened my eyes to see him giving a slight head nod toward the door without releasing my cock.

“Come in,” I said.

The door opened and in crept our voyeur. He had tucked his t-shirt into his waistband to show off the smooth muscles of his chest. Julian’s eyes were wide as he watched Theo slurping the length of my shaft. I wasn’t sure if he approved. But when he rubbed the front of his jeans, it was impossible to ignore his bulge. He pulled at the button and slowly dropped his zipper. He reached into his jeans and pulled out his cock. I was not prepared for the girth.

“Wow,” I muttered. Julian might not be my type, but every gay man can appreciate a respectable slab of meat.

Theo stopped and turned to see what had caught my attention. He turned back to see me with a big smile. Confused? Excited? Perplexed? Worried? His facial expressions changed so quickly I couldn’t keep up.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Surprise!” When that didn’t sell him, I came clean. “You mentioned a fantasy earlier. And after having a conversation with your husband, we thought we’d make it come true.”

“If you want,” Julian added. “Otherwise, I’ll just enjoy the show.”

“You sure?” asked Theo.

When we first started dating, I had been concerned about being a side piece in their marriage. I learned there was a place for me, but it required frequent check-ins and expressing our emotions. I had gotten good at stating my needs, and much to my surprise, both Theo and Julian validated them. Who knew being an effective communicator could enhance your relationships?

“Julian and I have talked. For this time, we’re comfortable getting naked with you in the middle.” It stated our comfort and set the parameters, but left future encounters open to negotiation. Now the decision was left up to—

Theo opened a portal in front of Julian with the exit near his mouth. Like a seasoned professional, Julian stepped up to the portal, and I watched his cock appear out the other end. Theo wasted no time grasping the base and working it into his mouth. Despite the thickness, Theo proved himself a master cock wrangler. He couldn’t take the entire length, but that didn’t seem to stop Julian from thrusting his hips into the portal.

Theo continued stroking the massive member while he returned to my cock. Now I understood how he could get me all the way to the base without a problem. I could feel the bend in the back of his throat, but I was so stiff it refused to budge.

“Turn,” I said. Giving him a turning motion, he reluctantly stopped sucking and turned on the bed. He didn’t need the portals anymore. Now his face was in line with Julian’s cock and I had direct access to that gorgeous fuzzy ass.

I crawled between his legs, running my stubble against his inner thigh. Theo had a round ass, a perfect handful, and I never missed a chance to give it a good squeeze. It might have been from edging or the idea he had a mouthful of cock, but I wanted to bury my face.

I spread his cheeks, licking from taint to hole. After the second sweep, he shifted his hips to push his ass back. The muffled moans were all the motivation I needed. I teased his hole, tracing small circles, before darting my tongue inside. The moan came from his belly and I could feel the vibration all along the bed.

Holding his hips, I buried my tongue. From my vantage, Theo’s head moved up and down Julian’s cock. The brute leaned his head back, enjoying the servicing. It was hot to watch Theo take care of his husband. I’d be impressed with anybody capable of taking care of Julian’s cock. It just so happened my boyfriend was the right man for the job.

“If you don’t fuck him…” Julian moaned. “I won’t last long enough for him to get spit-roasted.”

I hated to stop rimming Theo, but I had a fantasy to fulfill. My cock ran between his cheeks as I straddled his ass. With a shift of my hips, I could feel the heat from his ass. I could have easily shoved the length of my shaft in him, but I wanted to let the teasing last a moment longer.

Theo gave a muffled moan around Julian’s cock. When he wiggled his ass, pushing back, I took it as an enthusiastic demand.

“Yes, sir.” I pushed, and the warmth of his ass swallowed my cock, clenching tightly as I worked every inch inside of him. He stopped sucking Julian to moan. The slurping noises were replaced with whimpers as my balls pressed against his cheeks. He had taken every inch without pause, and as I bottomed out, he returned to blowing his husband.

Lying across his back, I wrapped my hands under his chest and started fucking him with long, slow strokes. I had a front-row seat to Theo devouring Julian’s cock. The moans from Theo and the quickening breaths from Julian made for a hot scene. Even if I hadn’t been playing with myself for the better part of the evening, it’d be hard to fight off an orgasm.

“I’m close,” Julian said.

He held the side of Theo’s face and started fucking his mouth in quick jabs. I mirrored the strokes. Each time Julian pushed into Theo, I did the same. Theo tightened his ass, milking my cock, and that was the final straw. Unlike the usual orgasm that started in my toes, this one seemed to tear through the entirety of my body. The room grew hot, and I sped up my stroking, savoring the friction every time he clenched his ass.

Julian grunted, burying himself in Theo’s mouth. The sound of him coming put me over the edge. I buried my cock in Theo and came. I came a good amount, but after the seventh pulse through my cock, I imagined Theo would be a dripping mess.

Julian pulled his cock free, and the sight of his glistening cock and a rope of cum dripping from the slit kept me stiff. I rolled to my side, pulling Theo with me. Still buried in him, I reached around, feeling his stiff cock.

“Your turn,” I whispered.

Julian decided to help. Leaning on the bed, he wrapped his mouth around the head of Theo’s cock. I jerked off my boyfriend while his husband greedily waited for his cum. His ass tightened again, and he let out a moan loud enough the entire club heard. His cock thickened and I could hear Julian swallowing. Seconds later, it was over and I pulled from Theo’s ass, the three of us on the bed in a sweaty mess.

As we lay there panting, I wondered if things were about to be awkward. I had been in threesomes before, where the moment everybody’s penis softened, people got weird.

“Well, that was hot,” Julian said.

“Agreed,” I said.

“How long are we supposed to wait until we talk about dinner?” asked Julian.

“Everybody came. No need to wait,” I said.

“Pizza. I’m craving pizza,” Theo said.

“New York or Chicago?” asked Julian.

As they started the eternal debate on which pizza was better, I realized there wouldn’t be an awkward moment. That’s why I loved Theo and, by extension, Julian. This was our usual rhythm. A night of sweaty fun wouldn’t change that. Who knows, maybe our dynamic shifted, but we’d face that as it came. For now, I was content to be naked with my boyfriend and his husband as the pizza wars waged on.

“What about California thin crust?” I asked.

They both stopped arguing and glared at me.

Okay, so maybe nothing was going to change. It was the perfect end to a night of new experiences. I curled up behind Theo, wrapping my sweaty body around his while he playfully booped Julian on the nose. It reminded me of just how much I loved these two. And as Theo dragged my arm around his chest, it was obvious how much they loved me. But now, about that pizza situation…