Reckless Impulse




Chapter 1

“If I knew you liked blindfolds…”

“It’s for the surprise.”

“Are you naked? Is naked you the surprise?”


“You’re the one who blindfolded me and said, and I quote, ‘I have a surprise for you.’ This is your fault.”

Hank had been acting odd for the last couple of days. It wasn’t the whispering on the phone that surprised me. He still made actual phone calls instead of texting. I had walked into his office, and he shut off the screen like his mom caught him watching porn. At first, I thought it had been my imagination, but now Hank had wheeled a suitcase into the pub with a devilish grin.

“It’s not a sex thing.”

“Could we make it a sex thing?”

“If you don’t hush, I’m going to gag you.”

“I’m getting a feeling this isn’t your first—”

He covered my mouth. It used to be the only time I came to Haven was for group therapy. Now we showed up to brag about our successes. Hank never joined us. Even now, I could hear him whispering to somebody.

“Are you ready for your surprise?”

I reached for my zipper.

“Clint!” I snickered. I had fun getting reactions out of him. “I’m ready. But if we miss the finale of Housewives, I’m going to—”

With a shove, I stumbled forward. My foot sank. I shifted until my bare feet rested in warm sand. The air had changed. I sniffed, getting hints of salt. It reminded me of the candle Hank burned on his desk. He said it reminded him of our first mission. We had been working together for a year, but somehow, that was the assignment we talked about most.

“Wait—” Did he? No. He couldn’t have. I listened for the drunkards in the pub. Their mutterings had been replaced by the rhythmic crashing of waves. The warmth of the sun meant we weren’t in a dreary bar.

“Ready for your surprise?”

He didn’t wait for an answer. With a tug, the blindfold came off. I shielded my eyes from the light. Teal. As far as the eye could see. When I turned around, I spotted a portal shrinking until it vanished.

“You teleported us to an island?”

“I threatened to leak Spatial’s browser history to the Beacon.”

In the last year, I had learned Hank gave gifts as part of his love language. He’d show up at my door with flowers or a box of Chocopuffs, give me a kiss, and then be on his way. At first, it made me uncomfortable. Then he’d say things like, “Saw this and thought of you.” My pulse would quicken, and my face would turn red. Not from the gift, but from the idea he thought of me when we weren’t together.

“Do you know what day it is?”


Hank smacked his forehead while shaking his head. “What were you doing one year ago?”

Hell, if I knew. I had difficulty remembering what I ate for breakfast. My toes wiggled in the sand as I focused on the question. A year ago, we had been… Wait, had it been a year? No. It couldn’t be. It felt as if it were yesterday.

“Our first mission?”


My eyes were slow to adjust, but as I turned about, I could make out a volcano. When I spotted the white modern building, I realized this wasn’t any sandy get away. We had arrived on the same island we first infiltrated together. Without thinking, I tapped my watch, the nanites spreading across my body until I wore my Variant suit.

“Is Malignant back?” Maybe he had a clone? A twin? Had a version from an alternate reality returned, ready to avenge his doppelgänger? 

“Oh. Em. Gee. You should see the look on your face right now.”

Margaret Tinsley. My arch nemesis turned frenemy turned bestie. The heads-up display in my goggles already pointed out details about the woman. I chuckled when it listed her power as “speed talking and killer wardrobe.” It wasn’t wrong.

Every Thursday, she came knocking at my door. Dressed in her pajamas, she’d barge in, ready to watch the Housewives of Vanguard. It had become our weekly ritual. She’d drop a box of Chocopuffs in my lap before curling up on the couch. Even Hank had come to love the show. He didn’t yell at the wives like Margaret and I, but now and then he’d mutter a comment. But in all that time, Margaret never spoke about the island and her former employer.

“What is going on?”

While her two-piece bikini would have been enough to stop the average man, it was the burly men further down the beach that caught my attention. I eyed Hank. His grin couldn’t get bigger. Beach? Margaret? Burly men? Had I died and gone to heaven? This is what I imagined it’d be like. Well, except for Margaret. She’d most likely burn in hell.

Hank leaned against Margaret, whispering loudly. “I thought you said this was a soft open.”

She laughed, pushing his face away. “No sill, I said Soft Pig Pen. Welcome to our first annual Bear Run. It’s your fault, really. Who knew bears were this willing to dish out money for an exclusive event? I regret nothing!”

I stomped my foot. “Will somebody explain what’s happening?”

Hank dragged his suitcase through the sand, planting a kiss on my nose. “It’s been exactly one year since our first mission. I wanted to celebrate our anniversary, but I thought we’d have the island to ourselves.”

Staring at beefy men in speedos I feigned a gasp. “Oh, no. It’s horrible. Darn.”

“Okay, maybe it’s not that bad.” Hank laughed. I couldn’t tell if we stared at the same group of men. There were hundreds. From otters to chubs and everybody in between, the burly gods smiled down at me.

“Yeah, great. An island full of hot men, and not one of them looking at me.” Margaret gave her breasts a quick lift. “It’s absofuckinglutely amazing. At least they compliment my hair.” 

Hank waved her off. “Happy anniversary, Clint.”

We had gone on vacations before. Our first time in a remote cabin in the woods had been a long weekend of naked fun. We had planned that together. Hank had busted ass to keep this a secret. He blackmailed somebody to get us here. Had those mysterious phone calls been with Margaret? He went through all that to surprise me. And to think, he brought me back to where our fairytale started.

I wanted to squish him as the tears blurred my vision. 

“You’re amazing.” My foot caught in the sand and a hug turned into a tackle. We fell onto the sand. It didn’t slow the kisses all over his face. He laughed, trying to push me away. Hank relented, returning a kiss. The sound of the beach and fresh ocean air reminded me of that first kiss. I had been terrified, unsure if he felt the same. Over time, that nervous energy calmed. The electricity, however, it remained as intense as that first kiss.

“Do we have to kill somebody while we’re here?”

Hank raised an eyebrow. “No. It’s a vacation.”

“Like we haven’t maimed people on vacation before.”

Hank frowned. “The homophobes deserved it.”

“They’re the worst,” Margaret chimed in. “If you two are done playing hide the sausage, Marcos can show you to your suite. Hopefully, you appreciate the upgrades.”

“Are the bears secretly villains?”

“The only crime they’ve committed are lube stains on the sheets.” Margaret turned around, heading to the lobby. “Pick up the pace, boys. You’ve got a packed itinerary.”

“No counseling,” Hank chimed in. “I think.”

“I said hurry.” Margaret clapped her hands over her head. “Get ready to experience the Isle of Tinsley.”

Hank covered my mouth before I could make a snide comment. “No, you can’t kill her. Let’s go.”

I loved him. I had thought about it for a while. Mr. Chubs and I had long talks about it. He gave me grief for not telling Hank. I had wanted to wait for the perfect moment. It’d be some grand gesture. I hadn’t found the right time. By the end of this vacation, I’d tell the most important man in my life those three words.

I jumped off Hank, shifting into a speedo and flip-flops. “Let’s go, my sexy teddy bear.” It was time to take a trip down memory lane.


Chapter 2

For the last hour, we sat on the balcony admiring the ocean as the water transitioned from teal to orange. The lights of the resort had turned on, illuminating the paths, and making the water in the pools glow. 

“Marcos,” Hank said. “How many people are on the island?”

So far, this had been our favorite of Margaret’s upgrades. I glanced over my shoulder at the translucent image. I had already studied it and there wasn’t a flaw in the appearance. But the added touch of a single feature changing each time he appeared showed Margaret’s attention to detail.

“There are currently four-hundred-and-six-teen beautifully bearish men inhabiting the island.” He waited a moment for another command. “I see your drinks are nearly empty. Should I call room service for more?”

“No, thanks. That’s all.”

When the hologram vanished, I laughed. “I can’t believe she modeled the AI after him.”

“That? Did you notice that every room in the resort has a signature scent? She’s out of control.”

I gestured to the ocean. “She did it. The island is invisible. Her hologenerator is hiding the whole place. The only way in is with an invitation. She’s officially the smartest person on the island.”



“Margaret created a supervillain lair. She’s an evil genius. It’s only a matter of time before she unleashes that terror on the world.”

“Heaven help us all,” I said.

I scooted my chair closer to Hank so I could hold his hand. His thumb ran along my knuckles, pausing in each valley before continuing to the next. Below, the bears filled the pool and attended a luau with pig roast. We’d eventually go out and socialize, but I wanted to enjoy a quiet night in, just the two of us.

“Should we head to bed? If you’re making me attend the sandcastle building contest, I’m going to need some sleep.”

“Don’t lie, you’re excited.”

“Bears in speedos acting like big kids…” He laughed. “Fine. I’m excited.” He hated to admit it, but Hank was the biggest kid of all. The quickest way to his heart was suggesting a night of video games.

“First, there’s something I’ve wanted to do since our first trip.” I waggled my eyebrows. There was no point in being discreet. After sitting on our balcony, watching the bears frolic in the waves, I turned my attention to my teddy bear.

“I know that look.” He did. It wasn’t hard to guess what was on my mind. With Hank, I wasn’t much different from a dog. He commented on me following him like a puppy, and he wasn’t wrong. Left alone for too long, I’d whine.

“Remember the first time you said you liked me?”

“If I remember, you said it first.”

I gasped. “I’m pretty certain it happened the other way around.”


“You were nervous and tripped over your words. But you got there.”

He laughed at my variation on the truth. “I was nervous, huh?”

I emphasized the head nod. “You were terrified I’d say this was just a job.” I joked, but it had been the truth. Even thinking about that moment twisted my stomach into knots. A year later and the newness had yet to wear off. Hank made me as nervous and excited as he did that first day.

“Good thing I got over it, then!”

“I recall there being a shower.”

“Because of the blood.”

“You invited me to join. But made me behave.” I couldn’t keep the grin from taking hold. “I want a do-over.”

Hank shook his head as he got to his feet. Was he dismissing the idea? He walked into the suite without another word. He mentioning the shower covered in the blood of my victims been too much?

“Are you coming?”

It was almost identical to a year ago. I checked the patio, just to make sure there weren’t any bodies. No blood stains, good. It wasn’t my imagination. I followed him into the suit, my clothes melting away until I stood in my birthday suit. 

Hank reached for the drawstring of his trunks.

“No!” I grabbed him by the waistband, pulling him close. “This is how it should have gone down.”

Lifting his shirt, I let my knuckles brush through the fuzz along his belly. He lifted his arms as I pulled the shirt over his face. I held it in place, leaving him in the dark as I pressed my stomach against his. With a slight tug, the fabric lifted above his mouth. I kissed him as he finished pulling it off. I could have spent the night kissing him. The beard burn come morning would have been well earned.

I stepped back, pulling the string of his trunks. With a wiggle of the hips, they slid down his legs. When he got naked, I had to resist the urge to toss him on the bed. That’d come later. Right now, I wanted to play out my number one fantasy. 

Taking his wrist, I guided him into the bathroom. It was identical to our previous stay. Two rainfall shower heads and one on the left and right. The floor to ceiling window overlooked the volcano, a sight I never thought I’d see again. With a quick spin of the faucet, the water poured out, steam filling the glass enclosure.

I’m sure Hank expected rutting. Usually we’d play rock, paper, scissor and see who took what position first. But that first time in the shower, all I could think about was appreciating this gorgeous man. 

With a slight push, he stepped into the shower. I joined him, both of us drenched as we closed our eyes and let the hot water work its magic. I could have stood there for hours, away from the hustle of Vanguard. 


I grabbed one of the prepackaged bars of soap and tore it open. “That first shower, I didn’t want to go save the day. I didn’t care that a mad scientist wanted to take over the world. I couldn’t stop thinking about touching you.”

“You touched me plenty the night before.”

I shook my head. “Not like this.”

My fingers brushed the length of a small scar on his chest that he got as a kid. I followed the curve of his chest to his shoulder. I hovered over the single dark freckle. By the time I reached the inside of his elbow, his head tipped back, the spray pelting his face. I had spent countless hours studying his body as if I prepared for a pop quiz. It’d be the first test I ever aced.

“Turn around.”

Hank indulged me. I ran the soap along his neck, lathering to the nape of his back. I let the extra arms grow from my shoulders until they massaged his shoulders. He let out a slight moan. My cock pointed skyward. He’d have to wait. Some things were more important than an orgasm. I’d soap this beautiful man until I had run my hands up and down his body.

Past Hank, I could see the forest as it dwindled up the side of the volcano. I had once been consumed with befriending him. It had almost gotten in the way of seeing our potential. If not for Hank shimmying across the bed that night, who knew how things might be different?

I turned him around, giving him a quick kiss on the nose. That got his attention. His smile was infectious. There was no point in resisting.

“So, this is what you wanted?” He asked.

I continued soaping his chest while I gave his arms a rub down. I paid special attention to coating his belly in bubbles. He fought the urge to giggle as I approached his love handles. This zone had become known as my movie-time pillow. After we fought over a comedy or rom-com, it’d ended with my head resting on his stomach. As my hand drifted lower, I grazed his cock. 

“Excited?” I asked.

“Always,” he whispered.

Lathering the soap in my hand, I cradled his balls before giving his hard-on a single slow stroke. When I tightened my fingers across his cock, he gasped. I’d like to think that night I’d have finished soaping his body. I’d have gotten excited and made this my final stop.

He grabbed my wrist, stopping the jerking motion. When I looked up, he was shaking his head. “Not yet.” He reached into my hand, pulling the soap free. “That night…” He ran the soap in a circular motion over my chest. “I would have returned the favor.”

During one of our sessions, Doc commented I had become more confident. I thought an overabundance of confidence came with my powers. When his demon alter ego appeared, he used the word ‘healed.’ It had taken a while, but I understood. With each brush of Hank’s hand, my insecurities drowned in a sea of affection.

The words rested on the tip of my tongue. They’d never be enough, not to explain the ways Hank made me a better man. He gave me permission to be myself, without judgment. Well, mostly no judgment. I still had that annoying trait about blowing up buildings.

He knelt in the shower, working the soap along my thighs. I would let him rub me head-to-toe as long as he wanted. Okay. Okay. I can do this. Three words and then we can have one of those heart-to-heart conversations that ended in—

I gasped, eyes shooting downward. Hank tried innocently looking up with my cock in his mouth. 

“What?” He said around my erection. “This is how it would have gone down.”

True, very true. We would have never left the shower. Malignant would have perfected his serum. There’d be a superpowered army with Vanguard in ruins. All the while, we’d still be in the shower, our skin pruned and wrinkly. 

I waited. For now, I’d let my actions do the speaking.


Chapter 3

Margaret lived up to her word. Malignant never realized the potential of this paradise as a resort. It made me wonder if he bought it with the hopes of someday turning it into a full-fledged villain hideout. As a resort, it fell short. With Margaret overseeing the tropical island, I’d easily give it five stars. If the attendants kept filling my glass with mimosas, it’d be five very drunken stars.

Once we finished breakfast, complete with real bacon, we ventured to the beach. It was almost overwhelming seeing all the husky men in their bathing suits. Every time one of them slowed their walk to check out Hank, it reaffirmed that I was the luckiest guy in the world.

“Three o’clock,” he said.

“It can’t be ten thirty.”

“Look at your three o’clock.”

Oh! I glanced to my right and found two daddy bears staring in my direction. At first, I thought they checked out Hank. When I pointed to myself, they both nodded, giving me a wave. Getting attention from handsome men hadn’t been hard when I wore a chiseled form. But as myself, it left me blushing.

“Let’s go meet your admirers.” Hank couldn’t resist an opportunity to show me off. He loved to make comments about his arm candy. Even a year later, I was coming to grips with the idea of people finding the real me attractive. It might be uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t turn it away. Who doesn’t want to feel sexy?

The muscular man on the left had salt-and-pepper bear and a shiny bald head while his companion, a thicker man, had a bushy goatee and shaved top. Both were laughing as they spoke. 

“Gerald saw you arrive yesterday. Was that a portal, like a real portal?”

“Yeah, Hank has a… friend.” It was best to skip the black mailing.

“That’s insane. Where are my manners?” Salt-and-pepper held out his hand. “I’m Scott and this is my husband, Gerald.”

We all shook before they gestured to the chairs. It wasn’t sandcastles, but who could say no to socializing with handsome men? 

“How are you enjoying the resort so far?” Asked Scott. He wore a Hawaiian shirt, but it took me a moment to realize the pattern was chubby men fucking. I almost laughed at the discovery.

“It’s our second time,” Hank said. “This is where we met a year ago.”

Scott let out a classic gay gasp, complete with both hands covering his mouth. “Anniversary vacation? That’s romantic. Gerald, take a lesson from these two.”

Gerald held his arms out, gesturing to the resort. “How am I not—”

“You forgot our anniversary.”

“It’s hard when every day with you is a celebration.”

Scott’s eyes narrowed. He finally held his glass up. “Good save snugglebear. Good save.”

“How long?” Hank asked.

“Twenty-two years,” Gerald said.

“Twenty-three,” Scott said.

“That’s the first time I jerked you off. I’m talking the first time we went on a date.”

The playful banter between the two made me hopeful that Hank and I would make it to twenty-two years. Would we still be going to beach resorts and cheering our relationship? I bet we would… if one of us didn’t wind up in prison. Though… we’d make a cute prison couple.

“How long?” Asked Scott.

“About seven—

Hank smacked my arm. “One year.”

“Barely children!” Gerald said while he and Scott laughed. “Congratulations. If you need somebody to jump out of the cake or do a lap dance, let us know.” He locked eyes with me as he said it. 

“If you were covered in cake, this one would bite.”

“Good.” Gerald winked.

“We were heading down to check out the sandcastles. You want to join?” It was hard to keep a straight face as I imagined Gerald covered in chocolate frosting. I knew what I’d be requesting for my birthday.

“You two go enjoy yourselves,” Scott said. “I heard there’s a group of nudist bears heading to the pool. I want to see what’s on the menu.”

“Will we see you at the dance tomorrow?” Asked Gerald.

I don’t think I had ever seen Hank dance. Sway, perhaps, but never breaking out his sick dance moves. I wasn’t sure if he’d be interested in an overcrowded room with blaring music.

“Sounds like a good time,” Hank said. He gave me a nudge with his elbow. Had this been part of his plan? He wasn’t the only one plotting. I had my own surprise brewing.  

“You kids have fun,” said Gerald.

“Happy hunting.” It was weird to say with nobody dying by the end of the night. Good chance somebody would get stabbed, just not with a knife. 

I took Hank by the hand. We left the deck and headed toward the beach. The path narrowed, the wooden planks vanishing as we reached the sand. There were a couple hundred bears between the lounge chairs, sandcastles, and splashing about in the surf. I expected to see grown men with tiny buckets and shovels, but the castle in front of us must have been ten feet tall, complete with a functioning drawbridge.

Despite the many bears in skimpy suits, I couldn’t stop staring at Hank’s face. Gerald and Scott weren’t much older than us. What would Hank look like when we celebrated twenty-three years? There’d be more wrinkles. The ginger in his goatee would be white. He’d still be as handsome as the first day I laid eyes on him. 

“What are you thinking?”

“I’m imagining you in twenty-three years.”

“Is it good?”

“I’m looking forward to dating a silver fox.”

“I’ll be dying my goatee until you put me in the ground. Ginger pride for life.”

“Sexy either way.”

We wandered to the first sandcastle. Did it have electricity? Several of the windows were lit. Two men were busy smoothing out the castle wall as a behemoth wearing a crown shouldered up to Hank.

Hank leaned in close and whispered, “Who’s that guy?”

He towered, with Hank barely coming up to his chest. I recognized the flowing green hair and muscular physique. He eyed the sandcastle, leaning in for a closer inspection. When he was satisfied, he jotted notes on a clip board.

“Atlas, are you judging sandcastles?”

He turned, giving me the once over. “Clint?” Before I could respond, he lifted me off the ground in a bear hug. “Human, you have grown squishy.”

The King of Atlantis had never been known for subtlety. He continued to squeeze until I thought he’d crush my chest.

“It is a good look. Girth begets mirth.”

“Wait.” Clint shook his head. “You’re the King of Atlantis? Clint, you know the King?” I heard the disbelief. Had I not told him about the six months I lived as a merman? I swore it came up at some point.

“He does indeed, human. I have bedded Clint many times. He is an adventurous man in the ways of pleasure.”

As Atlas dropped me, I froze. Hank and I had talked about his previous boyfriends. He knew I had a wild streak and lost count of the men I had seen naked. But we had never bumped into either before. I prepared for awkward laughter and Hank dragging me away.

“He’s not too shabby,” Hank said with a smile. “Atlantean.”

There was no point in hiding my embarrassment.

“I must go, humans. Tiny Margaret has beseeched me to choose a champion of the sand.” He held up the clipboard. How the hell had Margaret secured royalty for something as mundane as a sandcastle contest? “Be well, Clint and his bedmate. May your nights of passion roar as loud as the ocean.”

With that, Atlas, King of the largest underwater kingdom, son of a god, walked off. I almost chuckled when I noticed his flip-flops. For one of the fiercest men on the planet, I couldn’t get over his fascination with human culture. If I asked, I could have him chugging beer out of a can and drowning in a plate of nachos.

“You had sex with a king?”

I circled a finger over my head to create a halo. “Kings.”

“You’ve been holding out.” Hank grabbed my hand, lacing our fingers together. We started walking to the next castle. “I want to hear all the juicy details.”

I no longer kept secrets from Hank. If he wanted to know all the raunchy details, he’d get them. I hoped by the end of it, he’d get excited and want to make new memories. Other men might have been fun for a romp, but there was only one bear I wanted naked on top of me. 

“Okay. It started with at this orgy…”


Chapter 4


I groaned as I slipped into the water. On our first excursion to the island, I had been too busy killing assassins to enjoy a soak in the hot tub. Who could relax when a mad scientist put a bounty on your head? Margaret would get an outstanding review just on the grounds she hadn’t tried to kill me. Yet.

There must have been a dozen private rooms. Hank had booked us a slot in a Japanese soaking tub. The heat of the water eroded the tension in my muscles. If I relaxed enough, my body could melt into a lump of goo.

Hank sat across from me, his feet resting on my knees. He had a grin on his face that hadn’t diminished since we got in. It used to make me self-conscious, fearful that he questioned his decision to spend time with me. Thanks to therapy, I was getting better at telling the difference between concern and admiration. 

“Enjoying yourself?”

I wanted to nod, but my muscles refused to cooperate. “I’m in heaven.”


“What did I do to deserve you?”

“You threw a criminal into a volcano and saved me from turning into a troll.”

“I did, didn’t I?” I smiled. For Hank, I’d throw another dozen people into the volcano. “I’d do it all again.”

“So, I was thinking…” He let the statement trail off. He did that whenever he had an idea but wasn’t sure how I’d respond. It usually had something to do with going to a fancy party or watching a foreign film. For Hank, I’d give anything a shot.

“I haven’t slept in my bed in weeks.”

“I’m not sleeping on the couch.”

He sent a wave of water slapping against my chest. “What if I moved in?”

I hadn’t given it much thought. When he started sleeping over, it’d be a night here and there. Now, I couldn’t recall the last time he didn’t curl up next to me at night. He only went back to his apartment to get the mail. 

“Like a roommate?” I couldn’t help but tease. “I don’t need help with the rent.” His eyes softened. Poor guy. He had been serious. “It’s been our place for months. I thought you kept your apartment as a ‘just in case’ situation.”

Hank moved his feet from my legs and slid across the water until he straddled my lap. His hands were hot as he cupped my face. “I’ve never had a contingency plan with you. I’m all in. There’s no backup. You’re stuck with me for the long haul.”

“This is a big deal, right?”

“I think so.”

“Uhm… I…” The words were there. It’d be easy to spit them out, but I didn’t want to steal the thunder from the situation. I went from single to having a boyfriend and now a live-in boo? “How do we celebrate?”

He already had clothes in drawers and hanging in the closet. He had taken over the spare bedroom as his office. Hank required a lot more space than me, or I should say his equipment required it. It’s okay though, he let me play with the high-tech toys.

“We can go to the post office to change my address?”

“Do I have to get dressed up?”

“For the post office?” He raised an eyebrow. “You know what, yes. Yes, you do. We’re going on a date to the post office!”

“Still better than the hack-a-thon.” 

I gave Hank a squeeze before kissing him. I couldn’t wait to tell the guys. Diesel and Doc would be thrilled. Vex would say something snarky about giving up my freedom. It’d be an adjustment. But it’d be like waking up next to Hank for the first time all over again. It had been with my crush, then with my boyfriend, and now I’d hit the snooze to cuddle with my live-in-boyfriend. 

Hank continued kissing along my cheek until he reached my ear. He bit the lobe, and with a shift of his hips, I could feel the excitement pressed against my belly. Whenever I caught him with a hard-on, it only took a second before my pants tented. It was no different now as he rocked his hips back and forth. Sorry lil’ fella, I wanted to focus on my newly minted live-in-boyfriend.

I lifted him up, my arms stretching until I had him standing on the bench. Hank’s cock stared me in the face. The hot water left his balls hanging low and turned the skin a bright red. I lifted the shaft, kissing each testicle. Wrapping my hand around them, I gave a gentle squeeze. Hank’s body shook from the attention. I loved watching his body react as I touched him.

Pulling back the foreskin, I ran my tongue under the head. I could have spent the rest of the evening teasing. I bunched the skin over the tip, gently nibbling at the excess. It’d never make him cum, but it’d make his muscles twitch. I could torture the man until he begged, but I wanted to be greedy and swallow his load.

I pulled the skin back, my mouth descending the length of his shaft. His body radiated a heat after being submerged in the tub. Hank rested his hand on my head, guiding me to the base. I tried pulling back, but he didn’t let go, taking another moment in the back of my throat. I gripped his ass, squeezing.

I pulled off, gasping for air. Soon as my lungs filled, I started sliding up and down his shaft. With every lunge, the tip pushed against the back of my throat. I let go of his ass with my left hand, pulling his skin back. It sped up his way to an orgasm. Soon as I did that, he knew how I wanted this to end.

Hank held my head in place while he thrusted his hips. When it came to sex, he had no problem asserting himself. I loved how the muscles in his ass tightened. As he settled into a steady rhythm, I let one of my fingers slid into the crack of his ass. The pressure against his hole made him shove into my mouth even harder.

“Want my load?” A rhetorical question if I ever heard one. He’d decide to pull out and shoot across my tongue or cum straight down my throat. If it was in me, I’d be a happy camper.

His hips quickened, and the moan was loud enough the entire resort would know what happened. He slid out, the head resting on my lips as his cock pulsed. I swallowed, trying to keep up with the impressive load. As his knees buckled, I held him in place. What was the point of superhuman strength if it couldn’t support a guy while he surrendered to his orgasm?

“Fuck,” he growled. 

I gave his cock one last lick before sitting on the edge of the tub. Pressing my face into his belly, I held him tight while his body trembled. His statement replayed in my head. I’m all in. He had a way of filling my heart, threatening to make my chest explode. I never thought I’d experience this abundance of emotion. Hank redefined happiness.

I reached for the towel while Hank had a seat, trying to catch his breath. He pulled me close, exploring my mouth with his tongue. He wanted to taste his handiwork. I had to pull away before my willpower wavered and I climbed on top of him.

“Going to wait?”

I looked down at my cock. It stood at attention, angry I hadn’t played with it. It’d serve as punishment for not telling Hank how I felt. When I finally said the words aloud, then the lil’ fella would get to celebrate.

“Gotta keep you guessing.”

He gave my cock a squeeze. I couldn’t help but moan as my legs quivered. “Don’t wait too long.” He gave me that trademark smirk before pushing a towel into my face. “I suppose it’s time to head to the suite. Can’t have you missing—”

I forgot what day it was. Hell broke loose as I dried off in record time. “Hurry, we can’t miss it!”


Chapter 5

“It’s almost time!”

Hank was going to miss it. I had taken the blanket off the bed, wrapping it about myself as if I were building a nest. For the next hour, I wouldn’t move from this spot. If the volcano erupted, I’d die here. Much to Hank’s dismay, this had been a weekly ritual for the last year.

“Something feels off.” I turned to see Hank standing in the middle of the oversized living room. “I can’t put my finger on it.” If he didn’t sit his butt down, we were going to fight. I tried for subtlety, looking at him and then at the space on the couch and back. He rolled his eyes. “You’re insufferable.”

Knock. Knock. Knock.

“Did you order room service?” 

I shook my head. I checked my watch. We only had minutes to spare.

“So help me. If somebody’s here to kill us, they’ll have to wait.” I threw open the blanket and bolted for the door. Peaking through the peephole, I couldn’t see anybody. I should have ignored it, but I needed to know who waited on the other side. I hoped for a T-Rex bounty hunter from another reality.

The door burst open.

“Put your cocks away.” Margaret barged in. She looked like a wall of neon pink between the sandals, dress, bag, and hat. She pulled off her sun hat, throwing it to the side. “We don’t have time for any slap and tickle.” She thrust her tiny demon dog at my chest. Pushing me out of the way, she ran toward the couch. “Hurry the hell up!”

“I figure out what’s missing.” Hank sat down on the end of the couch, making sure he was out of reach of Margaret’s razor-sharp nails. “Should have enjoyed the silence while it lasted.”

I eyed the tiny terror snarling at me. He was a miniature, four-legged version of Margaret. “Are you ever going to turn your ex back into a human?” Once I learned she had put a curse on him for trying to break up with her, I understood his ferocious nature. I would have felt bad if he hadn’t eaten my slippers. 

I booped him on the nose for good measure.

By the time I crawled under the blankets, Margaret furiously pushed buttons on the remote. The screen descended from the ceiling while a panel opened, peak and the projector lowered. My apartment had a big tv, but this was like sitting in a movie theater. Music played on the surround sound. 

“Housewives for life,” Margaret shouted.

“I can’t wait to see a life-sized Greta get slapped.”

“You’re both crazy.” Margaret threw a pillow at Hank. “It’s Becca that needs a slapping. She’s banging Greta’s husband’s arch-nemesis!”

Yes, this had become our weekly ritual. Hank acted as if he tolerated our obsession with this horrific reality show. By the first commercial, he’d be whispering under his breath. Afterward we’d argue which of the housewives deserved to be cancelled. It was perfect… except for…

“Margaret! Housewives tax?”

She tried to shush me as she reached into her oversized bag. It only took a shake of the box and my tongue hung. I shimmied her mutt into my lap while I held out my hands, fingers itching for that sweet, sweet treat. She smacked the box of Chocopuffs against my chest. I tore open the top of the box, taking a deep whiff.

“Begin the bitch slapping!”


Chapter 6

The function hall had been converted into a rave. Hundreds of sweaty bears filled the space, dancing while the music thumped. It ranged from otters in singlets to cubs in speedos, to bears in full leather. But when the beat dropped, the room shook as the crowd cheered. I imagined this is what heaven looked like.

Hank grabbed my hands as he hopped back and forth. He opted for jeans and a leather harness and couldn’t be sexier. His chest glistened after dancing steadily for the last hour. I didn’t have a graceful bone in my body, but it didn’t matter. This handsome man focused on me as if I were the only one in the room. Every time he flashed a grin, I shook and shimmied with the best of them.

The room had surpassed capacity. I had to remind myself the beefy bodies bumping into me didn’t have poison tipped blades. I still jumped as I felt hands on my hips and somebody grinding against my back.

Scott appeared, stepping between me and Hank, hips gyrating with my boyfr — live-in-boyfriend. I turned about to see Gerald sipping from a tall glass with an umbrella as he bobbed with the beat. He put an arm around my neck, leaning in close to my ear.

“I’m jealous.” He was also drunk. “You have the rest of your lives ahead of you.” He had to shout to be heard over the music. “Make every minute count.”

“I will.”

He moved along, but not before dancing behind Hank. He and Scott made for an adorable couple. They gave me hope. One day we’d be telling a new couple stories about how we met. Hank flashed me a smile as he danced with the two men. 


I turned around and bolted for the stage. My body thinned as I squeezed between a wall of bears. On the stage, the DJ spun music while a wall of televisions flashed in time with the beat. I hoisted myself onto the platform. The DJ shot me a curious glance. Normally, I’d take a moment to savor the sight of a chubby man in a jock, but I was on a mission.

Hank once described me as reckless. My lack of impulse control infuriated him at every turn, but more often than not, I caught him smiling. It only made sense to harness the trait that brought us together. Pointing at the microphone, I gave the DJ puppy dog eyes.

He handed it over. The music screeched as if he dragged the needle across a record. The televisions behind me flashed before showing a jumbo-sized version of me. Shit. Maybe Hank was right, and I should think before eating.


The bears turned to the stage. A sea of sweaty men were less than thrilled I interrupted their dance party. I think I’d rather face assassins than turn off the music for four-hundred gay men.

“Shout out to our host, Margaret Tinsley.” The crowd didn’t respond. Fine. “My name’s Clint.” Why the fuck did I think this would be smart? “I’m here with my boyfriend, Hank.” The crowd grumbled. “We met a year ago on this island. It was a work thing and…”

I took a deep breath. I didn’t have the words. When I thought back to the angry man dragging his suitcases across the beach, it was a lifetime ago. My throat closed as I tried to form the words.

“Go on!” Gerald shouted.

“Doing stupid things is my brand.” I gestured to the stage. “I hoped we’d find common ground and maybe be friends. But I never imagined he’d be my best friend.” The crowd aw’d at the admission. “Hank, when we stood on the side of the lagoon, you put your faith in me.”

“You threw me into the lagoon!”

“It’s been a year. But I knew then you’d be my forever.” Nope, those weren’t tears. If anybody asked, I’d claim sweat got in my eyes. “I’ve been looking for the perfect moment to say this. That’s the problem. There hasn’t been just one. They’ve all been perfect because they were with you.”

The entire crowd shifted, looking for Hank. Scott and Gerald heaved him up on their shoulders. He’d hate being the center of attention. The bears quieted their rumblings. 

“Henry Piedmont…” Breaking out the full name meant it was serious. “I love you and have since you took the jump with me.”

Hank covered his mouth. Yes, I just told my live-in-boyfriend I loved him in front of hundreds of strangers.

“Well?” I recognized Margaret’s voice.

“I love you too!”

I handed the microphone to the DJ and jumped off the stage. The bears parted as I moved toward Hank. Scott and Gerald set him down as the crowd pushed away, giving us space. 

“You’re a walking catastrophe.”

I was, and he accepted it. “Hank, you make me a better man.” I cupped his face. For better or worse, I was his catastrophe. “I love you.”

“Kiss him, you oaf!” Margaret wasn’t playing.

I kissed my future. The bears roared with applauds. When I came up for air, all eyes were on us. Hank buried his face in my chest. It was about to get awkward with everybody staring. 

“DJ!” Margaret to the rescue. 

The music resumed, and the circle closed in. While the rest of the crowd jumped up and down, Hank and I swayed. I couldn’t help but smile as I caught Gerald and Scott kissing. Someday, we’d be them. 

I kissed the top of Hank’s head. We’d get there, one memory at a time.


Chapter 7

“Say it again.”

“Henry Piedmont, I love you.”

Hank laid naked in the middle of the bed. He hadn’t taken off the leather harness. The dirty thoughts ran wild. The rave continued downstairs, but we turned in for the night. After the hundredth time he demanded I repeat myself, I found them crammed full of memories that brought us here. The first time he bought me flowers. When he introduced me to his Meemaw. The time he used his hacking skills to redirect a palette of Chocopuffs to my door. The memories of us laced each word with warmth.

“I love you, too.” When he spoke them, the insecurities quieted. They wrapped about me like a warm blanket.

“We need to find a new living situation before Mr. Lenore wakes up.” 

Hank shook his head. “Not if he already sold it to you.”

“But he’s in a coma.”

“It’s a miracle that he woke up to sign the papers.”

“You did tech stuff, didn’t you?”

“Surprise!” My live-in-boyfriend didn’t blow up buildings or snap necks. His brand of criminal worked in the shadows. This is why we made a great team. It almost made me want to run out and commit a felony. But the only crime tonight was going to be the things I did to my boyfriend.

Hank glanced down the length of his body as my cock stood at attention. My body transformed as hair sprouted along my chest and arms until I turned into a wolf man. I gave Hank a giant toothy grin.

“How many times have I told you no knotting?”

I loved getting a rise out of him. I returned to normal but kept the extra size. At seven feet tall, I loomed over the bed. Whenever Hank wanted to be the little spoon, I ensured he felt like the small guy in bed. That’d happen after I did naughty things to him. 

Kneeling on the bed, I grabbed him by the hips and flipped him onto his stomach. Being a chubby guy meant rarely being tossed about like a rag doll. If ever there was a time I appreciated my abilities, it was when I needed to move Hank into position. I craved touching every part of him, but the curves of his ass might rank as my number one. Pulling him by the ankles to the edge of the bed, that ass begged for attention.

With one final jerk, he rested on all fours. I dropped to my knees, eyes level with his backside. His cock was already at attention, pressed against his belly. I dragged my fingers down his taint to the back of his balls. The goosebumps formed on each leg as his body shivered. I continued along his shaft until I reached the tip. He moaned as my fingers circled the shaft, giving it a firm squeeze.

I kissed along his left cheek until I reached the crack of his ass. With a flick of the tongue, Hank’s head shot up as he pushed back. We had spent entire nights where I rested my head on his leg, lazily licking his hole until he demanded I fuck him. 

He started a rocking motion, pushing himself back on my tongue before thrusting in my hand. While he fell into a rhythm, I had to fight off a smile. I wasn’t rimming any man. This was my boyfriend, the man I loved. 

I ran my hand along the crack of his ass, licking my finger as it neared his hole. My fingers melded together until it looked as if a cock formed at my wrist. Shapeshifter benefit: no worrying about pesky angles. I watched as the tip slid in. Hank tensed for a moment. He had gotten used to my antics in the bedroom, but it always took him a moment to adjust to my changes in anatomy.

“Nice and easy,” I whispered.

Slightly thinner than my cock, I eagerly watched as I entered Hank. Nothing compared to the soft whimpers of my boyfriend, the love of my life, as I slid inside. With a slight shift, I changed the angle, my spare cock massaging his prostate. Hank howled loud enough I thought he might have transformed into a werewolf. He didn’t need to say anything. The stream of precum spoke volumes.

I licked Hank from my fingers. With a slow in-and-out motion, I let my hand grow thicker until it matched the width of my cock. I milked his cock, careful not to make him cum. 

“Ready for more?”

He didn’t speak. Hank leaned back, inviting me to push his limits. My hand thickened little-by-little, stretching his hole. He stopped rocking back and forth, burying his face in the bed while he wailed. I reached the size of the biggest toy tucked away in my nightstand. If I had been a more patient man, I’d drag it out, expanding his limits. We had the rest of our lives to explore.

I retracted my hand and kiss the left cheek of his ass. Right now, I had a hard-on to bury in my live-in-boyfriend’s ass. I spread my precum over the head of my cock and lined up. In one smooth motion, my balls slapped against Hank’s sack. Warm. No, hot. Soft. I never wanted to leave. If I sweet-talked him enough, he’d let me fall asleep with my cock still inside him.

“Fuck me,” Hank growled.

“Yes, sir.” Who was I to argue? I snagged his harness, holding him in place as I started a steady in and out motion. The sound of slapping skin took me from zero to sixty. As hot as it was, I didn’t want to see the back of his head when I came.

I let my arms elongate, wrapping around his torso. With a spin, Hank flipped onto his back, my cock never slipping from his ass.


I rested his legs on my shoulders, fingers kneading his thighs as I picked up the pace. Hank’s head arched back, his body shaking as he let out a growl. His hole tightened as he shot ropes of cum across his chest. In all the times I mounted Hank, never had he cum without me jerking his cock. The mythical hands-free cum shot.

There was no holding back. I didn’t want to. I wanted to cum inside the man who shared my bed. The boyfriend who silently watched as I danced to the music in my head. The love of my life.

I growled, pulling his legs tight to my belly. My toes curled. It turned into a roar as Hank tightened his muscles. My cock pulsed, breeding the love of my life. I took a minute to catch my breath before pushing his legs to the side, pulling my cock free. The orgasm might have faded, but I wasn’t done with this sexy man.

I grabbed a towel from the dresser, wiping down his chest and giving his spent cock an extra tug. Crawling onto the bed, I dragged him along until we reached the pillows. Mr. Chubs waited, shocked by the show. Hank grumbled as I shifted him about, making him my little spoon. Tiny by comparison. He loved every moment. 

“I love you,” I whispered in his ear. I nuzzled against his neck, ready to cuddle until we fell asleep.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” he said. He grabbed my arm, clutching it against his chest. “Did you really get on stage, or was I dreaming?”

“Too much?”

“Definitely.” He kissed my knuckles. “But I’d expect nothing less from you.”

Hank reached back, fingers making a grabbing motion. Oh, I almost forgot. This relationship had always been a threesome. I handed him Mr. Chubs. He snuggled the teddy bear against his chest before dragging my arm across them both. To anybody else, it might be a foolish gesture, but it was just another instance of Hank accepting my oddities.

A year ago, life had been a series of whims without meaning. They brought me Hank, and since then… my heart hadn’t experienced emptiness. I had developed a love/hate relationship with Margaret, and we went on double dates with Diesel and Callum. Any given evening, my phone vibrated with text messages. But of all the phone numbers, only one had been pinned to my favorites.

Hank’s breathing deepened as he drifted off. Usually, I’d spend the next hour holding him, replaying our highlight reel in my head. Tonight, I’d think about the future and the possibilities that lay ahead with the love of my life.

“I love you.”

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