Sinister Passion




Chapter 1

Won-Ho fit.

Curled into a ball, my body wrapped around his. My arm draped across his waist, holding him in place. The other slid under his pillow where his fingers touched mine. I kissed along the back of his neck, never wanting the morning to—

“Fuck.” Sat upright, nearly spinning him around. I crawled to the edge of the bed and grabbed my phone. We had overslept. Arriving late wasn’t the first impression I wanted to bestow upon the new board. Hudler’s chief operating officer didn’t need another reason to hate me.

“Fuck.” Won-Ho held his phone. “Didn’t you set your alarm?”

“I forgot. It happens when somebody touches my cock.”

I’d have love to spend the morning locked in whimsical banter about our late night activities, but neither of us had time to spare. Even if I teleported into the boardroom, I needed to look the part.

“Don’t you have a—”

“Court appearance? Yes, and Judge Wheeler is ruthless.” 

Won-Ho had jumped off the bed and walked into the closet. I didn’t have time to admire him, but I’d have risked my company for another thirty seconds of him naked. He flipped through the dozen suits hanging on the left side of the walk-in. As he reached, I admired the muscles in his shoulders and how they softened into the curves of his belly. Everything about Won-Ho excited me. 

He turned, catching me staring. “Put it out of your mind. You’re not getting a quickie.”

As I stood, I did nothing to hide my erection. “The dark brown. It makes your eyes stand out.” He pulled it off the rack. “It also says, ‘Don’t fuck with me.’ Doesn’t hurt that it makes your ass look good.”

He shot me a smile. “Where did you put my socks?”

“First dresser, second drawer.”

With the frequent sleepovers, he had moved a handful of work clothes into the closet. He spent more nights here than not, and it made little sense for him to keep teleporting to his apartment to get dressed in the morning. I’d sacrifice closet space if it meant spending a few more minutes in bed with him.

“You should move in.”

Won-Ho froze. “We haven’t really—”

His expression hovered between reluctance and confusion. I’m sure for most couples this was a conversation to be discussed at length. It was the only logical decision. I wanted more Won-Ho, and I had enough space for him and—

The double doors to the bedroom burst open. The shadows wrapped around my nudity, shrouding me in darkness. 

“Dae!” Won-Ho said. “What have we talked about?”

Dae’s head cocked to the side before he reached out to the door, knocking three times. He didn’t miss a beat as he entered, unfazed by my powers. Won-Ho held the suit in front of him, hiding the fun bits. Meanwhile, Dae was fully dressed, tugging at the straps of his backpack. At this moment, we weren’t exactly role models.

“Is somebody taking me to school?”

“Fu — fudge.”

“I know what swear words are.” I could stand before the board room and make demands without breaking a sweat. Hell, I’d take on the Galactic Guardians and have less difficulty than I did with a young adult. “You were saying them a lot last night.”

Won-Ho’s face turned bright red. If not for the shadows, I’d have done the same. We’d be talking to the contractors about including a sound barrier between the bedroom and the rest of the house. 

“Alright team,” I said. “Dae, go brush your teeth.”

“But I—”

“Don’t lie,” I said. His frown sold him out. “Brush your teeth. Won-Ho, you go shower. I’ll have Jonathan stall the board.” Neither of them moved. The shadows spread from my feet, racing toward them until tendrils pushed them in their respective directions. “Go. Go. Go. Shadow Dragon is on the move!”

With Dae heading toward his bathroom, Won-Ho scurried out of the closet and leaned into the shadows, and gave me a peck on the cheek. “Team Shadow Dragon, huh?”

“Dae’s idea.” 

The shadows pushed the doors closed. I took the suit from his hand and threw it on the bed. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I couldn’t help but stare into those soft brown eyes. Before Won-Ho, I had been fixated on revenge and becoming the most threatening man in the world. I never expected meeting a man I’d ask to spend the night, let alone ask to spend every night. But here we were, team Shadow Dragon, a somewhat functioning trio.

Won-Ho blushed. “What?”

I shook my head. Not even my ego could solve the riddle. “What did I do to deserve you?”

“Damien Vex.” He shook his head. “Shelf your feelings. Today, you’re going to show Hudler’s team how you’ll destroy them if they don’t acquiesce.”

He had softened my outlook on life. At the same time, he didn’t shy away the reality of dating a titan. If anything, he sharpened my edges. I loved him. Words I never thought I’d mutter.

“Won-Ho, I love you.”

When he kissed me, I fought every instinct to throw him on the bed. I wanted to climb on top of him and…

“Later.” He patted me on the side of the face. “Today, you need to be a killer.”

I rose an eyebrow at the statement.

“Figuratively!” He gave me a shove before dashing into the bathroom. 

At the sound of water, I had to remind myself I didn’t have time to lather him in soap. I pulled on the flannel PJ bottoms and snatched Won-Ho’s t-shirt before throwing it on. 

As I passed a mirror, I paused. I had a drawer filled with expensive pajamas and nearly an entire dresser with designer underwear. Yet, wearing Won-Ho’s shirt, despite being a couple sizes too big, was worth more than my entire wardrobe. I couldn’t believe I was about to go out in public. I only prayed that the paparazzi didn’t snap a photo.

“Are you ready?”

Dae made sure I could see every tooth as he smiled. I slid on a pair of slippers and gave his hair a slight ruffle. He swatted at my hand. 

“Are we—”

I let out a long sigh. “Yes, we’re taking the shortcut.”

He jumped up and down. Won-Ho and I agreed we wouldn’t hide our powers from the boy. With the media chasing me down at every turn, it only made sense to tell him the facts. We attempted some level of discretion, which made him less than excited. If he had his way, he’d already be soaring through the streets, saving the day.

The shadows flowed from the gem, reaching out until they created a circle in the living room. Always the brave one, he charged into the void. I chuckled as he flipped inside, using the lack of gravity to spin in circles.

“We’re going to have our hands full with this one.”

I followed him inside, tearing open an exit. I caught him by the ankle, grounding him before nudging him forward. We stood in front of his school. 

“Make sure you behave.” Even with my board room voice, I didn’t compare to the mother screaming at her kid to stop biting his friend.

He waved as he ran up the stairs to the front doors. I turned to walk into the portal when I caught a mom staring. At first I thought my powers caught her attention, then we gave each other the once over. It seemed flannel pajama bottoms and oversized t-shirts were the unofficial dress code of exhausted parents.

“Good luck,” she said.

“Same to you.”

Through the portal, I stepped into my bedroom. I hurried to pull my best ‘destroy the opposition’ suit from the hanger. If today went according to plan, we’d acquire a chunk of Hudler’s empire. I’d have preferred to seize it all and break it apart piece by piece, but lawyers continued citing legislators in Washington concerned about a monopoly. I’d have Jonathan set up meetings with some of these law makers and see if we could renegotiate.

“Shower is all yours.”

I gawked. All urgency fled at the sight of Won-Ho standing in the doorway toweling off his face. I had my fair share of men, but none of them stopped me dead in my tracks. He caught me staring. He flexed before his humility got the best of him. 

“I’ll see you after work?” Subtle change of subject, so I’d stop molesting him with my eyes.

“I might be late. You know how these things go.”

“Just don’t—”

“Sleep over. I didn’t forget. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in time.”

I strode toward him, pulling the t-shirt over my head. With a quick peck on the cheek, I whispered in his ear. “There won’t be any sleeping for us.”

“Go!” He shoved me into the bathroom. He knew me well enough. I’d choose a romp in the sack with him over a corporate takeover. If I could manage both, it’d make for a glorious day.

“Love you, Won.”

From the bedroom, I heard him shout. “No quickies.”

Yes, for better or worse, this is the man I wanted to spend the rest of my days with.


Chapter 2

“You lied to him?”

“A white lie.”

“Still a lie.”

Havres appeared out of thin air. The demon leaned in close enough I counted the teeth from his exposed jaw. He sniffed along my chest as if I wore a new cologne. Even with the breeze, he caught a whiff of something. The demon patted me on the shoulder.

“He’s believes himself noble.”

I gave Diesel a finger. “The vengeance demon has sided.”

“Let’s not go that far,” Doc said. Two people in one body. I’d never get used to that.

The wind had picked up as the sun set. We stood on the roof of Binary Labs, a research center on the outer edge of Sin City. The mission was simple, a quick smash and grab. I didn’t have time to go through lawyers, buy the company, and pilfer its coffers. Sometimes, a bad guy has to do bad things. 

I expected the skies to be filled with capes duking it out with one another. Everybody spoke about the city as if it was a giant criminal enterprise. From the twenty-second floor, it didn’t look much different from Vanguard. Sirens didn’t fill the air. It meant either the tales were a lie or law enforcement had given up.

“This place isn’t half bad,” I said, admiring the nearby skyscrapers. “I think the reports are exaggerated.”


“So what if there are a few crooks? No different from Vanguard.” Present company included.


“We could rule—”


Diesel turned more insufferable than usual. If he wasn’t calling the shots, he pouted and turned extra moody. I spun about to him, pointing at the skylight. Havres snickered at whatever happened in the room below. Two stories below, I spotted the goal of the mission. The pedestal was surrounded by red lasers, ready to sound the alarm. 

“What the hell?”

A woman made of glass walked through the lasers as if they were nothing more than a minor inconvenience. She made a bee-line for the pedestal. I’d be damned if somebody stole my soon-to-be stolen merchandise.

“We can’t have this.”

“I want vengeance.” Havres leaned against the glass. I appreciated the denizen of the underworld’s determination to reap souls.

“We leave with that or—”

“Yeah. Yeah. You’ll kill us,” Diesel said. “Work on your banter.”

Pooling the shadows along the roof, we sank into their darkness. Havres and I dropped to the floor, separating our mysterious guest from the pedestal. Diesel hovered in the air, his body doused in flames.

“We have dibs,” I said.

I turned to grab the glass case when an invisible force threw me against the far wall. I growled as a laser seared my arm. Instead of the usual security lasers, these were real lasers. Okay, I admitted, Sin City might be a more brutal version of Vanguard. Duly noted.

Diesel unleashed a stream of fire, but the glass figure didn’t slow. Something sucker punched him before pinning him to the ceiling. 

“She’s not alone,” Havres barked.

Other than the single pedestal, the room was nothing more than an empty cube. Past the lasers, I spotted the culprit. Our friend had a companion hovering above the floor. I had dealt with my fair share of telekinetics. They were an egotistical bunch. That said something coming from me.

“You two stop our fragile friend. I’ve got him.”

“Kill him, Sway.” Oh good, Glass spoke.

I zipped forward, darting between the lasers. Our smash and grab had turned into a duel. I hoped we made it out before the authorities arrived, but I hadn’t planned on the competition. There was no way I’d leave without claiming victory. Unfortunately for these two, that meant putting them down.

His powers struck like a hammer in the center of my back. I skid along the floor, stopping short of a humming red beam. I glanced up to see the man in a purple and green suit. Classic bad guy colors. 

“Damien, am I right? You’re a long way from Vanguard.” He let out a diabolical laugh, as if he just revealed his master plan for world domination. What kind of crooks did Sin City produce? This bordered on pathetic. 

His abilities pulled at my shoulders, inching me toward the laser. He should have dealt a deadly blow instead of toying with me. The shadows slid into the laser, pushing the red beam back just when my face would have connected.

I sank into the darkness and reappeared behind him. I brought down both fists to knock him off his feet. The blow stopped short, slamming into an invisible barrier. The asshole had an invisible force-field. It reinforced my hatred for telekinetics. 

“Nice try, Damien.” He goaded me. 

The air pressure changed, and I braced a foot as his powers drove into the center of my chest. He turned around, rising into the air. He thrust his hands at me, and the force grew stronger, as if he summoned gale force winds.

The shadows poured out of the gem, pushing back. The tendrils wrapped about his arms. With a flick of his wrist, his powers sliced through. I had toyed with him enough. This had already required too much effort. I had a job to do, and I’d be damned if he stood in the way.

Shards of shadows shot forward from my hands. At the same time, the tendril wrapped about his neck. I launched myself forward, fist leading the way. He couldn’t swat away every advance. His abilities were impressive, but only when he focused on a single target. 

I nailed him in the jaw. With another blow, I knocked him backward. I closed my eyes, focusing on the shadows in every nook and cranny in the lab. They wrapped around the little globes, producing the lasers.

“That’s Vex, to you.” 

With a flick of the wrist, the lasers danced about the room. I turned the emitters until they sliced through the man. He didn’t have time to scream. Flesh sizzled as his chunks of his body struck the floor. When I finished conquering Vanguard, I’d see about showing Sin City’s two-bit criminals how things should be done.


Havres held our glass friend. He tossed her body aside. “Vengeance has been served.”

“Lame.” Diesel said. “Work on your catchphrase, hellion.”

Turning in my direction, they gawked at the carnage. I got to my feet. I admired my handiwork. “Sway. What an idiotic name.” I waded through the gore toward the pedestal.

“Well, that was rather gruesome,” Diesel said as he dropped to his feet. “Glad to know you’re not a complete softie.”

Doc rose to the surface as if he absorbed the demon. Our therapist raised an eyebrow. “What’s so special that you’re leaving a trail of bodies?”

“Just a piece of ore that fell from the sky.”

“You brought us here for moon rock?” Asked Diesel. “You could have asked a Martian for one.”

I pushed past them, storming toward my prize. Driving my knuckles into the glass case, it cracked. With a second punch, it shattered. I reached in, pulling a ring from the pedestal.

“It’s not just any space ore.” 

I held up the ring. The band shimmered in the darkness. Silver and perfectly smooth, a line of blue light ran through the middle, almost identical to the color of Won-Ho’s powers. It had once belonged to a prince who travelled the galaxies, or at least that was the rumor amongst Vanguard aliens. He might not be royalty, but he was my prince.

“Did we just kill for an engagement ring?” Asked Doc.

“That’s it.” Diesel threw his arms in the air. “You’re not getting any wedding gifts.”

I only prayed the ring fit. “I have one more favor to ask…”

Chapter 3

“Do you have your toothbrush?”


“A change of clothes?”



“Yes.” But with an eye roll.

I listened as Won-Ho continued down the list. He had wrangled legal custody of the boy. Since taking over as Dae’s guardian, I admired the ease with which he stepped into fatherhood. Firm. Loving. More than a little doting.

I sat on the sofa, watching as Won-Ho inspected Dae’s backpack. Despite being able to teleport any missing items, he went through the list again. If I didn’t know better, Dae was leaving to backpack across Europe, not a sleepover.

“Won, he’s going to be fine.”

Dae nodded quickly. Of the two of them, Won-Ho was far more nervous. The kid’s first sleepover, and Won-Ho was just shy of being a wreck. I might have shared in the nervous energy, but I knew the host well enough. Nothing bad would come of this night other than indulging in too many sweets and violating bed time.

“Oh, don’t forget the most important thing. He’d send you right home if you forgot.”

Won-Ho’s brow furrowed. Both Dae and I laughed. At this rate, our first night alone in weeks and it’d be Won-Ho who needed an early bedtime. 

Dae hadn’t caught on yet. I pointed to the kitchen. “Chocopuffs?”

His eyes lit up. He bolted from the living room to the kitchen. All three of us knew the price of admission for this event. 

“Clint would have killed us,” I said.

“Are you sure it’s not weird to let an eight-year-old stay overnight with two grown men?”

I gave a slight shrug. “When you put it like that? Yes. It’s very weird. But have you met Hank and Clint? I’m betting Dae is the responsible one of the three. It’s not like they’d let anything happen to the boy.”

Dae returned, shaking a box of Chocopuffs. “Uncle Hank has this VR thing. You put it on and you’re on Mars fighting zombies.” I gestured to Dae. My case had been made. “Uncle Clint is a horrible shot. He always gets eaten.”

Won-Ho’s eyes lit up. I stood up and walked over to the man, wrapping an arm over his shoulders. “It’s going to be fine. They might be giant children, but they’d never let Dae be eaten alive.”

“You’re not making the case you think you are.”

I pushed his head onto my shoulder. “No lawyering. Let him be a kid.”

“Don’t worry, if bad guys show up, Damien taught me where to hit them.”

Shit. Won-Ho’s arm folded across his chest. In my defense, a kid had been picking on him at school and I wanted to make sure Dae stood up for himself. Teaching him to punch a kid in the throat might not have been the best move. Parenting… it didn’t come naturally to everybody.

“Dae, what have we… I… said about violence?”

Dae huffed. “Only when necessary. But—”

“Dae.” Won-Ho gave him the lawyer stare, the one that said there was no room for debate. I gave Dae a quick wink. He knew when Won-Ho got serious I’d be the one to talk him off the ledge. 

Dae slid his arms through the straps on the backpack. The sheer weight had him fighting for balance. Won-Ho had packed enough stuff that Dae would be fine, even if he found himself stranded on a planet of zombies.

“Alright, Shadow Dragons, time to part ways. Black or blue?” I asked.

His face scrunched up as he thought about the question. “Blue.”

I had rolled the dice and come up snake eyes. Within the confines of the apartment, we openly used our abilities. At first Dae found the void a delight. He’d flip his way through, laughing as he defied gravity. As of late, he seemed to prefer Won-Ho’s abilities. There might have been an ulterior motive.

“Are you going to behave?” Asked Won-Ho.

Dae nodded a little too vigorously. I suspected his behavior was the least of our worries at this sleepover. 

“Are you going to make Clint behave?” I asked. 

Dae shrugged. 

“At least he’s honest.”

Won-Ho ignored me as the blue light flowed about his chest. It washed down his arm like a vibrant stream, splashing against his palm. Without missing a beat, Dae cupped his hands. Won-Ho poured the light out, smiling as the kid jumped up and down.

Unlike when Won-Ho summoned the mammoth dragon, a small lizard with wings slithered around Dae’s arm. If it wasn’t an everyday occurrence, it might have been impressive. Instead of watching the little dragon, I watched the admiration on Won-Ho’s face. He beamed with pride. While I had feared losing my abilities, he looked forward to the day he passed the baton to his grandson.

“Go ahead,” Won-Ho said. He turned Dae around, holding his hand out. I didn’t quite know which of them controlled the power. Dae didn’t care as the light wrapped about them. He was just delighted that he and his grandfather shared a special gift. A second later, they blinked out of the room.

A night alone? An entire night of adults doing adult things? I headed to the shower. I wanted a thorough scrubbing. I almost laughed at the thought. I’d only be getting clean to get dirty again.

Very. Dirty.

Chapter 4

A night alone.

“Is this weird?” Won-Ho lowered his tablet.

For the last hour, we sat on the couch uninterrupted. Won-Ho had been reviewing a book on corporate law while I perused a journal featuring titans of technology. Yes, I enjoyed reading about myself.

I set the magazine down, looking about the apartment. The television mounted above the fireplace wasn’t on, and wires weren’t strewn across the room while Dae played video games. Neither of us were running about like madmen to prepare food for a child with a bottomless stomach.

“It’s very weird,” I said.

Our first night alone and we spent it reading. Won-Ho had all but moved in. He didn’t consult with me when he decided to foster Dae. He didn’t have to. I supported whatever made him happy. While he understood what it meant to be a parent, I had not. I quickly learned financial bribes were frowned upon. Since that lecture, I had done my best to follow Won-Ho’s lead. 

“We have the house to ourselves,” Won-Ho said. “The entire house.”

I let my hand run along his chest. As my fingers wandered down his body, I thought back to the many nights we consecrated every surface of this house. Now we sat in silence, acting like an old married couple. I didn’t mind, but it lacked passion. I wanted a new experience, similar to the first time Won-Ho kissed me.

“Why are we not naked?”

His eyes shot up. I gave his belly a pat before tugging on his t-shirt. Our sex life hadn’t dwindled, even with a third occupant in the house. It meant we utilized every opportunity we were alone. Now that I thought about it, it had been some time since we—

I slid my hand under the waistband of his sweatpants. Fingertips touched his shaft, and I watched as the fabric tented. He buried his face in my stomach, moaning as I wrapped my fingers around his cock. I’d happily spend the evening teasing him until he begged to cum. With time on our hands, we needed something a bit more exciting.

“You know, somewhere I’ve always wanted to—”

The blue light flashed before I could finish. My hope of sex on the balcony while the city listened to our moans was dashed. As the orbs of white in my eyes dimmed, I realized we stood in a darkened room. It took a moment before I made out the massive table surrounded by a few dozen leather chairs.

“My board room?”

Won-Ho pulled his shirt over his head. “This is your domain. You’re a force and nothing stands in your way.” He threw his shirt at me. “Here, Damien Vex takes what he wants.” The grin might as well have been a written invitation. Won-Ho had given permission to take what I wanted.

The smoke spewed across the office floor, throwing chairs to the side. I stepped forward, forcing Won-Ho back until I pinned him against the table. Since our first night together, we had steadily worked through his curiosities. From topping to bottom, and handcuffs to blindfolds, he wanted to try it all. He made up for lost time, and I wasn’t one to refuse a beautiful man with a raging sexual appetite.

I gripped the side of his neck, pulling him to me. My lips hovered just out of reach, the warmth of his breath washing over my skin. Try as he might to close the distance, I held him in place. 

“My rules,” I whispered. He nodded in reply. This was a first for us, and I wanted to take full advantage of his submission. Where to begin?

The shadows snaked about his legs until they reached his waist. With a fast jerk, he spun about. Before he could protest, I pushed him over the table. Won-Ho could have fought back. He didn’t resist as the shadows pulled down the back of his pajamas. 

I admired the sight. This hefty man lay bent over the table with his ass exposed. I had destroyed corporations in this very room. I made the business world tremble as I took charge. Here, the name Damien Vex struck fear in the heart of men. In my domain, I didn’t ask permission. I took what I wanted.

Pressing my groin against Won-Ho’s ass, I draped myself across his back. I wanted him to know my intentions. Up to this point, we relied on the rules of safer sex. Early on, we discussed an open relationship, but neither had acted upon it. I’d have haunted anybody who dared to touch Won-Ho. 

“I’m going to breed you.”

My hand slid down his side until I had a firm hold of his hip. Kissing along his back, I followed the robes of the grim reaper until it transformed into a bouquet of Mugunghwa flowers. It’d be easy enough, dropping to my knees and burying my face, but I wanted to drag out the suspense.

Standing upright, I drew back my hand. With a sharp smack, I struck his ass with enough force that the six-hundred pound table shifted. Without powers, I’d have broken him. The next strike hit hard, enough blue light rippled along his body. I let my hand hover over the red print before striking once more time for good measure. Won-Ho’s moan drowned in the ox’s howl as his powers flared.

I dropped to my knees, feeling the heat from his ass against my lips. I refrained from leaving a bite mark. Another day. Tracing a finger down the crack of his ass, Won-Ho attempted to push back. With my other hand, I grabbed the meat of his ass and held him in place. I took a moment, kneading the flesh, enjoying the softness. Won-Ho was the perfect blend of muscle and, as he called it, fluffiness.

Separating his cheeks, my tongue dragged down the crack of his ass. I avoided his hole as I licked to his testicles. I continued until he pushed back with a slight whimper. There’d be other nights to tease until he begged. I gave Won-Ho what he wanted, my tongue buried in his ass.

He’d need plenty of attention if I was going to bury my cock in him. I held his hips, pulling him back as I worked his hole. Reaching between his legs, I held his cock. With slow strokes, I milked his shaft while I devoured his ass.

“Don’t stop,” he begged. I hadn’t planned on it.

He gyrated his hips, and with every thrust, I squeeze his cock. As he withdrew, he pushed back on my tongue. I found the taste of Won-Ho’s ass intoxicating. His cock had grown slick with precum, and if I didn’t control the tempo, he’d coat the boardroom floor with his load. 

I reached into my pants, my erection patiently waiting for the main event. Won-Ho was as wet as he was going to get, and despite my boasting, I only had the patience of a mortal. 

The shadows flowed up the legs of the table, tendrils wrapping about his wrist. Along the floor, they grabbed his ankles, pulling his legs apart. He tested their strength, but by sheer will, they held him in place. There’d be no resisting tonight. For good measure, I let the shadows rip the pants off me. If somebody walked in, they’d see a naked CEO and a man pinned with his pants around his ankle. I’d gladly put on a show.

I watched as my cock rested on the crack of my boyfriend’s ass. As I rocked my hips back and forth, the precum coated his skin. With a slight shift, I could feel the heat from his hole… my hole. I gave my shaft a firm stroke, making sure he was slick and ready. The head slid inside. I watched as the shaft disappeared, spreading Won-Ho open until he tried pulling at his restraints. There was no place for him to go, not now that I experienced the rawness of his ass.

“Feel my cock working you open?”

His reply came out in a whimper. It had been ages since I felt a man’s bare skin against my cock. With every inch, I moaned my satisfaction. It continued until my balls pushed against his ass.

“Every inch, buried in your ass.”

“It feels amazing.” I held still as I realized this was the first time Won-Ho had taken a bare cock. The thought of being his first made my cock swell. His groans his fell somewhere between pleasure and pain. Holding still was less for his benefit and more for me. The thought of being the first man to breed him had me on the brink of cumming.

Minutes passed until he milked my cock. At this rate, I’d be considered a two-stroke joke. My ego wouldn’t allow for that, not by a long shot.


He nodded.

I withdrew with care, taking my time. I might be forceful, but I wasn’t cruel. Focusing on my breathing, I stepped back from the edge of orgasm. Short of a world war, nothing could deter me from the sensation of my body pressed against this beautiful man.

I pushed forward. The moan was the signal I needed. My fingers wrapped around his hips, digging in until I controlled his ass. On the next withdraw, I jerked him back while I thrust forward. He grunted. I never wanted to stop. I continued, impressed I lasted as long as I did. Withdrawing, I fought off my body’s urge to cum. 

“Not yet,” I whispered.

Won-Ho let out a sigh. I think he was thankful for the reprieve, no matter how short. Fortunately for him, it wouldn’t take much before I shot. Or… by the grin on his face, maybe that was an unfortunate thing.

With a flick of the wrist, the shadows lifted him into the air. Rolling him onto his back, they held him in place. 

“That all you’ve got?”

“You wound me.” I lifted his legs, resting them on my shoulders. He tried pulling his hand free to play with himself. “I don’t think so. That’s my toy.” If he was going to cum, it’d be my doing.

I slid the head of my cock into him. The strokes went from short and quick to long and painfully slow. I switched between, watching my cock disappear to his shaft, jumping up and down. He held his eyes shut, murmuring to himself every time I brushed against that magic spot inside him. The drizzle along his belly had grown into a puddle.

“Ready to cum?”


Restraining Won-Ho wasn’t the only thing I could do with my powers. The smoke from the gem trailed down my body in silence. As it reached my cock, it surrounded the shaft. Normally skin tight, I used it for a little added girth. The extra stretching had done the trick. Won-Ho’s eyes shot open, his body bucking as the orgasm tore through his body. 

I let the shadows subside, savoring his ass tightening around my cock. My balls tightened as the tingling raced along my skin. I roared loud enough every night janitor would hear. The image of unloading inside Won-Ho mustered a final slam against his ass.

“God damn.” I grunted. Another surge of cum filling his ass.

I wanted to lean over and kiss him, to follow the white ropes covering his belly and the small patch of hair on his chest. Holding his legs in place, I pulled out. I dipped to one knee, giving his ass a final lick, tasting my load. He let out another moan. Given time, I’d have stayed there savoring my handiwork.

I crawled onto the table, my body draped across his. I released his wrists before kissing him. His belly was a wet mess. This required a well-earned shower, and the boardroom would need a hefty amount of Fabreeze to remove the smell of sex.

“We’re not done,” I said.

“My ass says otherwise.”

Between pants, I attempted to laugh. I liked to believe myself a stud, but Won-Ho wouldn’t get a repeat performance tonight. There was a good chance that next time I got naked it’d be me, getting mercilessly railed. 

“I want to take you somewhere.” I rolled onto my side. The boardroom table had a layer of sweat covering the surface and would need a thorough scrubbing. “Call it a date.”

He glanced at me from the corner of his eye. “You’re not going to tell me where?”

“And ruin the surprise?”

“You’re insufferable.”

“So I’ve been told.”

“That’s not the compliment you think it is.”

“All in the eye of the beholder.”

He let out a long sigh. With every inhale, I watched his chest rise. I wanted to rest my head on it and listen as his heart continued pounding. It’d have to wait, at least for a little while. I had plans and if we didn’t hurry, we’d miss our opportunity.

“As much as it pains me, we need to get dressed.”

“Suits or lounge?”

Before he became a regular house guest, I’d have slept in my suit. He had made it his personal mission to instill normal habits. I couldn’t admit my affinity for flannel without him giving me a ‘told you so.’ 

I let out an exasperated sigh. “Lounge wear… if you must.”

“Unless there’s a judge, I must.”

He better thank the heavens for being this handsome.

“Fine,” I conceded. “But we have to hurry.”

Chapter 5

D: We’re here. Where are you?

C: Put it in your pants. Oh, and wash your hands.

D: Ew.

C: Hygiene matters, Diesel.

S: Why am I in this text group?

D: Suck it up. Vex, hurry the fuck up.


The sweet scent assaulted my nose. I closed my eyes and imagined the aroma drifting in streaks of pink and red. My pulse slowed as I inhaled deeply, wanting to drown in the fragrance. It was one of the few times I let distant memories bubble to the surface. It was as if I were a kid again, standing in the greenhouse as I listened to my foster mother explain how to prevent the petals from browning.

“The gardens? Damien, what are you up to?”

“Mischief,” I said. “As always.”

Won-Ho raised an eyebrow. I cupped his cheeks and gave him a kiss. I never told him, but when the suspicious curiosity crossed his face, that’s when I found him the sexiest. It wasn’t the confusion tying knots in my stomach, but that he’d walk headfirst into the situation. I had seen his nerves in action, and yet somehow, his bravery always persevered. The man’s determination might as well have been an aphrodisiac.

“Good sir, would you accompany me for a stroll?”

The suspicion continued as his eyes narrowed. I held out the crook of my arm. He wrapped his arm through as we walked along the same path we had a year ago. I’d be the first to admit my emotional immaturity, at least back then. I couldn’t be sure, but I think this is where I first fell in love with Won-Ho.

“It’s been a year.” To the day. I wasn’t one for special occasions. I preferred a life of whims, following wherever my interests led. Yet, somehow, this one felt monumental. 

“You were so arrogant,” he said.

“Me? Never.” Okay, maybe I had a tiny streak of arrogance. “Perhaps an iota.”

“I’ll be the first to admit. I fell for the legendary charm of Damien Vex.”

“I do have a way with my adoring fans.” He gave me a slight shove. He grabbed my hand, clasping it as we walked along the stone path. In the distance I could hear the splashing of water fountains. I wasn’t what one would consider a romantic, but I felt this fit the bill.

“I knew your secret from the beginning,” he said.

“What’s that?”

He stopped, turning toward me. His hand pressed against my chest. Without a doubt, he could feel the pounding of my heart. “Damien, I have never judged your methods. You could easily submit to the darkness you wield. But you’ve always walked a fine line.”

“I try to—”

“You crave redemption.” He didn’t move as he locked eyes with me. Even in the pale glow of the moon, I could make out the sincerity. “That’s your secret. Whether or not you want to admit it, it’s why I pursued.”

 I couldn’t have spoken if I wanted. Covering his hand, I brought it to my lips. I kissed his knuckles. When we first met, he often brought up my reputation. He peeled back the tabloid headlines and pointed at my more philanthropic endeavors. My perfectly sculpted public persona trembled in his presence. He set aside the business and saw the man.


I snatched his shirt, pulling him close. I kissed him. It had nothing to do with sex. I harnessed my appreciation, my devotion, my unwavering faith for this man, pushing it against his lips. I grabbed his waist, pulling him against me. Never had somebody insisted that I was something other than the villain of the story.

I rested my forehead against his. “I love you.”

“I know,” he said with a smirk.

We had reached the fork in the path. Instinctively, he turned left. While I’d love to spend the evening with Won-Ho sitting next to a fire, it’d have to wait. 

I pulled at his arm. “Tonight requires a different direction.”

He didn’t argue. Everybody in my life questioned my intentions. They assumed I had submitted to the darkness and let it rule my every action. Not Won-Ho. For some unknown reason, he looked for the good. He did the same with his clients. It’s why he won the Citizen Lawyer Award. 

“When we first met, you hid behind your grief.”

“This conversation took a sharp turn.”

I squeezed his hand. “I have spent the last year trying to identify why I chased you. To be honest, I’m no closer to understanding my motives. At first, I wanted to fuck you until I ached.”

“Check that off your list.”

I chuckled. We reached a covered bridge that led over a babbling brook. We stopped, leaning against the railing. “Maybe I recognized your hurt. Broken people attract broken people. At some point, I realized our jagged edges complimented one another.”

Off in the distance, past the tree line, I spotted twinkling of lights. I had a destination in mind, but I was in no hurry. Since our first night together, it had been a whirlwind of events. After we stopped Carmen, it had been a series of trials, acquittals, interviews, business acquisitions, and making preparations for Dae.

“I obsessed about killing Bernard. In hindsight, I think it was a distraction, something to give me purpose.”

“And now? A newly minted heart of gold?”

“Absolutely not.” We continued walking along the path. We passed a three-tier fountain. At the top, a cupid held a water jug pouring water. When Won-Ho spotted the shadows moving beyond the tree line, he paused. The presence of others only furthered the confused expression on his face.

“I’ll never be a do-gooder.” Won-Ho scoffed at my statement. “Not to say I won’t do good. Or at least my version. Heaven help a person who stands in the way of my goals.” I thought of the man this morning sliced into chunks. “To steal your line, I’ll continue to walk this line.”

“About earlier,” Won-Ho said. “You suggested moving in.”

“Too forward?” 

“Not at all. It’ll be nice to have all my socks in one place.” Underneath the drab business suit, he always wore vibrant, colorful socks. They never matched his slacks, but I think that made them even more endearing.

“But…” Something weighed on his mind.

“I don’t know if you understand what that entails.”

“We’ll need to redecorate, of course. We’ll have to blend your mid-century modern with my—”


Ah, yes. My invitation had been for Won-Ho. He feared it had been meant for him alone. I never had the ambition for offspring. They’d more than likely be my undoing and I’d curse the day they were born. Or at least, that had been my prior thinking. 

I pulled him along, nearly to the tree line. He must have guessed we headed toward the light. I hoped he hadn’t solved the riddle of who or why. 

“Dae made me nervous.” I admitted. “It’s one thing to make a guest appearance at the club and shower the kids with gifts. It’s another having a tiny human depend on me for their every need.”

“You didn’t sign up for fatherhood.”

“It wasn’t part of our arrangement. The original one, at least.”

“Thank you,” he said. He gripped my shoulder, stopping me. “I don’t think you understand how thankful I am. You saw this hole…” He glanced down, unable to make eye contact. “You knew exactly how hard to push. I still think about that first night in the bar. You forced me to confront my discomfort and now…”

“Here we are,” I said.

He nodded. “Here we are. The shame comes now and then, but it never stays. Accepting myself is a journey, not a destination.”

His words pushed through the gem and struck my heart with a thud. I interrupted the moment by dragging him along the path. He wasn’t the only one with a heartfelt confession. I owed him the truth.

“Won, if we’re going to have a heart-to-heart, I need to tell you the truth.” I had spent all afternoon trying to formulate words capable of capturing a sentiment I barely understood. “There are times when I believe you’re a figment of my imagination. If I had constructed the ideal man, they’d be nothing like you.”

“Your compliments need work.”

I let out a laugh. “You’re not what I wanted.”

“Good grief.”

“You’re what I needed.”

“Getting better.”

We had nearly reached our destination. The tiny sparkling lights revealed a handful of people milling about. As we entered the grove, a small water fountain in the middle trickled water. With Diesel’s help, torches sprang to life, illuminating the crowd.

“Dae? You should be in bed? Wait… Ha-Yoon? ”

Before anybody could answer, I turned to Won-Ho. I almost laughed as I realized we were still wearing pajamas. I could have whisked us off to anywhere in the world for tonight, but this felt right. Let them see us in our comfy clothes. I didn’t care who witnessed me without cufflinks and a tie.

I gave his knuckles a kiss before dropping to a knee. 

“Won-Ho…” I had to pause and take a moment to collect myself. The statement early echoed in my head. I wanted nothing in my life. Every whim and curiosity rested within reach. The thing I needed? I couldn’t take this. Won-Ho would need to extend the offer.

“While you studied artwork, I studied you. I prefer logic in place of feelings. I can plot strategy around logic. It seems feelings know us better than we know ourselves. I fell victim to my feelings. Won-Ho, it wasn’t curiosity, it was the inklings of love.”

“Awww,” Clint said. The shadows around his feet shot upward, covering his mouth.

“Won-Ho, I would kill anybody who stands between us.”

“He means that figuratively,” Won-Ho said loudly.

“Oops,” I whispered. I caught Ha-Yoon holding Dae’s ears. “Conquering the world wouldn’t be a victory if you weren’t here to share it. Won-Ho Jung, will you be my partner in crime?”

“But…” He glanced at Dae.

I waved to Dae, signaling for him to come over. Ha-Yoon let him go. We’d have to discuss the Sentinel nightshirt he wore as he barreled toward us. I blamed Clint.

I caught Dae, plopping him down on my knee. I swore he had gotten heavier in the last week, taller too. 

“Do you have it?” I asked. Cupped, he thrust his hands toward Won-Ho. He revealed a black box. Fumbling, he opened the top. 

“Will you marry me?”

The sleepover had been a ruse. I feared giving Clint the ring, but it seemed the bonehead had pulled through. I could see the torches reflected in Won-Ho’s eyes as he glanced from me to Dae. It was only appropriate I included his grandson in the proposal. I embraced that the offer came with strings. I wasn’t asking for a single person to become a permanent fixture in my life.


“Yes!” Dae yelled. “Put it on. Put it on.” 

I took the ring and slid it on Won-Ho’s finger. I stood, trapping Dae between us as we kissed. The kid groaned his disgust as we embraced. When I turned to the crowd, our friends clapped. 

“I never thought I’d see the day,” Diesel said.

“Especially with a guy who isn’t an asshole,” Clint added.

“He could still—” Diesel let out a gasp as Ha-Yoon smacked him in the stomach. “I mean… they’ll be great together.”

“Halmoni brought dumplings,” Dae announced. Of course she did. I think she did it partly to remind Won-Ho of home. As he ate her food, he’d grow silent as he remembered a time long past. She also did it as a reminder of my first disaster of a date with Won-Ho.

As the others gathered around a table, she came forward. His oldest friend. I had asked her weeks ago if she’d give her approval. She was the only person in his life that truly knew him… all of him. I expected a quick yes, but she insisted she pray on the matter. While sipping tea in her restaurant, she finally approved. 

She waved Won-Ho away. He gave me a curious glance as he walked over to the crowd. Santiago and Doc gave him a hug as Dae shoved a dumpling in his hand.

Ha-Yoon took me by the hands. Unlike Won-Ho, she had aged with the passing of time. I discovered over the last year she only acted frail. She had a spring in her step and a command in her voice that defied her age. I always felt she and I were more alike than either admitted. If she thought I didn’t notice the switchblade in her pocket, she fooled herself.

“You are his strength… his home.”

He and Hank laughed hard enough their bellies shook. Clint had shrunk to Dae’s size, chasing one another about the grove. Won-Ho caught Dae, scooping him up, so he sat on his shoulder. For better or worse, these people were my family. I’d bleed to ensure their safety. I found peace in her words. 

“He’s my humanity.”

She nodded before pulling at my hands. “Now eat. Be merry.”

Merry. A word not in my vocabulary. 

Not until I met Won-Ho. 

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