Taking the city by storm, within a year of launch, The HeroApp™ obtained an exclusive contract with Vanguard and became a standard install on phones. As popularity grew, the team behind the software saw more people engaging with the interactive features on the app. This proved that the citizens of Vanguard didn’t just want to track superheroes, they wanted to interact with them. This gave birth to the first Super Con.

The first Super Con was nothing more than a small function hall filled with comic book collectors. They couldn’t expect the overwhelming response from the city. Several thousand people showed up dressed as their favorite hero. It was going better than expected when a villain mistakenly assumed a cosplayer was their arch-nemesis. While a momentary panic ensued, the crowd cheered when the hero arrived. Attendees were treated to an epic battle. When the media covered the event, it needed to expand for the following year.

Over the years, Super Con has grown to include not only comic book vendors, artists, and writers. But most importantly has been the increase in superheroes attending the event. Local heroes take part in panels, talks, and signings for their fans. They also come seeking other heroes and the “Super Mingle” at a nearby bar has resulted in the team up of dozens of heroes.

Of course, a convention dedicated to heroes has also brought out the villains. It’s not uncommon for at least one battle to break out over the event. More than once, Super Con has had to send out an alert to the HeroApp™ to take cover (not that anybody listens.) Because of this, the convention often has to rotate to different locations as the city repairs the damage. While the citizens of Vanguard love this annual event, the hosts are always hesitant to approve permits.


SuperCon is a trademarked event hosted by The HeroApp™. Because of the volatility of villain activity in Vanguard, it has had to change locations frequently. With the Convention Center being rebuilt (yet again) SuperCon has moved to its original home. While other entities, such as the Centurions Inc. have reached out for a partnership, the staff behind The HeroApp™ remains the sole entity behind the event.


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