The Beacon





The Bossman family once had a towering media empire with television, radio, and print. But when Despite his son’s protests, when Joseph Bossman retired, he sold his company. However, his son, Darrell, wanted to continue the family legacy. Investing his entire inheritance, he purchased the Beacon.

Up to this point, the Beacon served as a promotional rag, highlighting businesses and the social elite in Vanguard. But being a visionary, Bossman saw an opportunity with the increasing presence of superheroes using the city as their base of operations. Wanting to highlight the positive influence these heroes were having on the world, he hired new writers, photographers, and designers to create a revolutionary magazine.

Wanting to relaunch the Beacon with a bang, he pitches the idea to the Centurion’s Director of Operations. Convincing them they needed good PR, they become the feature story of the new magazine. Unsure if his decision would be a success, Bossman is surprised to find not only do they sell out, but the magazine becomes a valued commodity. When the Centurions hold a press conference thanking the magazine for highlighting their hard work, it solidifies the future of the Beacon. Now, Vanguard’s heroes consider a feature in the magazine a way of bolstering their standing in the community.

Many magazines attempt to duplicate their success, but none come close until Revelations launches its first issue. Doubling down on their mission to portray the hidden lives of superheroes, the Beacon remains the HeroApp™’s number one magazine for superhero stories.


Much of the photography used for the magazine is shot in secret lairs or heroes’ homes. However, it is common for heroes to be found roaming the halls of the Beacon preparing for a shoot. While not directly affiliated with the magazine, Hyperion has been spotted at the Beacon enough to cause rumors that his alter-ego is on the magazine’s staff.


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