The Hideout





Original known as, “Cup of Joe,” it was one of many coffee shops in the Ward. On its last legs, the owner decided it was time to close shop and leave the city. Hating to see his legacy vanish, he strikes a deal to sell the business to his favorite barista, Chad Dalton. While it was known for a good cup of coffee, it had vanished into obscurity and even with new management, it appeared as if it’d have to close its doors.

Chad, a social and lovable teddy bear, refused to go down without a fight. Desperate and with no options, he asks for help from one of his loyal customers, Bernard Castle. Bernard promises to use his influence to make sure Cup of Joe doesn’t go out of business. Having just taken on a position as Public Relations Director for the Centurions, he reaches out to the superhero community to deliver on his promise. But Chad couldn’t fathom the extent of the rebranding, and suddenly finds himself the owner of the newly coined “Hideout.”

The Hideout’s name comes from the many heroes who use it as their first stop on the way to fight crime. Regulars like Zipper, Cobalt, and Sentinel can often be found between heroic deeds, drinking deliciously spiced coffee and grabbing a bite to eat. Their presence has caused issues with the resident villain community. Despite several destructive events, the Hideout continued to rebuild.

Because of the superhuman activity, The HeroApp™ has ranked it as a “must see” destination in Vanguard if visitors are looking for local superheroes. 


Since its relaunch, the Hideout has graciously welcomed the city’s crime-fighters. Patrons are frequently greeted by capes and cowls and think nothing of it. The speedster, Zipper, can often be found skidding to a halt to pick up his daily thermos of coffee. Heroic newcomer Cobalt, has also become a regular, stopping by in between missions to save the city.

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