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Infamous Heart - Brooding Science Fiction Superhero Romance Novel

The world is going to burn, and I’m the one holding the match.

Prison hardens a man. Even worse, my ex dumps me during the trial for a crime I didn’t commit. Two years into my sentence and the inmates of Cold Iron fear me. It’s lonely, but it’s the price of survival. This isn’t the place to think about friends, let alone a relationship.

When Vanguard needs a criminal with my fiery skills, my time in the slammer is cut short. To keep my freedom, I only have to put down a serial killer. It’d be easy if the local do-gooder stopped interfering. Gallant won’t be the reason I get locked up again. If he wasn’t smoking hot, I’d crush him. On second thought, maybe he needs a pounding.

The heroes are playing with fire, but I’m not the one about to get burned.

Corrupted Desire is a M/M, dark, snarky romance with an HEA and no cliffhangers. It features brooding heroes and sex, but not always in that order. This is book one in the Villains of Vanguard Trilogy.