Wong-Ho Jung


Dream Casting: Ma Dong-seok


Won-Ho’s age remains unclear, though suspicions are that he is anywhere between sixty-five and eighty-five. The son of Korean immigrants, he has lived in Vanguard City his entire life. By the time reached fourteen, he inherited his father’s supernatural legacy. By sixteen, he received his first tattoo, a Magpie, which he used to practice his gifts. For his eighteenth birthday, he had the entire zodiac tattooed along his back.

With the rise of violence in his neighborhood, Won-Ho spent his nights as a street level vigilante. He pilfered the pockets of every crook he sent to prison, expanding his collection of tattoos. His abilities appeared limitless, and rumors of his deeds reached the mayor’s office. He eventually partnered with the city to help clean up the streets, adopting the name Prime.

At home, his parents pressured him to get married and start a family. Arranged by his parents, he wed Min. Shortly after moving in together, she discovered his superhero activities and promised to keep it a secret. While pregnant with their first child, Won-Ho discovered the Mayor of Vanguard was the city’s kingpin of organized crime. Attitudes shifted until the Mayor turned Vanguard against its first hero. He’d later be defeated by Prime and his first powered mentee.

Their daughter Jin Ae was barely a year when Won-Ho confessed his feelings for his mentee. Without fanfare, Min took their daughter and filed for divorced. Believing he destroyed his family, Won-Ho kept his distance. He hung up his suit and retired Prime, preferring to make up for his wrongs as a lawyer dedicated to helping marginalized communities.

Then he met Damien Vex…


The origins of his powers are unknown. Tracing back generations, there is no clear answer to who first inherited the gift. Like his father before him, his powers are directly linked to the tattoos covering his body. While each generation decides their markings, they all sport the animals of the zodiac. Won-Ho’s father and grandfather preferred Dancheong style tattoos. He, however, preferred the bold black ink of tribal tattoos. Over the years, he expanded his collection by including the Grim Reaper and symbolism honoring his parents and heritage.

Physical Traits

Won-Ho was once the epitome of superhero perfection. He had the perfect V-shaped torso with biceps and thighs to match. After he put away the suit and started his life as a normal person, his rigorous workout regimen faded. His affinity for seconds at the dinner table showed as he aged. Now he considers himself muscular with an extra layer of fluffiness. He tries to remember to keep his beard and head shaved, but he constantly has three days of stubble. His tattoos are placed so they can be hidden underneath a dress shirt. However, they start just above his bellybutton and wrap around his back and upper arms. 

Won-Ho’s experience with men before Damien Vex was extremely limited. For years, he resisted his urges. With the invention of the internet, he found porn a safe way to explore his curiosities. He found himself drawn to videos of muscular men partaking in activities ranging from mutual masturbation to fucking. Now and then he’d explore videos focused on domination and submission, but only when the mood struck. Nothing gets him harder than the moment before a man cums. He now admits to being a cum hound.


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