Xander Bennet


Dream Casting: Ty Olsson


Xander was born and raised in Vanguard City and spent most of his life living in the Ward. During high school, a super-powered battle erupts near the Warehouse District. His grandfather is caught in the cross-fire and dies as a result. From then on, Xander believes all superheroes are arrogant narcissist and a menace to the city.

Excelling in biology and chemistry, he attends Vanguard University and receives his Associates degree in emergency medicine. Wanting to make a difference, he joins the city’s emergency medical services. He receives multiple accolades for his work on the ambulance but also several warnings for letting his temper get the best of him. After he punches a vigilante, his supervisor promises to teach him a lesson and banishes him to the Hero Emergency Medical Service Division, who oversee the well-being of powered individuals after battle.

While helping the Centurions after a robot uprising, Xander meets Bernard and asks him on a date. The two have a short romance when they discover they have almost nothing in common in the bedroom. Even after disastrous sex, the two become fast friends. Bernard is one of the few men able to calm Xander’s anger issues.

Xander relents when Alejandro joins the Breakfast Crew. The two are known for their sarcastic back-and-forth dialogue. When Griffin is invited, Xander tries to veto his membership but loses. He will never admit it out loud, but Griffin has grown on him, but not enough to tolerate his obsession with superheroes.


When Prometheus died, he passed on his suit to Xander. As Lionheart, the sentient suit appears and vanishes as needed while granting him strength, speed, and flight. Much like the original owner, it allows him to wield fire in various forms. The suit can also morph in creative ways, such as growing additional limbs. Lionheart plans to visit Prometheus’s homeworld to better understand his newfound powers.

Physical Traits

At 34, Xander works out frequently to ensure he is fit enough for his job as a paramedic. While his abs have plenty of padding, he likes to point out that he has enough definition to qualify for a six pack. Xander is the first to admit he intentionally buy’s shirts that show off his bicepts. He sports a healthy amount of chest hair, but because of his uniform, he often shaves it to maintain a light dusting. However, he always sports a short buzzed haircut.

Xander is a “chubby chaser” and loves a man with extra padding. When it comes to the bedroom, he will always prefer being a top, but for the right man, he’ll experiment being on all fours. His favorite spot on a man is the spot where the waist turns into the belly and often rests his hands there while topping. To keep sex interesting, Xander is always up for role playing. His favorite, a clandestine meeting with a “stranger” in a public place.


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Invincible Nemesis – One Year Later

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